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  1. It’s been Hot we’ve hit 88 the last two days and cooked up thunderstorms. Only picked up .12 yesterday but today was a different story had gusty winds and two cloud to ground lightning strikes right off the front porch and got another .47 of rain.
  2. Quite the line of storms working through WNC at the moment. We’re getting heavy rains and gusty winds as well as a awesome light show!
  3. Had some really nasty winds come through earlier not much rain but lots of brush and a few trees down
  4. The line coming through East Tennessee is looking healthy. Should be a wild night.
  5. Had a low of 41 this morning. Caught me off guard when I walked out.
  6. So much for the rain free week picked up 0.71 inches in some heavy showers
  7. That’s what’s I was thinking. And the suns starting to pop out here.
  8. Backend just moved through here. We’ve had a lot of heavy rain this morning. Really hope that secondary band don’t get going like some models have hinted at.
  9. It’s been a constant moderate to heavy rain for the past 7 hours here and looks like we got a couple more hours of it. Streams are already out of their banks.
  10. I’ve been in SC the last two days. Just got back home and Rivers and creeks are running bank fulls and just had two torrential downpours
  11. The gfs and euro both show some higher elevation snow in the 9-10 day range.
  12. After watching it rain all evening I’ve got some sleet coming down