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  1. My car thermometer was 99° on the hutch near Co-op City 93 at home in Mount Vernon unbelievable
  2. Really impressive heat today 89 degrees here almost full Sunshine the front is south of iAlbany but not yet to on northwest suburbs should break many all-time records today
  3. Nice strong line of heavy rain over Long Island Sound from the Queens Long Island border to Stamford looks like it could clip the North Shore of Long Island not sure if there's thunder and lightning though. another line to our West should hit everyone with much-needed rain
  4. Yeah nice heavy downpour here but missed the main stuff just to my North
  5. My high temperature was 79 degrees today Upton was spot-on down to 77 now mostly cloudy rain just to my West. I have to say that Upton has a challenging time with forecast highs and lows with the geographic layout of our area. Anywhere north and east and even Northwest of New York City stayed mainly in the seventies 70s today many places in central and north central New Jersey had highs in the mid-eighties.I believe Teterboro was the highest at 86. That's a big contrast in temps within such a short distance
  6. Blue Wave isn't a negative PNA and negative Nao good for our area during winter in regards to snowstorms. the wavelengths would be different in djf if im not mistaken.
  7. Upton lowered my forecast highs for both today and Saturday to 78 and 80 respectively. There have been post on here saying that temperatures for these two days are going to be well into the 80s so what is Upton missing to be 5 + degrees lower then what the posters are saying.. I'm at 63 degrees at 8:45 a.m. it's going to be very hard to get well into the eighties today with the front progged to pass by mid to late afternoon
  8. There's no 90 degree heat in the next 7 days so don't know where people are getting that from. My forecast highs for Thursday Saturday Sunday and Monday are 82, 82, 79, and 76. And that's from 3 reliable Outlets there is a chance mid next week as the ridge moves East that we can get well into the 80s but that's way out there
  9. I agree as has been the case most of the summer. Also 85/65 with a dew point of 60 in october with 3 + hours less of daylight will not feel anything like July. It could be + 10 in the departure but just like in April it's going to feel great the weather has been simply fantastic and looks to continue for the next few weeks I would like some rain however as others have stated
  10. Whether we get a hurricane or not next week the big change is it's going to be much cooler Monday through Thursday if GFS and Euro are correct. After that we have to see the effects of the two tropical systems as they head North and how they affect the pattern for the last 10 days of September
  11. Your information has been a little confusing. Which climate site are you using? I've assumed it was Central Park which their normal is 73 right now and will be 72 (71.5) at the end of eight days. That would make that next 8 Days 2 to 3 degrees below normal. Newark the same LaGuardia is a degree higher can you clarify thanks
  12. Well June was not warm and neither was August take away the one week when it was hot.that leaves July. I've seen many many worse summers over the years. I've had plenty of 88 and 89 Degree Days with dew points in the upper 50s and low 60s that's perfect summer weather to me
  13. Two rather strong cold fronts coming through this week one late Wednesday and one post Dorian. The one after Dorian looks rather impressive with 0c 8 50s into central New England. Looks like the period From August 20th through the fall Solstice could average well below normal for our area. We'll see how it all plays out but summer was basically one month, July, and one week in August.
  14. Wow I don't recall that that's impressive. I remember days like that when I was younger growing up in the 70s and 80s when we used to get strong cood fronts in August and cold shots like what you just posted above but I don't recall that in the last 15 years.