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  1. 58, sunny, and still in the plains this morning. Perfection.
  2. Torrential rain with strong gusts and a couple claps of thunder.
  3. Moderate snow is back after about an hour lull. Temp wobbling between 28 and 30. La Plata.
  4. Flipped to all snow minutes after my everything mix post. Deck and car tops caved. Full on snowglobe out there. 30/30 La Plata
  5. The last hour: heavy rain, light rain, oriole fighting a squirel, dog angry at both, dry, heavy rain, crows, dog angry at the crows, dry, rain-sleet mix. Whole time: breezy. 33/33 La Plata
  6. This came in the mail today. Time to throw all my money into the ground.
  7. The little southern squall came through earlier, dusted the mulch, and gave the kids another 2 hour delay. Certified snow town behavior. La Plata.
  8. Forgot to share these from the 28 January storm.
  9. Schools on delay due to icy roads. The kid will be happy.
  10. Sleet-rain mix in La Plata
  11. It sleets in the plains. 35/33 La Plata
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