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  1. Don't know if this is accurate but I heard New York State cases are down to under 6,000 today however deaths are up as expected 801 can anyone confirm. That would be a significant drop now for several days from the high of close to 11,000 last week
  2. Yes and I think that's the big problem we're not going from 10,000 cases to 2,000 cases in a week more like a month so we're looking at early May probably to get this thing under control here in New York.
  3. I think you guys are wrong I remember yesterday's press conference 10800 new cases and 630 deaths can anyone confirm those numbers from Cuomo's press conference yesterday
  4. I believe yesterday was 630 at the same time so it dropped slightly
  5. Yes I agree we need to see decreases for several days to feel confident that we've turn the corner here in New York just looking for any positive news because the longer this keeps Rising the worst-case scenarios for all of us
  6. New York just over 7,000 new cases just under 600 new deaths both numbers are decreases
  7. I would also add that many businesses especially small businesses are not going to recover from this and will be permanently closed and it's going to take many years for new businesses to move into their spaces that was shut down that this is a total disaster and there is no way of correcting this now wether health wise or economic wise
  8. I agree 100% the economic impact is going to be far worse and longer-lasting then the health impact when all is said and done
  9. Yes I agree hopefully that money should start rolling into people's accounts the week after Easter I believe people who had direct deposit to pay or receive their taxes will get it first. I'm expecting 3400 me my wife and my two kids that will help even though I'm still working now I lost some of my side business as I supplied restaurants with seafood
  10. I just left my Bank branch. the manager said that the money allocated in the stimulus package to small businesses will be available starting tomorrow. she's working on it right now
  11. Sadly the main reasons the churches don't want to shut down is purely Financial. Their parishioners give generously on their day of worship whether it be Saturday or Sunday so if they don't show up there's no money coming in. Most churches have extraordinary expenses especially to their pastors and leaders who make many times more money than the average parishioner. If you remember the Trump news conference a few weeks ago when they spoke about the churches Pence said to make sure you still give to your churches. That came directly from the pastors and leaders of the individual churches they spoke to
  12. Statement is actually half true. Yes no snow for our area but plenty cold enough so that it snows in Northern Alabama Georgia Tennessee North Carolina and South Carolina we just can't seem to get a system them with the right track to give us snow. If it can snow way down south in this horrible pattern it certainly can snow for us. pretty incredible how unlucky we are this winter
  13. Looks like there's a big flip in guidance The last 12 to 24 hours as we look to see our first real Artic cold Coming late next week and next weekend.. Vortex finally coming out of Alaska and heading towards Hudson Bay some guidance take us down close to zero In about seven days with the very active pattern maybe we can get lucky and get some snow. I'll believe it when I see it, though.
  14. The ukie has been consistent with several inches of snow from the second wave Thursday morning the GFS and CMC flip-flopped today. Overall looking at all guidance the GFS is the warmest at 850. Even the nam a hour 84 is colder than the GFS most of the guidance gets the zero C line down to Southern New Jersey and South of Philly. Now we just need the precipitation to come in while it's still cold enough the third wave looks warm across the board
  15. Yeah but I have to figure out how to post them on here anyway go to pivotal weather and click on high-res euro zoom into the Northeast click on winter weather and then click on total accumulated snowfall