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  1. Getting some light ZR in Towson
  2. 1 inch of sleet measured in Owings mills
  3. Sleet & ZR now in Owings Mills
  4. At what point does this become hail
  5. Straight up chunks of ice falling from the sky right now
  6. I’ve seen hail as big as this omg
  7. Wow it’s literally as if a summertime thunderstorm just rolled in and the sky has just opened up with a 50/50 mix of snow and sleet here. The sleet is absolutely massive line little meteorites
  8. Snow starting to take over here In Owings Mills in this heavy banding! Rippage
  9. I’m getting almost all sleet here now in Owings mills, but snow does keep trying to mix back in. Once we get a heavy band down here I think it’ll be mostly snow
  10. @mattie g it won’t let me post a link for some reason. Go to marylandwx.com click on radar, change to correlation coefficient. It seems like when the heavier returns are overhead the sleet is subsiding. Over the last few frames that sleet looks less over Baltimore County.
  11. On CC radar it does appear the sleet is getting mixed out to snow
  12. Snow sleet mix in Owings mills now!