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  1. Some big storms rolling through this afternoon. Very heavy rainfall with them.
  2. I passed the 50 inch mark for rainfall so far this year, it seems as if I’m getting rain everyday. Although till today everything had been less then a quarter inch for the past week.
  3. We’ve had some slow moving storms roll through this evening and night in Macon and Jackson county, I’ve picked up 1.29 inches with moderate rain still.
  4. Looks like we’re heading towards a cooler and wet pattern next week.
  5. Definitely not, it’s raining here as I type this. I didn’t get near the rain y’all got this week though. I’ve had about 2.5 inches since Monday.
  6. I saw a few snow flurries this morning. Oh yeah, it’s also May if y’all forgot.
  7. Talk about some crazy weather lately, had a low of 31.3 this morning, probably killed the tomato plants I set out last Friday, if not it’ll get them Sunday morning.
  8. Had a big storm just roll through. Heavy rain and some pea size hail.
  9. It seems to never end lol. If we can get 2.17 with this next system I’ll be at 35 inches year to date.
  10. Wow that’s a crazy amount of rain, we’ve got a lot of flooding too. Some of the worst here in the past 15 years.
  11. What a night loud storms and torrential rainfall. Picked up 5.20 inches of rain since yesterday. Creek s and river s are out everywhere.
  12. The rain has returned we’ve got over a inch an a half today most of which has fell since 4. Storms looking ruff around 12-2 with a tornado watch now for us on this side of Asheville. Be safe guys!
  13. Most years I would say the NAM is off it’s rocker, but it’s hard to discount this year. I believe elevations above 3500 feet might be able to score some snow.