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  1. Had about 10 minutes of flurries around 8AM near downtown Silver Spring.
  2. 70F, t-shirts, choking woodsmoke haze and a warm SW wind or bust.
  3. 42 is the new 32 in the inner burbs
  4. alternating between full sun, and thicc clouds, all day today in silver spring. pretty warm though. 62
  5. Ah, heavy rains in the cool season. What the metro area does best. Reminds me of listening to rain on my roof last fall/winter.
  6. Gonna be green well into November here in the inner burbs.
  7. This is the way. Highs in the 70s later this week, no heat needed.
  8. Someone should actually tally this, I've been meaning to do it for years. Take like a next 72 hours snowfall total, every 72 hours, and tally it up all winter long
  9. Certainly don't mind the cool temps, but it would be nice to see the sun. Got about 15 minutes of it during the kid's soccer game Saturday.
  10. The 2m temp anomaly chart on the GFS is basically a + from the mean for the entire 384 forecast, lol. I guess I'm okay with this in October? Going to Maine at the end of the month, it would be nice if it's not in the upper 30s there. But if we're pulling 60s through december and january... blegh
  11. I think we're in second summer now, not false fall. Apologies if repost. Went a solid 8-9 days with no AC, but cranked it back on yesterday. Not looking forward to a soupy week.
  12. This is my favorite part of the year, how long can I not run the ac or the heat until my family complains?? Upstairs might get a bit stuffy this evening though.
  13. We've upgraded to a visible waterfall mist here in lower MoCo.
  14. It is a steamy steam bath near downtown Silver Spring right now, but we're getting fringed by the precip.
  15. I still haven't seen one of these boyos in Silver Spring, but I have seen them in Central PA
  16. Honestly in the immediate DC burbs, I feel like fall doesn't really start until October 10th-15th.
  17. I'm in wildwood crest nj, and agree. 10/10 even though today is windy
  18. https://twitter.com/capitalweather/status/1433130325400596483
  19. Under what look to be like heavy returns in Silver Spring, but it's a strong misty rain, not a downpour. Kid safely home from school before he got too wet. Edit: upgrade to RN+
  20. Yeah, seriously. I just got an email from our school's principal with the exact time/procedure though. So hold out!
  21. Montgomery County Public schools are closing early.
  22. Montgomery County -- nothing on early dismissal yet. I'm surprised, we're usually one of the first to jump.
  23. It will be a fun afternoon for kid-pickup-from-school in MoCo tomorrow, we're all back full time. And my 3rd grader walks!
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