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  1. Just under 3 in here in lower Westchester still snowing moderately
  2. Back home in lower Westchester approaching 1 in still snowing never dry slotted precipitation filling in again don't think precip will ever shut off here
  3. Precipitation moved in about an hour sooner than most guidance which happens often in overrunning situations. Considering we have about seven hours of precipitation left I feel it's going to be hard to change over to rain this looks mostly Frozen from the Bronx North intensity now picking up
  4. Snowing lightly here in the Bronx sticking on all surfaces down to 26 degrees
  5. We rarely see accumulating snow in the New York City metro area with the surface low that tracks north of Chicago North of Detroit and north of Buffalo. I guess this is what a fresh injection of Artic Air can do. Dew points are pretty impressive cold right now below zero throughout the Metro -10 Southern Connecticut -5 Central Park
  6. Euro also has the day 9/10 system as the GFS and CMC verbatim too warm for the coast but snow not too far to our Northwest still plenty of time to work out the details on this. Definitely looks like a period to watch
  7. 850 do get above 0 Celsius between 8 and 9 p.m. for most of the area but barely 4 northwest suburbs so I stand corrected in my post above
  8. That's a nice run by the euro. .6 l e from my area with 4in of that being snow I'll take that any day. My feeling is that the southerly flow at the surface is very weak until we're several hours into the precipitation field and as others have posted 850s stay below 32 degrees the entire storm. Temperatures are going to struggle to get above freezing until we're well Into the Storm especially the further away from the coast you are
  9. A big difference with this system is that we will be below freezing for about 36 hours before the onset of precipitation. And not just slightly below but well down into the teens anywhere north and west of New York City. 850s are cold and 2 meter wind speeds are variable and very light at 1 p.m. Saturday before the shift to the south wind and gradually increases. this should allow snow to hold on a little longer again mainly north and west of the city and probably not too far north and west. could be a nice little surprise 2 to 4in north of I-95 my big concern is how much moisture will be available with the initial thump
  10. It's a pretty classic setup a 1047 MB high pressure is tough to move out in mid January. I don't think the models are going to have a tough time with this one still have about 48 hours before the shortwave gets into better sampling area off the northwest coast. Also the G EFS wants to transfer the low south of us which could keep precipitation more on the Frozen side even down to the coast but we shall see
  11. Well the Euro just came in much colder with a weaker surface low and stronger high pressure to our North 4 to 6 in on the clown Maps for all the big cities from Philly to Boston and the northwest suburbs
  12. http://<img src="" alt="GFS MJO index ensemble plume"/> changes continue for mjo. edit: can someone explain how to insert images to my posts
  13. Yes don i agree with when and duration of the pattern change. One could argue the extended eps is the best look so far this winter. It did nail this torch period and has done better than the gefs since dec 1st.
  14. I really can't explain it but I have this condition since I was a kid and I am now in my late 50s. I remember my 14th birthday I got a weather radio that used to broadcast in megahertz I'd wake up every morning at 4:30 a.m. when the new update came out. what I do like is tracking snow storms and how the landscape looks during and after. The one thing I hate is driving in it
  15. I just pulled up next to a salt spreader truck in the Bronx I rolled down my window the driver rolled down his I told him you'll be getting plenty of overtime in about two weeks he looked at me like I was nuts he said I hope so I said me too