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  1. Hellebore check-in! It's nice to have finally found something that the deer don't mow down.
  2. I'm glad to learn the name of this motha- *cough* plant! My south and southwest beds are chickweed farms apparently. The honey bees from the neighbor's hive are enjoying it until I pull them and cover that bed this week.
  3. Looks like it will be a perfect afternoon to put my Meyer lemon tree outside for a bit! Bacardi (that's her name) has lost a lot of leaves, put on new ones, and produced a bunch of lemons since I brought her inside in October.
  4. Our arborist just came through to help us start this year's to-do list. More 60s please!
  5. Freezing rain. Heaviest of the day so far. 31/31 La Plata
  6. You better hug the snow you're with. Don't count your neighbor's snowflakes until they hatch a hand in the bush. Or whatever Socrates said. Chin up.
  7. There was a Card nest in my Bradford pear tree. Mama pecked at herself in my window all last spring. Lol.
  8. I think it's just my location for whatever reason. I don't feed them. I only put milorganite on the lawn. We get lots of Orioles, Cardinals, and Blue Jays. To the point where I thought that was the norm for this region.
  9. Freezing rain. Lame af. 30/30 La Plata
  10. Sleet and a yard full of Orioles. 31/27 La Plata
  11. These tree branches and underbrush go glacial nearly every winter (except for the previous two winters, blah). White Plains, MD.
  12. I'd fill both with Allium Millennial. You'll get three seasons of green, summer blooms, the squirrels will avoid the area altogether, they're low maintenance, and drought tolerant.
  13. I like Johnny's Seeds: https://www.johnnyseeds.com/