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  1. Statement is actually half true. Yes no snow for our area but plenty cold enough so that it snows in Northern Alabama Georgia Tennessee North Carolina and South Carolina we just can't seem to get a system them with the right track to give us snow. If it can snow way down south in this horrible pattern it certainly can snow for us. pretty incredible how unlucky we are this winter
  2. Looks like there's a big flip in guidance The last 12 to 24 hours as we look to see our first real Artic cold Coming late next week and next weekend.. Vortex finally coming out of Alaska and heading towards Hudson Bay some guidance take us down close to zero In about seven days with the very active pattern maybe we can get lucky and get some snow. I'll believe it when I see it, though.
  3. The ukie has been consistent with several inches of snow from the second wave Thursday morning the GFS and CMC flip-flopped today. Overall looking at all guidance the GFS is the warmest at 850. Even the nam a hour 84 is colder than the GFS most of the guidance gets the zero C line down to Southern New Jersey and South of Philly. Now we just need the precipitation to come in while it's still cold enough the third wave looks warm across the board
  4. Yeah but I have to figure out how to post them on here anyway go to pivotal weather and click on high-res euro zoom into the Northeast click on winter weather and then click on total accumulated snowfall
  5. I think we going to see at least some Frozen with one of these waves specially for the city north and west. Climo would favor a more Southward progression with the front but we shall see
  6. The euro is similar to the UK it drops several inches of snow with the second wave before we torch and rain with the third wave. The trend has been for the cold to press Southward and the trough to be flatter and more positively tilted let's see if that can continue with the third wave
  7. I should also add that the vortex will be over Hudson Bay and not over Alaska which is more favorable for our area
  8. February is looking entirely different than January. First it looks very active January was very dry secondly the negative EPO is going to allow for cold air to be close by so I think we're going to time one of these waves or maybe two during the first half of the month but we shall see you can also add in the mjo at least during in the first week should be in the c o d and not in any Amplified warm phase
  9. Yes the third wave is very warm on the UK and we all know the GFS is not all snow there's a lot of sleet and freezing rain on their snowfall Maps
  10. Today's UK met shows 2 to 3 in across the area with the second wave according to pivotal weather maps
  11. Today's 12z Euro buries Northwest New Jersey and Orange County. Gets snow in to Northern Westchester Western Bergen County and Rockland County
  12. Yes not going to make difference for dc but Shift that system North a hundred miles and there would be frozen for many in this sub forum. Obviously that's going off the Euro run verbatim we know all the caveats that apply to a 7-Day system
  13. Yes that's because the primary was north of Detroit. If the system next week stays under us we could have Frozen even down to the coast
  14. Just under 3 in here in lower Westchester still snowing moderately