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  1. Lots of thunder and lightning out this morning.
  2. Finally turned over to all snow but sitting at 35.1 degrees. Coming down at a decent clip.
  3. Nam continues to look really good for you border guys. Hope yall get smoked.
  4. Already a dusting in northern Macon with light snow falling. Radar looks good! Maybe I can squeeze out my first inch of snow this winter.
  5. Wow, I live on a north side but I didn’t expect this. Temp hovered 33-34 all night but there is a 1/10” ice on everything. Almost fell walking out to the truck.
  6. 32.5 and light rain falling. May be a bit slick out in the morning.
  7. I’m kinda of tied up in Macon right now with work. I know there’s some land above rainbow springs available above 4k.
  8. I’m looking at a tract of land that ranges 3100-3500 here in Macon. But will be 3-4 years before I can afford to build.
  9. We may just have to move up the mountain and be buckethead’s neighbor.
  10. It’s gotta happen eventually, I’m hoping February will be rocking. Only a 1/2” here this season. Average is about 11.5”.
  11. I know what you mean. Had a rain snow mix all evening while the mountain in front of the house was dumped on with a few inches.
  12. Looks like yall northern mountain people will be getting smoked over the next hour or so. Temp is down to 33 here hoping the batch from Chattanooga will stay far enough south for me to get a inch or two at the house.
  13. Down to 35.9 here a few more snow flakes are starting to mix in. Snow line is right at 2900’ here.
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