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  1. I dont think any part of the Ravens team was "healthy" lol..but anyway, did I accidently stumble into the banter thread? Sheesh
  2. At least it seems like even if the coastal doesnt necessarily pan out, we get some consolation with the northern Branch and maybe a 1-3/2-4 area wide.
  3. You are in Cockeyesville? In Hunt Valley its small flakes and still mixing with rain. Does not look like that here at all haha
  4. The latest HRRR doesn’t even have a changeover for I95. Yikes
  5. Not sure why the NWS didn’t mention the bust potential in their 4am discussion…I’m not saying they should have dropped the advisories but they should have at least mentioned that this didn’t seem to be materializing as advertised. Could definitely see it at 4am. Hopefully we still get an hour or 2 burst.
  6. Unfortunately this has bust written all over it. Temps running warm and modeling keeps delaying changeover. Hell some areas may only see about an hour of snow. Oh well.
  7. The temperature drop isnt nearly as impressive on the NAM though, 32-33 during snow...TT 10:1 map generally shows 1-2"
  8. Changeover a little later on the NAM but it looks like rippage at 8-9am
  9. If some of the latest temperature modeling is correct (especially the latest HRRR), the biggest issue with this is probably the rapidly falling temps during the last couple hours of snow. HRRR has it going down to 25-26 degrees by 11AM generally area wide.
  10. Precip is gone by noon on the NAM...this would effect the morning commute.
  11. If your bet is hold, Ill take that action for ya
  12. I think one of the Mets touched on this...it has to do with where the boundary is setting up. I think maybe if the first storm happens more to a degree, the trough/boundary pushes more off the coast.
  13. Ah yeah, it is closer. I was just comparing 96, I hadnt seen the next images yet...Nice run
  14. Looks fairly similar to 12z...close but not quite there.
  15. Mets-can any of you recall a time where there’s been a severe t storm warning with temps in the upper 30s and just a couple hours after snowfall? Is this unprecedented?
  16. Maybe. We also won’t even know that it snowed in about an hour lol
  17. Up to 38 with moderate rain. Snow should get washed away pretty quick here over next couple hours
  18. I let my dog out, she pee’d right by the door on the concrete and came back in lol. I guess the heated blanket spoils her
  19. I would say got around 2” in Dundalk. Some sleet, no freezing rain that I can tell. Moderate rain now with temps above freezing
  20. Steady snow for the last hour and a half in Dundalk but still not getting that rippage that I thought would happen under these darker greens. Eyeballing slightly under 1”
  21. Could anyone post the link to the co-efficient radar? Obviously going to be important to follow today
  22. We’re obviously not going to have snow for a long period of time tomorrow, but it could still come down hot and heavy anyway, for like maybe a half hour lol. At least I think anyway. I’ll take my half an hour of rippage during as the sun sets and watching football
  23. Negatively tilted trough, closed low, it’s going to tug it west. There’s nothing unusual about this in my opinion, it’s happened before. The phase/capture needs to happen later for it to track off the coast
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