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  1. It’s going lol. Always something that doesn’t go right but we’re chugging along. Maybe I’ll be back by Thanksgiving…Maybe haha
  2. Reading the BCPS Facebook page this morning is quite entertaining! I recommend.
  3. Nice! Been drinking some Heavy seas bourbon barrel aged greater pumpkin lately but now drinking a Dogfish head Rasion d extra. Love that we’re back in dark beer season coming now
  4. I have not posted here in a while…Strawberry Bourbon Whip by commonwealth brewing. Really good. Double bourbon barrel with vanilla beans, cocoa and strawberry marshmallow creme
  5. Every bourbon barrel aged beer that other half nyc has ever brewed mixed together! This is excellent! And probably $500 for a bottle lol
  6. Go there at least a couple times a month. Great deli sandwiches too
  7. My ears were itching, knew somebody was taking about me. If that’s even the correct saying haha
  8. Yes! Or bourbon barrel aged stuff!
  9. Haha I have been busy man as mappy said but rest assured I’m still drinking some beer! This is a good imperial pastry stout from Mobtown! 12%!
  10. Took your advice..been sipping on it since 7pm, while eating some chocolate chip morsels as I get to the end here. Delightful.
  11. Think I’m gonna open up the Firestone parabola in a few minutes. I also bought a barrel aged cookie/coffee/cacao stout from pherm brewing a couple weekends ago but that one is a bomber bottle so that’s a weekend sipper! Enjoy!
  12. In OC, went to my happy place last night (Tall Tales Brewing, the Caprese pie was great). Now at burley oak, another happy place
  13. I think it’s safe to say this threat is over…
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