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  1. 122 on the beltway. For reference, 125-130 is a qualifying speed for Bristol in NASCAR. He did nothing wrong? GTFO
  2. Still dark and hazy here and you can smell the smoke at times
  3. GrayRod was sent back down. Good, he clearly needs to work on his stuff.
  4. 2 of the best teams in baseball going at it. Who the hell would have thought?
  5. Anyone else smell a burning smell, almost like ozone today? Noticed it in my neighborhood this morning.
  6. Holy moly this is just an amazing day. Bright sun, warm but not humid. 11/10.
  7. This might be quite the fun year as a Ravens fan.
  8. Hollywood Brown also had arguably the best season a Ravens WR ever had too, with Lamar missing 4 games in 2021.
  9. Just started raining here in Dundalk about 2-3 minutes ago.
  10. Seeing the online banter between OBJ and Lamar, I'm guessing this was done as a negotiating tool to resign Lamar here. That being said, a healthy Bateman, OBJ, Agholor, Mark Andrews etc does give the Ravens weapons at their disposal for the passing game.
  11. 81 here in Dundalk. Windows open, and a nice breeze coming in.
  12. The crew of the first manned flight to the moon in over 50 years was named today. And the commander is from Baltimore! https://www.space.com/news/live/nasa-artemis-2-moon-mission-updates
  13. Sigh. 32 years and counting for Towson to make a conference final, yet alone the NCAA tournament.
  14. Had a bit of sleet roll through here (Dundalk) about 10-15 minutes ago
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