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  1. Cmc and icon also. We really need the rain
  2. Horrible outside worst stretch of weather by far this summer. No end in sight unless you believe the cold front will get here Thursday which it will probably end up being hung up over the area with the continuation of warm to hot with high dew points
  3. We actually do get the trough in here briefly not until next Thursday now and even With that the 850's are still positive on the ensembles
  4. Wow at the WAR On the latest guidance. Not moving that out any time soon. Looks like warm to hot and uncomfortable for the foreseeable future. Next week's cool down is gone the only good news is that there'll be rain chances almost every day for the next week
  5. Starting tomorrow we lose 2 minutes A-day of daylight. Should be real noticeable in the next few weeks. Low dew points continue to be the theme of this summer With only 5 more weeks to go to Labor Day weekend
  6. Next weekend looks like a carbon copy of this weekend.
  7. There isnt any sign of WAR week of 8/8 onwards with ridge in the west and trough in the East.
  8. 85/72 In The Bronx at 2 AM with a with a heat index of 92゚. now this is uncomfortable
  9. Hey RJay, Definitely historic for Newark to hit 100 on 5 consecutive days. I was out in your neck of the woods today at Jones beach beautiful day 84 on the car thermometer in parking lot once I got to the northern state car thermometer read 98 most of the way home. Water was cold my feet were numb after 5 minutes. Water temps probably in the 60's. Was hoping to see some sharks but that never materialized.
  10. Yes We'll finally get to see the WAR in August. It has been absent so far this summer as blue wave has Posted about.
  11. Yes I agree. I love 95゚ degrees with a dew point of 60. 82/75 is uncomfortable. The big story of this summer Is now the high temps with this current heat wave but also the low dews through July 22nd
  12. OK I'm wrong you're right this is the worst heat wave ever will we survive
  13. We're solidly above normal this month But the low dew points thus far has made it more tolerable. The last several July's felt a lot worse even if we weren't as warm as this year
  14. Please just go check the White Plains Data since Wednesday. I live 4 1/2 miles South of there And I've had more rain than there since Wednesday.
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