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  1. Wow absolutely insane pics! Just a little flooding in northern Macon county. Little Tennessee river is still rising though and beginning to flood fields.
  2. NWS finally pulled the trigger on flash flood watch. Possibly 8-10” in favored upslope areas.
  3. Just come thru my neck of the woods. There was tons of wind to start with now mod to heavy rain.
  4. Picked up 3” of rain at the house the last 2 days. Meanwhile Ive been in franklin working and I would say 1/2” at most in town. Summertime storms have commenced.
  5. While y’all have been sweating it out back home this is what my week has been like.
  6. We had a little frost this morning got down to 35*
  7. It has poured the rain all morning surprised I’m not under a flash flood warning.
  8. Clouds rolled in and keep it from dropping to low here this morning. Was 29 at 5:30 up to 35 now.
  9. Dropped to 25 this morning. Looks like we’re headed for another freeze tomorrow morning.
  10. Starting out the morning with a nice crisp 21*. Thank God there’s no wind though, it was brutal yesterday.
  11. NWS just issued a flash flood warning for Macon. It seems like we’ve been under a warning more in the last 2 years then the past 4 or 5 years before that.
  12. Had a low of 27 this morning. Looks to be the start of a chilly week ahead.
  13. This line means business. It blew over a huge pine tree below my house. Has the road blocked and tore down the power lines.
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