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  1. A juicy Lucy? We might need RR and H20 for this one.
  2. Flurries and a light breeze in the plains. La Plata 36/26
  3. Pingers in La Plata. Boooooo! Edit: To be fair to the weather, it's also still snowing. Temp up to 22.
  4. Swinging between SN and SN+. Just measured 1.0". 21/21 La Plata. Beautiful snowglobe for now.
  5. SN. 20/20. MD 5 between Charlotte Hall and Waldorf and side streets are done. 301 south was marginally better. I did a tiny Tokyo drift turning into my neighborhood in La Plata. Whoops.
  6. When you don't meme, it makes me sad. I'm glad you're here.
  7. Are you threatening me with the norm? I shudder.
  8. This storm was poised to ruin many sorority MLK prayer breakfasts. Starting this thread will surely cancel the storm (physics). Alpha Kappa Alpha thanks you.
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