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  1. binbisso

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Good morning I'm a new member from the New York City Forum I literally Live 5 miles from the Southwest Connecticut border So far this month I've had 15 days between 85 and 89 degrees, 5 days of 90 to 92, three days in the 70s two days between 80 and 84 and then the three-day Heatwave of 93 95 and 97 degrees. I've had 22 days of low temperatures in the 60s mostly mid to Upper. my temperature departure is + 3 but that's very deceiving as it's been one of the most Pleasant summers in years around here. 20 of the 28 days so far had dew points in the 60s or lower. Can't ask for better summer weather than this year
  2. it hit 95* in the park today. 95* also here in Pelham. 93* in white plains. 95* is probably accurate for the park but not for 34 street and 7th ave (i can walk on my grass without shoes today but not the driveway). just like lga does not represent most of northern queens as it(lga) runs way to hot esp at night.
  3. yes. pretty unusual for LI to have worst of the heat. esp when you have sites like newark and lag. which must have thermometer under a jet engine.lol
  4. new member been following for awhile. 95* dp 72 here in lower westchester. very run of the mill heat wave here. dews are down at all reporting stations except LI. seems LI is getting worst of heat today.