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  1. The last HRRR run I saw still put down 4-6” of rain with 6-8” lollies
  2. Well I’ve been working part time the whole time here during Covid but I was laid off from my full time back in mid March. I just got the call back, I go back next Monday. It’s bittersweet! The time off has been nice, but it’s time to get back to a regular schedule and work! Think I’ll drink a few of my barrel aged stouts this week lol
  3. Impressive line of storms converging in Nova/southern MD. Should be a nice PRE around 5pm DC-Balt
  4. Those showers racing up out of southern VA should be up here for the late afternoon. Should make for some decent downpours around and after 4pm
  5. There’s some yellow tinting in the rain QPF, that looks like some isolated 9-10” in some spots west of bay no?
  6. Try Chesapeake beach area. That might get close to the western “eye wall” or center of circulation
  7. This was my take/write up on the storm this morning.... Good morning! Isaias is still a tropical storm this morning with 70mph winds. It could become a hurricane today but in the end that doesn’t really matter as the difference is only 5 mph winds. You can see the outer core of Isaias now on radar off the SE coast. Landfall should occur this evening somewhere near the SC/NC border between north Myrtle Beach and Wilmington North Carolina probably around 8pm tonight. Flooding will be the major concern down there with onshore flow until Isaias pulls inland so the spots that flood easily like Murrels Inlet etc will have to deal with that as the day progresses. The problem with this system moving north and which will make it a bit unique is that it will merge with the east coast trough swinging thru this evening and supply some added energy so that Isaias doesn’t weaken all that much even over land. So as it tracks towards Lexington Park MD and then over the southern mouth of the bay and then over around Cambridge MD, we will be contending with about a 6 hour period of very significant rains. So once again If you live in an area where it floods easily when it rains hard, make your preparations whether that means moving your vehicles to higher ground or setting up some sort of barrier to prevent water from coming into the house. Don’t drive thru flooded roads! In fact it would be best to avoid travel from about 8am tomorrow until about 5pm in the evening. Wind gusts will be strongest along and to the east of the storm. Potentially as high as 60mph around Cambridge, Easton, OC etc. Around Baltimore we may see gusts around 40. Should be a quick window of winds gusts though mainly from about 11am-3pm. Some tidal flooding on the bay is possible Tuesday morning before the wind shifts NE and drains water back out, but the storm should be moving fast enough to avoid major bay flooding. Again, the biggest issue up here will be flooding due to the rains! And any possible tree uprooting because of the soft ground due to that. Be safe, be smart and just use common sense!
  8. Should I even bother cutting the grass this morning? Lol
  9. Florida folks can sure laugh at the hurricane warning that was issued for them though. This has really been weak sauce for that state. There’s just been no consistent heavy banding on the west side of Isaias at all. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I guess that changes with the trough pulling it north tomorrow
  10. Ahhh thanks for the tip. Anyway, here’s the can
  11. Happy tropical tracking. In honor drinking a RAR out of order Swedish fish beer. The can is pretty cool, with the dog fishing but I can’t post photos anymore on the forum for some reason. Anyway, cheers!
  12. If that happens I’m cracking open a barrel aged imperial stout!
  13. I think you’re right about the wind for the most part but I think the rain totals could be a bit excessive especially if the stuff works out even before the center gets close to being up here
  14. Tell that to Tony Pann lol. But no I agree. I mean sure it may matter for a couple of towns west of I-95 but I think in general whether the storm tracks over La Plata MD or Cambridge Md doesn’t matter that much for overall rain totals along I95
  15. Right lol. Has to be one of the weakest radars I’ve seen on the west side of a strong tropical system