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  1. That one tree always drops its leaves late. They didn't come down until last week's storm. I'll clear before the next photo.
  2. Power of the January sun angle. My side of the street (West Springfield) is almost clear. Opposite side still sled worthy. It amazes me everytime it snows.
  3. 41 degrees in West Springfield. Sterling radar is back up...
  4. Sleet in Wintergreen. Everything glazed quickly, 25 degrees. Hoping for a flip back to snow with heavier rates incoming...
  5. Took the family to Wintergreen. We're at 3,500 feet and the forecast is calling for hours of sleet. 34 degrees right now.
  6. Has anyone been to Wintergreen (top of mountain) for an overnight stay during a snowstorm? Just wondering how they do plowing wise, clearing parking areas, etc. We're there Monday to Thursday.
  7. Beautiful in West Springfield. Cold enough for even the lightest snow to stick immediately, but not so cold you can't take a walk in it. It is remarkable though how the moderate stuff appears to reach I-95 and stop dead. The dividing line, for now, is clear.
  8. Road (I live on a snow emergency route) caved to the snow about 30 minutes ago in West Springfield. Now, mostly sleet. Not sure what the plows parked up the street are planning to do. Strategy probably flipping back and forth like the precipitation.
  9. The band is definitely here in West Springfield...Visibility way down, despite small flakes.
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