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  1. 18z GFS holds serve for a modest event around the day 9 timeframe. Was real close to being special. Maybe the euro will come around.
  2. I know it the nam at 84 hrs but it drops 2-4 inches of snow post front.
  3. Yes, with the secondary low forming in the gulf, it definitely has potential.
  4. Light snow here at the moment with a 1/4 inch on elevated surface and ground starting to get some coverage.
  5. According to the 3 km NAM y’all higher elevation people are in for your first big snow of the year!
  6. Getting a mixed bag here at the moment with sleet, rain, and the occasional snow flake in there.
  7. Had a little snow shower come through Cowee around 8:30 when I left the house.
  8. Wow, really didn’t except them to pull the trigger except for the bordering counties.
  9. Tuesday is gonna be one wild weather day with the huge temp swings. The NAM is even shooting some decent snow totals out for us, but we all know how the systems work, However a flow snow should give some accumulation to the bordering counties.
  10. 0z GFS was real close to being good for us mountain people middle of next week, just need to get the cold air in a little faster.
  11. Nice crisp 26 here this morning, with a couple flurries last night. picked up 3.21 inches of rain over the last two days as well.
  12. It’s been Hot we’ve hit 88 the last two days and cooked up thunderstorms. Only picked up .12 yesterday but today was a different story had gusty winds and two cloud to ground lightning strikes right off the front porch and got another .47 of rain.
  13. Quite the line of storms working through WNC at the moment. We’re getting heavy rains and gusty winds as well as a awesome light show!
  14. Had some really nasty winds come through earlier not much rain but lots of brush and a few trees down