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  1. Looks like you can kinda already see the southwest shear taking effect..all the hot towers are kinda shifting north and the southern end is being a bit eroded some
  2. Cancún is pretty heavily populated and with the track it looks like it could go right over the barrier island where all the resorts are and then downtown Cancún. It won’t be good
  3. The bruery makes good stuff. Last weekend I had a jailbreak collab with evil twin. It was a imperial stout aged in Syrah barrels. Had some interesting wine notes. Can’t remember if I talked about it on here or not lol
  4. Who cares what it does out in the open Atlantic. It’ll be in no mans land
  5. I said 90 mph at Gulfport yesterday. That’s looking reasonable
  6. Quick. Everybody put your tin foil hats on
  7. This should be able to become a hurricane I think. But it is limited amount of time and I don’t think we’ll see the real rapid intensification like Laura. I’ll go 90 mph cane into Gulfport
  8. I’m starting to think things have been overhyped. Yes the named storms and all that crap have been higher than ever but where’s the results. These next couple look to possibly curve out to sea rather quickly.
  9. Nah lol. Just adult soccer and one youth soccer going on
  10. Just drinking at the park, what could go wrong?
  11. Also got the raisin d xrtra. Might have it next lol
  12. That’s about where I am with it lol.
  13. @CAPE having my first 120 minute DFH. It’s good! 90 minutes on steroids which is fine with me. Not even an IPA fan
  14. Some sun would be nice but digging the way it feels outside right now....comfortabe, especially with my top off on the jeep since its damaged lol