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  1. Gonzo

    Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Beautiful in West Springfield. Cold enough for even the lightest snow to stick immediately, but not so cold you can't take a walk in it. It is remarkable though how the moderate stuff appears to reach I-95 and stop dead. The dividing line, for now, is clear.
  2. Gonzo

    March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Road (I live on a snow emergency route) caved to the snow about 30 minutes ago in West Springfield. Now, mostly sleet. Not sure what the plows parked up the street are planning to do. Strategy probably flipping back and forth like the precipitation.
  3. MBY... It's a beautiful thing.
  4. The band is definitely here in West Springfield...Visibility way down, despite small flakes.
  5. Gonzo

    February 16th-17th Obs & Nowcasting

    Is the snow starting earlier than expected, and moving faster (in and out) or did the models simply not handle the dry air well? Anyway consistent flurries in West Springfield. Ground brown.
  6. Gonzo

    1/25-1/27 Clipper-Miller B Obs/Nowcasting

    I'd much rather be watching the snow fall than staring at radar practically begging a band to come south to West Springfield. For now, flurries.
  7. Gonzo

    St. Paddy's Day Storm Obs

    Good morning West Springfield. Seven-plus inches on the ground. Snow emergency route mostly clear. No way trash gets collected today.
  8. Gonzo

    St. Paddy's Day Storm Obs

    Flurries in West Springfield but still low 40s.
  9. Gonzo

    Attention office weather nerds

    My publisher walked up to my desk a few minutes ago for the latest. I gave him a best guess for his backyard (DC) and burbs, told him much of the snow would fall overnight, tomorrow's still a little iffy. But I was distracted. He asked, "Am I bothering you?" I said, "We have a paper to put out." Oh yeah. The job.
  10. Gonzo

    Attention office weather nerds

    Here it is, folks... Thanks for your help! http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/blog/2014/02/i-am-the-office-weather-nerd.html
  11. Gonzo

    Attention office weather nerds

    Thanks, all. Now I have to write something. Editors expect EURO details in 30.
  12. Gonzo

    Attention office weather nerds

    Do we work in the same office?
  13. Good late morning, all... In addition to lurking on this board, and its predecessor, as gonzo for years, I am also a reporter for the Washington Business Journal. Today, my editors asked me to write something about being the office weather nerd, because I have first person experience. I'm no expert (that's why lurk). But I know more than most people in my office (which isn't saying much), and so, I imagine, do you. Anyway, I was hoping to get some thoughts from American members on what your office expects from you pre-storm. Do they mock you? Do they depend on you? For me, it's both. Post your thoughts here, or email me at [email protected] I won't use anyone's real name, unless you want to be quoted. Thanks!
  14. Gonzo

    Jan 21 Obs thread II

    Here in West Springfield, we have ~2 inches. Those heavier bands are painfully close, maybe 7 miles to the NW. Snow continues, albeit light, and the roads are covered. I seem to be right between the shaft and the great snow. It could be worse.
  15. Gonzo

    Dec 10 Morning Crusher (obs/nowcasting)

    Just now, in West Springfield. Rates have picked up nicely.