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  1. Looks like we start September-3* for 1st week and maybe beyond. Forecast high for cpk are 72,74 74,76,79 and 81 for labor day followed by what looks to be a nice cool shot next week. Normal highs are still around 80*.
  2. Wind very lite today. No down slope heating. Temps probably Max in the low nineties Today with heat index right around actual temperature
  3. Yes! 86* dp 59. I thought we were in for high dew points. Very comfortable out
  4. Was out at Stony Brook li this afternoon very little rain And wind. Driving back heavy rain in Nassau queens Bronx and Westchester. Worse condition here than closer to the storm
  5. Deluge here. Tree feel on power and cable lines knocked out cable and internet lights flickering on and off. Just missed my cars
  6. My nephew's marine unit are the ones in Kabul now removing US citizens and US embassy staff. The mission should be completed in 72 hours. It seems that there will be a peaceful transfer of power there. Our government is in contact with the taliban telling them it's in their best interest not to take the city by force.
  7. The front is East of Scranton and South of Albany another nice break from the heat coming up
  8. I think what makes this summer feel less hot is the constant breaks we've had. The heat waves while impressive have been short lived. We had the very cold Memorial Day weekend even though technically not summer cool 4th of July weekend and then 2 cool weeks from late July into the 1st week of August. the hot summers I remember is the relentless 90゚ heat from late June into early to mid August before we get that 1st refreshing cold front. And those hot summers were usually dry too. This year it's 3 or 4 hours of nineties with 100゚ heat index before a thunderstorm cools things off late afternoon
  9. https://www.severe-weather.eu/global-weather/south-hemisphere-america-cold-winter-outbreak-fa/
  10. Bluewave usually enso affects our weather patterns here. will the warm pool across the northern pac interfere with enso/pattern here this coming fall/ winter?
  11. It looks like we will not hit excessive heat warning criteria today Mainly because dew points are 5゚ cooler than yesterday. Highest heat index I can find in our area is 101゚ Most places between 95 and 98.
  12. Even though temperatures started off warmer than yesterday Newark Is 90゚ at 11:00 a.m. same as yesterday. laguardia is 88 which is 1゚ less than it's 89゚ reading at 11:00 a.m. yesterday dew points are running about 2 to 4゚ below yesterday's readings which makes today much more tolerable
  13. You are probably correct on the dominant pattern this year. it just seems that Newark always runs hotter than most other sites nearby. I'm curious to know is Newark warming faster/higher than other sites in this sub forum?
  14. Yes. Not just that but too many humans on the Earth not enough forest and trees too much concrete and asphalt and big cities, tall buildings which do not allow heat to escape
  15. No not getting to me. These puny 3 to 4 day heat waves Not that impressive to me. I have seen much worse. One thing I can say this summer will not be remembered for heat throughout 99% of the northeast except for Newark of course
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