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  1. Agreed. Ravens should be favored in AFC to win it all
  2. This RAR 10 Layers dessert stout brewed with peanut butter cups is delish!
  3. Did a mailbox beer swap today! Gave up my Tall Tales Raspberry lemon cream cheesecake sour and my Key Cold rolled Royal Farms breakfast stout for these 2. Beauts! Us beer brothers need to stick together, let’s make this mailbox swap a thing!
  4. Can hear the thunder in the distance with the line approaching Timonium
  5. Tomorrow should be interesting from a temperature forecast standpoint...The GFS has us all near 80 at 2pm tomorrow while the 3K NAM has Baltimore at 51F lol. Somethings gonna bust hard
  6. Rain has cleared in Timonium but that was definitely a nice little spring system, saw some lightning driving on 695. No one at Meadowood regional park really yet but we’ll see how that changes now that it’s drying out
  7. Trying to debate if I wanna crack open a key barrel aged rye porter or a Tall Tales Raspberry lemon cream cheesecake sour beer. I know the answer is both but I’m trying to cut back
  8. On your next run if you find it, try Key Siberian Summer
  9. Thanks. Yeah, my job was a union job so if they have the means to rehire in the future, they have to call me first before hiring any one else but we’ll just have to see how this thing goes. I filed unemployment today. Was on hold an hour and a half. I do fortunately work part time for county Rec parks but that’s only 10-15 hours a week max, so that won’t go too far but if I can get at least a few hundred bucks a week from unemployment, I’ll survive.
  10. Well it just got real for me, my job was forced to lay me off, among others. Hopefully just temporarily but obviously unknown with the scope of this thing. Sucks. Let’s hope the unemployment hotline isn’t crashed today.
  11. Best I ever had was Founders Lizard of Koz....I forget how they labled it but it tasted lke a imperial stout with blueberries to me
  12. I get it, my gf is doing something similarly. I should probably try to stay away from the heavy beers but I cant help myself
  13. Well do you like chocolate? Lol...try Yards Love Chocolate stout
  14. Yeah, my parents live with my gf and I until my dad retires in July....My gf and mother are working from home and really butting heads
  15. Yeah I stopped at Key on Sunday. Its only about 5 mins from my house. Theyre doing takeout. I picked up this and the barrel aged rye porter. Deff like that one