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  1. That’s ok I actually make money off my thoughts...I’m just more blunt on here that’s all
  2. The bottom line is I can’t stand the eternal optimists that speak for the rest of us they live in nearly 1,000 ft on a moutain or 30 miles west of us. I’m over it. Track away. But speak dont for the rest of us that haven’t got shit
  3. @losetoa6 hey how’s that winter tracking going man?
  4. Nice win by the Terps. Should secure a tournament bid
  5. You wouldn’t cancel winter if you lived in Florida. Thanks for your input. It’s useless
  6. I know you’re trolling and so am I. It’s cool. It’s really all I have to say. You’re a troll mostly
  7. Terps are playing well. Should win if they don’t collapse
  8. Damn would like to try that double dark chocolate
  9. Shits over. Anybody that says otherwise is delusional. Split flow with not even any legit cold air around. Game over
  10. Yeah, they were supposed to have a chocolate raspberry nitro stout on tap but apparently sold out in one day (yesterday) so master brewer let us try next weekends release which is a Belgian quad with tart cherry. Not bad
  11. Been there a few times. Nice spot. Currently at Key. Only customers in here outside of the employees playing Nintendo and getting wasted off their own beer
  12. Fortunately my dog refuses to go in the grass when it’s wet. She just goes on the concrete drive way pad lol. Easier on the house but not fun to step in when walking to get to the Jeep haha
  13. Canadian is a shutout thru end of run as well. It’s...never mind. I’ll ruffle feathers if I finish
  14. The last 24 hours of banter has been quite strange...can we get back to strictly beer posts please lol
  15. Starting the day off at Key Brewing...they were supposed to have a chocolate raspberry nitro stout on tap but apparently it kicked in about 4 hours yesterday. Yikes. So having the summer Siberian Russian imperial stout instead
  16. How’s that busy winter tracking going fellas?
  17. A win today I think potentially solidifies a spot in the big dance.
  18. Yeah the top end ones are reserved for the high gravity. Tough to be a top end one if it’s under 10%
  19. Nice. Haven’t had that one yet but I had the chocolate land 1 and 2. They weren’t bad. I hear this one is better though
  20. Gonna be a soggy day for sure. Shouldn’t get any crazy heavy rain but varying showers all day. Definitely a day to maybe sit inside at the brewery and have a couple of good stouts while it’s still stout season
  21. First Saturday in a while that Meadowood regional park off falls rd has had a nice crowd in a while. Despite the pretty muddy conditions, lots of kids practicing sports and a fair amount of walkers too. Spring fever has definitely hit
  22. I think the point just was it was a slop fest for most of us. We just couldn’t get the cold and moisture to time up for a nice pure snow. I understand y’all did well up there but south + east of the fall line, not so much. We were either too warm, or didn’t get the banding necessary to get good rates + moisture.
  23. Absolutely. Was never able to push east of the Appalachians. Base of trough just stayed a bit west and I guess southeast ridge helped. We were modeled for some pretty intense cold throughout mid to late Jan and into early feb that never showed up.
  24. Sun peaking out in lutherville timonium. Warming up pretty quick. Up to 48. Should get to the mid 50s
  25. And a shit ton of ice. I was 6. I remember sledding down a neighborhood hill and went further then ever before because the snow was so slick