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  1. Does anyone have a a good recommendation for a personal weather station from actual use? I had an old one that a tree branch just fell and broke. It used a radio transmitter to send to a pad that I could download to the computer. Way old school for the ones I just looked at now. I’m not too sure if the WiFi ones would work here since I’m on DSL and signal/speeds are terrible. Thanks for any insight. I don’t need super fancy.
  2. As a WFT fan they should release them all, I’m sure a lot of people will be exposed for sure. I had a friend who worked in their ticket sales department years ago and won some award trip to Philly the year RGIII came back from his surgery to watch the game. I went with him and got to go to a meet and greet with the likes of Larry Michaels and the Santos (I think that was his name, I remembered seeing him there after his photo was released) who got let go as well and a few former players. Wanna talk about weird dudes, those two just had an air about them and every women they met they would give these long hugs too that looked uncomfortable. Some of the female sales staff interaction with them was just as uncomfortable but wasn’t to the point of being blatant if that makes sense. Just weird vibes that you got, probably cause I had three sisters growing up, you just could tell something was off with them. When that story came out and they got let go l wasn’t the least bit surprised that those two were a part in that. I’m sure there is other stuff and I don’t think the franchise will be ok until it all does come out.
  3. Thanks, you articulated what I was thinking better. Situational ethics is a great way of putting it. Totally agree with the NBA (as well as the Olympics) and China.
  4. I wasn’t trying to be flippant. I mean Eminem has used the same homophobic slur Gruden did (on multiple occasions) in songs with the same connotation and intent but he gets a pass and is allowed to perform? And I loved his songs growing up but he wouldn’t be able to make some of them in today’s world. Again Gruden got what he deserved, I was just wondering how people thought that would make the NFL look when the super bowl comes around. Sorry if I touched a nerve.
  5. Gruden should have been fired 100%. However does anybody think there will be a message problem with the NFL when some of the half time performers have used similar language in their lyrics in the past? I mean I loved Listening to most of them growing up so I was looking forward to the show but if Gruden gets let go for similar language but the performers are allowed to perform isn’t that a bit hypocritical? And if not what am I missing? Honest question too.
  6. Since there was electronics brought up, I have a JBL S120PII powered subwoofer that the on off switch broke on and it’s stuck in the off position. For the life of me I have googled the part number associated with the manual but cannot find a replacement toggle switch for it. It is a three position toggle switch and I was gonna solder a new one on but no luck. I tried to upload a picture but the file is too big. If anyone knows of a good spot to get spare electronic switches in the area id appreciate the recommendation, tried all the big box and name brand stores. Or a decent spot to get electronics fixed would work too, I live in the Hampstead area.
  7. Just thought I’d throw out there I just drove through that cell in Westminster on my way home 20 minutes ago and saw what appeared to be some rotation in the clouds, nothing on the ground but there was ton of lightning. Not a lot of wind but heavy rain at that time fwiw.
  8. Did you count that out to make sure? You can’t make generalizations like that without numbers to back that up or it’s misinformation or disinformation.
  9. Agreed on all accounts! Go Caps!
  10. Haha, It’s a banter forum on a weather website, if that affects me than I have waaaaay more problems to worry about!
  11. Are you kidding me? You just proved my point lol Telling me to take politics to a politics forum when you clearly state only one side is making this a political statement? Isn’t that politics?again maybe take your own advice with spewing vitriol like that? I believe pot, kettle, black may be a phrase you should look up. Especially when I’m not debating any political side but pointing out how people should you know worry about themselves.
  12. That sounds like a splendid afternoon, I do hope you enjoy it. I take it you think I’m a non masker by the tenor of your reply? Please, don’t assume. I am vaccinated, and wear a mask where required. I posted that because I find the level of hypocrisy, virtue signaling, lack of decency and holier than thou posts in here rather telling on why we are the way we are in our country. It’s sad and that goes for whatever side of an argument anybody in here falls on. I followed the science and got a vaccine (after considering al the options and data) just like I’ll follow the science about now wearing masks if your vaccinated which is you shouldn't have to. But just like everything masks are political now and whether or not you wear one is too. Again it’s sad, everyone should really only worry about themselves but they don’t, and that’s just based on people’s posts in here. I’ll be going to a birthday party this afternoon for one of my 5 year old sons friends being held outdoors with people not from my household without masks because outside transmission is extremely unlikely according to science. Not because I view masks as political but the Science says the odds of getting COVID from that is minute at best! You know personal responsibility and personal risk assessment, stuff everyone should be doing. not bickering about who is and who isn’t doing something like wearing masks. Edit: I mean you don’t have to wear masks in the circumstances outlined by CDC before wxtrix calls me out for misinformation lol
  13. Imagine spending a Sunday morning posting about somebody posting about complaining about masks....
  14. Maybe it’s your condescending replies?
  15. I’m new to posting here (been lurking for years ) and honestly just come to read about weather and refrain from posting. Having said that there is definitely a rather noticeable lean to the left in here and if you post in that light it’s ok. Anything opposing is not or derided. That’s just my opinion from reading silently for years. I don’t care about that as this is a weather forum not meant for politics as has been said ad nauseam, but I wish everyone would do more worrying about who they can control (which is themselves) and not about what other people are or are not doing, which they have zero control over. A ton of posts I read in banter are targeted at what other people are or are not doing. Why is it cool for most to post about being happy to be vaccinated (to the point of bragging) and getting congrats but when loseta posts about not getting it he gets derided for it? Hypocritical much I say. Rant off, I’m gonna go back to lurking and just reading about weather now. Maybe have a beer or 5 for National Beer day. love the Grand National Pics loseta. I have a 2004 Mach 1, lucky the wife let me keep it after 3 kids. Nothing like good American Muscle!
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