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  1. Beautiful morning here in Silver Spring. This weather makes me miss the cicadas :-( Good news for fellow long-range weenies , the EPS (euro ensemble) plots on tropical tidbits have been significantly expanded. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=eps&region=us&pkg=apcpn&runtime=2022051700&fh=276 Wayyy more options and temporal resolution now. Can't wait to hallucinate upcoming blizzards with more ensemble detail.
  2. A few rumbles of thunder with showers near downtown Silver Spring in the past 10 minutes.
  3. Kids soccer game got cancelled last Saturday. Makeup game tonight. Another game tomorrow AM. It's gonna be soggy out there. If they don't get cancelled! Looking ahead, hoping I can make my family suffer through no AC over the weekend, especially Sunday/Monday. Aiming for an air conditioning season of May 20th - October 20th only!
  4. Gorgeous day, low humidity, clear skies for two straight days. still haven't turned on the central AC this year. Though the furnace got more work than usual so far May. However I will say that I remember memorial Day weekend last year was quite chilly, and we ran the furnace then too. I prefer furnace season to constant central air season for sure, but the shoulder seasons where you don't need to run either are pretty great.
  5. You can see the fog creeping south in this GOES imagery: https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=local-Virginia-02-24-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  6. Time to bring this thread back. Lawn is drying out, no rain forecast all week. Drought.
  7. 73 with a healthy breeze out of the SW on Cape Hatteras today.
  8. Wow, what a miserable day out there! Looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow.
  9. I'll give it a C for MBY. Cold and relatively snowy January prevented it from being a D or F. But man, would have been nice to have real snow in February...
  10. Big cell out near Dulles, anyone in it? Not much action here in silver spring so far since a downpour around 2pm
  11. Hope that pattern sticks. Gonna be on Cape Hatteras the 9th - 16th, hoping for 65-75 and sunny!
  12. Getting clapped by wind and snow in silver spring. Fun little end to winter here. Roads not caving but everything else is
  13. Even a bit of ice on trees and cars inside the beltway in silver spring this evening. Light mist falling. 32
  14. Drove to visit a sibling and family north of Ithaca NY today, and got caught in the squall warning! It was sick. Photo taken by my partner in the passenger seat as we crawled on NY route 392, at about 20 mph. We got off of I-81 south of Cortland because the squall was visible to the NW horizon. It looked like a summer thunderstorm - gray/black clouds - as we advanced in patchy partly cloudy sunlight. Did not want to be on the interstate with the trucks as that squall blew through. The snow was super powdery and got really caked on the tires, it got slippery quick in my lame all-season tires which are only 3k miles old lol. The vehicle in front of us was a NY state plow, which we blindly lucked into following. It was dumping salt and scraping the accumulation out of the way. The squall dropped about an inch of snow, impossible to tell because of the wind. At some points it was almost blinding, visibility probably a max of 20-25 yards.
  15. Damn wind woke me up early.
  16. Moisture will not be the problem, hopefully lol.
  17. Indeed, it's not over til it's over, even inside the beltway. Took this near Hyattsville on 3/21/18 according to google photos. About 3" OTG
  18. Lots of snowdrops blooming in my neighborhood over the past week. Daffodil shoots up in the sunnier spots. Crocuses coming soon :-D
  19. zoomed out weenie map, still some snow falling SE of 95 here
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