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  1. Got down to 31 this morning here. Frost had everything coated good here as well.
  2. Freeze warning up for me. About right on average mid October.
  3. Got down to 37 here, way colder than I was expecting.
  4. Was really surprised more leaves didn’t come off with last nights heavy rain and wind. Should be shaping up for a beautiful viewing week down this way. On a side night delta storm total of 3.37” here puts me over the 70” mark for the third year in a row.
  5. The cold mornings are starting to do the trick. Leafs are really starting to pop.
  6. Coldest morning of the season. Got down to 35 with a good bit of frost.
  7. Big reversal in temps today. At midnight we were 64 and it’s fell to 55 now. With a constant steady rain.
  8. It sure does seem like it. Maybe meant drier in terms of 5” instead of 10”.
  9. It’s been a downright cool rainy day, looks like our high is gonna end up being 58 degrees.
  10. Had a low of 37 here and a little more patchy frost.
  11. Was 38 when I left the house around 630, saw a little patchy frost out as well down the road.
  12. Already down to 49 might make a run for the 30s.
  13. What an amazing fall day, never hit 70 here and had a nice breeze to go with it!
  14. Sally looks to be bringing us a lot of heavy rain Thursday. Both the GFS, and Euro have 4” + for most of us.
  15. 49 here this morning, starting to feel a little like fall!