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  1. I’m beginning to become intrigued by the Monday system. The models have been trending fairly good for us. I know it’s the 84hr Nam but it would probably be a 2-4 inch event for the southern and central mountains. It’ll be interesting to see what the models look like by tomorrow evening.
  2. It’s been disappointing up here too this year. Yes, I have picked up 2.2 inches but a lot of the time I have that by the end of the first week of December. I’m hopeful we’re heading towards a pattern that a lot of us on here can at least score a decent event.
  3. Thank God you guys are so much more sensible then they are. They live and die by every model run. But moving on I do feel as if will be tracking at least a mod event by the end of January.
  4. What a surprise I’ve got right at a inch on everything except the roads. With light flurries still.
  5. This band means business absolutely ripping here elevated surfaces have a 1/2 inch
  6. Hrrr has all of WNC getting accumulating snowfall by in the morning.
  7. Can’t believe there’s not more chatter on here, I think we might have a shot at some snow in the 8-10 day timeframe. Euro looks interesting.
  8. We’re having one of the strongest storms we’ve had in a few months high winds, hail, and raining like crazy!
  9. EPS mean is over an inch for Bryson City, so the trend continues
  10. 18z GFS holds serve for a modest event around the day 9 timeframe. Was real close to being special. Maybe the euro will come around.
  11. I know it the nam at 84 hrs but it drops 2-4 inches of snow post front.
  12. Yes, with the secondary low forming in the gulf, it definitely has potential.
  13. Light snow here at the moment with a 1/4 inch on elevated surface and ground starting to get some coverage.
  14. According to the 3 km NAM y’all higher elevation people are in for your first big snow of the year!