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  1. Some of the mesoscale modeling yesterday was showing something of a snow hole here and they were right. Flakes began to mix with the rain not long after midnight but it didn't fully change over until close to 3 AM, by which time the best banding had moved past. This place is kinda weird like that--I moved here four years ago from a much higher elevation in MoCo and still haven't figured it out. Not to worry--we'll get ours eventually.
  2. BWI: 32.5 DCA: 26.6 IAD: 40.7 RIC: 15.8 Tiebreaker SBY: 12.9 The -PDO had me looking hard at a '72-'73 analog but this Nino doesn't look to be as strong as that one and I really like where things are headed otherwise. We'll get our chances--may as well aim high!
  3. Getting up early to go to work and taking my first peek out the window the morning PDI was ending will always be my favorite snow memory. We'd simply never seen anything like it. The melting began that day and we transitioned into spring very quickly thereafter. Coming at the end of a period of bitter cold, PDI in retrospect seemed like the perfect storm at the perfect time.
  4. Wow, cool...thanks! I'd much rather have finished dead last but I never win anything so I'll take it! I'm old enough to remember the almost snowless winter of '72-'73 and have long regarded that to be as disappointing a winter as could be had around these parts. But even with '97-'98, '11-'12, and '19-'20 in the mix, I think this winter set a new standard for futility. It wouldn't have taken much to register a true shutout and one would have to think such a winter may not be all that far into our future. We'll sure find out! Thanks for running the contest, Rodney!
  5. Hope I am dead wrong about these: BWI: 4.4 DCA: 3.2 IAD: 5.9 RIC: 0.5 Tie breaker SBY: 1.5
  6. Calm winds, moderate snow, and 32 degrees on the south side of Frederick. Sticking to everything except roads and walkways thus far.
  7. 41 and dropping quickly from an overnight high of 59.
  8. 31/22 with a few flakes floating down through the light of the streetlamps here in Frederick. Hoping otherwise of course but not expecting much here--I would consider any accumulating snow at all a win at this point. Best of luck to everyone here--stay safe!
  9. 11/4 on the south side of Frederick. The arriving clouds are making for a beautiful sunrise.
  10. 27/20 on the south side of Frederick. Measuring a consistent 5-6" so given the complete shutout earlier in the week, 5.5" will stand as the highly unofficial storm and seasonal total here.
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