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  1. Yeah it’s just a pit lol. Seems like everyone around does well at some point but not here. I just saw a pic on 95 in Elkton and it looks like blizzard conditions. Don’t quite get why I never got it here
  2. I hear ya but I also think there’s something going on with the column for some of us too…radar says it should be snowing halfway decent at my house but it’s literally just a few flurries. I think I’ve had trouble with the snow growth zone and maybe a pesky warm layer or two. Even the decent snow a half hour ago seemed to be rimmed pretty good
  3. Interestingly enough back to just flurries. At least I saw a decent snowfall even if just for 15 mins. Dusting on grass, cars and mulch.
  4. Finally a nice scenery with snow blowing sideways. Some light covering on mulch piles and just a little on grass. Not much but it’s something I guess. If we got this earlier this morning might have got a couple inches
  5. I think along a line from Reisterstown to Parkton did ok but nothing wild
  6. 31. I have no accumulation at all, I’m not expecting any at this point lol. Your location different story though I get it
  7. Might pad a bit for folks who got decent snow accumulations already but for us who didn’t, this won’t add anything with it being 1pm in mid March
  8. I mean I wasn’t expecting much but I did think I’d get maybe a 2 hour period or so of rates that potentially overcame the ground and coated everything over, but never got close to that happening. Is what it is, I kinda know what to expect in my area unless we get a more uniform storm
  9. Partially but I also feel like for some of us lower elevation areas, part of the problem may have been the column not being very supportive for good dendrite growth. It seemed like I was under good radar returns from 9-1030 but it never really came down hard and was mostly pixie dust. Just a thought I can’t backup but yeah
  10. Glad you and some other folks cashed in but closer in to Baltimore my concerns were realized…bummer but somewhat expected
  11. Best rates of the day here but not saying much at all. Still classify it as light snow and too little too late. No accumulation that is measurable
  12. How much you got up there? I’m supposed to work at 2 at the park. I was hoping to be called off but seems like there’s not enough to cancel stuf
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