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  1. Dude only had 101 HRs...weak sauce
  2. Nobody with the 6zGEFS yet? I noticed the 6z GFS OP is still hanging on to that late transfer and more north solution.
  3. Is there a time where hes NOT all-in? lol...Looks good so long as the block pushes this thing just underneath of us and then off the VA capes...but we've been Charlie Browned too much already
  4. I know it’s a bit shamed on here but the HRRR is not too enthused with snow accumulation. Basically has the entire area under 1”. Just not any mod to heavy precip. Will be interesting to see if it’s right or if the NAMs are closer to reality
  5. Are you really just Justin Berk or Joe Bastardi on here?
  6. We’re toast for both storms lol imagine that
  7. The Canadian is better than the GFS but it’s certainly no QPF bomb...we would definitely take its outcome though
  8. Only .15-.25 for most of the area on precip on GFS.
  9. Wow the GFS is really dry lol. Barely any precip thru 6z
  10. And somehow most of us will likely only manage a few pity flakes from all 3
  11. Tried to tell people the snow aspect of this one is a bit overblown by a couple of the models...this set up screams decent ice storm for usual spots and just a glaze with 32 and rain for the cities
  12. Might as well drink their beer lol or at least one named after them anyway
  13. Doubt anyone gets much snow anyway from this one, I think the euro is out to lunch on its snow vs/sleet and freezing rain depictions. If anyone thinks DC is getting 3” from this thing well, you’re gullible to the model
  14. I’m heading to Key Brewing tomorrow for the first game. They have their Siberian summer Russian imperial stout on tap