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  1. Got the shelf cloud coming in to east Towson/ Loch Raven area. Windy once it blew through, Lots of rain, not much lightning or thunder though
  2. That outflow boundary was nice in Towson. The big storm went just north. Debris on the roads. Storm firing behind, warned in Caroll and Baltimore counties now
  3. There’s some decent spin on that thing too!
  4. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/ww0230.html
  5. HRRR & NAM have decent CAPE for tomorrow, definitely looking better
  6. Severe T storm warning Fredrick carrol Baltimore, it mentions some hail <.75 inch
  7. The ARWs are both NW pretty much in line with the 3k. So is the FV3. Finally getting a consensus amongst the models
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