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  1. Around a inch here this morning. It don’t look like it snowed much after midnight.
  2. Putting it down right now everything’s turning white.
  3. High resolution models wanna develop a line of heavy snow through the sw mnts tonight.
  4. Just had a heavy band move through here too. Probably picked up 1/2” in 15-20 minutes.
  5. Light snow here with a dusting on everything.
  6. Light snow falling here with a temp of 34.
  7. Snowing the heaviest it has all day atm. Grounds getting white again it’s been white twice and melted off.
  8. Looks like we will have some flakes flying in the morning with a dusting possible.
  9. I got called into work and there’s close to 3 inches here in yellow mnt community of cashiers.
  10. Light snow here atm with a dusting on grass and vehicles.
  11. I know it’s early but according to radar and latest models I’m about ready to write this one off. Hope you guys in central and northern mnts can score a decent event!
  12. Looks like it might be a bust down this way there’s a huge dry slot moving in, but I’m just gonna enjoy what I get.
  13. Light flurries just started here. Still at 38* though.
  14. It’s a really close setup. I’ve seen many deform bands on models before that never really panned out. Down this way if we don’t get the heavy rates we’re gonna struggle with mixing issues.