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  1. I know it’s been dry, but I’m a little surprised gsp hasn’t issued a flash flood watch.
  2. That’s a fact already over an inch here with a lot to come tonight and tomorrow.
  3. I also had a cell in northern Macon county produce some pea size hail, and heavy rain. Nothing like y’all over in Haywood county received.
  4. Bottomed out at 10 this morning. Snow is starting to melt now, will probably be gone by the end of the day.
  5. It’s been absolutely pouring here for the last 30 minutes probably over a 1” 1/2 now.
  6. Coming down at a good clip North of Franklin atm. Everything is coated but the driveway.
  7. Must of been a near perfect set up for my area that’s the most I’ve got in nwfs since the day after Christmas 2010. Didn’t have to go far down the road today and totals cut drastically.
  8. Right at 5” here north of Franklin. What a event, no winter weather advisory here and produced winter storm warning criteria snow!
  9. It must of poured last night, when I looked out i about fell over from disbelief. Looks to be a good 5” maybe 6”. I’ll get a measurement shortly.
  10. Flat out pouring here, definitely over a 1/2”, which is what most models showed.
  11. Snow squall warning up in Louisville Ky, should be a fun night.
  12. Temp has dropped to 34 and wind is howling. A few flurries falling as well.
  13. Low of 27 no snow but heavy freezing fog and roads are slicker than snot.
  14. I thought about riding it out up in cashiers with some friends but decided it might be a good amount down here. Oh well lol glad they got a good one maybe will all get in on the big totals next time.
  15. I’m with you, I wish I would’ve got the big totals some of the others got, but it just didn’t work out. But hey after the torch of December we had any Snow was a win in my book! The max at one time here on the ground is right now which is about 3”. I don’t understand why there so upset we look to be entering a epic pattern.
  16. It’s been dumping fine flakes for most of the past 3 hours. Added a couple inches to what we had left from this morning. Congrats to y’all to my south and east that got the big time totals!
  17. Right around 3” north of Franklin. Still big flakes falling at a moderate rate
  18. Looks to be right around a inch here on vehicles and the grass. Driveway just now caved.
  19. Moderate snow north of Franklin. Cars and grass starting to get coated.
  20. I think you’ll do better than that with the backside swinging thru!
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