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  1. Every bourbon barrel aged beer that other half nyc has ever brewed mixed together! This is excellent! And probably $500 for a bottle lol
  2. Go there at least a couple times a month. Great deli sandwiches too
  3. My ears were itching, knew somebody was taking about me. If that’s even the correct saying haha
  4. Yes! Or bourbon barrel aged stuff!
  5. Haha I have been busy man as mappy said but rest assured I’m still drinking some beer! This is a good imperial pastry stout from Mobtown! 12%!
  6. Took your advice..been sipping on it since 7pm, while eating some chocolate chip morsels as I get to the end here. Delightful.
  7. Think I’m gonna open up the Firestone parabola in a few minutes. I also bought a barrel aged cookie/coffee/cacao stout from pherm brewing a couple weekends ago but that one is a bomber bottle so that’s a weekend sipper! Enjoy!
  8. In OC, went to my happy place last night (Tall Tales Brewing, the Caprese pie was great). Now at burley oak, another happy place
  9. I think it’s safe to say this threat is over…
  10. Seems like a dud to me…isolated cell in northern VA but outside of that nothing. Looks like this won’t be very widespread either way
  11. Those softball leagues can be tough Hope you feel better soon
  12. Enjoy hopefully that 2014 bad boy won’t be oxidized for ya. Enjoy
  13. Sounds good. I have a Firestone parabola I bought a couple weeks ago. It comes in a box. Probably crack that one later this week.
  14. just saw that this happened in my neck of the woods last night…I don’t think I got a gust anywhere close to 88 but maybe 50 Tonight we want to recognize the heroic actions of Marine Emergency Team 26 . Just prior to this evenings storm, a distress call was recieved for a vessel stranded on the rocks at the Craighill Channel Upper Range Light. Marine Emergency Team 21 and Marine Emergency Team 26 responded. Marine unit 269 from MET 26 faced grave conditions including a reported water spout or possible tornado within a few hundred feet of their vessel. After rapidly extricating the stranded persons from the rocks around the lighthouse, MU269 advised they were unable to get into the marina. MU 269 had to ride out the storm in extremely high winds that toppled sea containers at the nearby Dundalk Marine Terminal. Segirt cranes at the terminal reported wind gusts up to 88mph. After the incident Marine unit 217 and 219 from MET 21 remained with their vessels until all other units reported they were safe and back on land.
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