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  1. I agree that its typical...obviosuly we know the swings in weather that Arpil and even early May to some degree can bring. Im just saying, gorgeous or ideal weather to me from April into May is around 70 with plenty of sun and not a lot of wind lol.
  2. Sounds like a good stout...let us know how it is, and what the ABV is out of curioisity. I will likely stop at Ten Eyck on the way to the beach in about 2 hours here...supposedly they have a chocolate cherry beer on tap
  3. Yeah, I understand people dont want the 80 degree and humid stuff yet...but give me as close to 70 as we can get with plenty of sun and lack of wind...To me theres not enough of those days around here despite what some say or think
  4. Yeah, we know its inevitable but I dont see any evidence of a crazy above normal weather pattern as we head into May...As I said in early April, April kinda looks blah. I know its technically been above normal but I think that will be coming to an end over the next week or 2.
  5. Only 52 at noon and the sky is now overcast...not my idea of an ideal midddle April day but hey whatevs lol
  6. I forgot to add that the view of students walking wasnt too bad since its an all girls college
  7. So like I said yesterday, got 1st pfizer shot at notre dame university of MD last night, nice process. Slight arm pain at site of injection but probably wouldnt notice it if I didnt know I got the shot. Otherwise no problems to note as of now. Had the equivalent of probably about 3 beers last night after the shot, seems no effect. I did hydrate very well yesterday, probably close to 100 ounces of fluid and am hydrating this morning....So all good as of now! Off to the beach after work
  8. Lol I’m not fantasizing about 80s and humid. I don’t want that. But I would like at least mid 60s to near 70 so I can at least sit comfortably outside by the water in a t shirt and have lunch and a cocktail lol. Doesn’t seem like it will be very comfortable to me for that Friday or Saturday.
  9. I guess I’m not buying those least from the guidance I see. Maybe it verifies higher. But tomorrow in particular looks like mid 50s at best with a stiff breeze probably making it feel even chillier. I can’t call that gorgeous but that’s just me
  10. Got our first was a nice process. In and out I’m about 25 minutes including the 15 min wait period you need to do. Now at Full Tilt brewery for some food and just a couple beers
  11. Has anybody gotten the shot at Notre dame university of MD on Charles st?..just curious if its been a good experience or not there. Scheduled for it today at 545...Apparently they only are doing it April 12 thru today so probably not gf scheduled it, im not sure how she even found it lol
  12. Eh...Im glad its not going to be super rainy or anything but based on guidance I still think the NWS is overshooting highs for tomorrow and the weekend. Hopefully they are wrong but GFS and NAM 3k only have temps around 50F at 2PM tomorrow north of DC...and saturday only in the low to mid 50s....I need at least mid 60s this time of year on fridays/weekends lol. Could be a bit breezy to boot especially tomorrow
  13. Thought I read some places were requiring the vaccine card. Either way, if not some places potentially could in the future. It’s just not something I want to deal with since we like to travel so oh well, vaccine it is
  14. Im just a little disappointed in the forecast this weekend...Im not sure NWS has it right with 60s and sun....It doesnt look awful in terms of rain but it seems like guidance wants to keep things a bit cooler...more like mid 50s...I was hoping for a run at 70 since Im going down to OC
  15. Well my work just sent out an email saying they're gonna give $50 gift cards to every employee who gets vaccinated lol so I guess i scheduled one just in time haha...Ill save the gift card for a brewery day of course