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  1. Nice webcam in Sky Valley, GA. Coming down good there. https://www.resortcams.com/webcams/sky-valley-ga/
  2. Thanks for letting me join in on the fun over the past few days. I appreciate your kindness. Leaving Cashiers in the morning to head back to Atlanta. I’m sure I’ll be back up sooner than later. Cheers y’all!
  3. Send it west to Cashiers. I feel like Toxaway does well every storm. Just can’t get any of the heavier returns overhead here. Enjoy!!
  4. Moderate snow here in Cashiers. Nothing like snow in the day!! So pretty
  5. About 1.5” in Cashiers. Hoping we can get under some heavier returns as flakes are very small right now
  6. Hoping to pick up an inch or so during this band about to move through. Definitely going to go for a walk (Cashiers)
  7. It’s not consistent at all but when a snow shower moves through, it pounds for a bit. Gonna enjoy it no matter how bad the models look
  8. Just went to moderate SN in Cashiers. Kinda ripping!
  9. Light snow in Cashiers. 34 degrees. Just got here about 30 minutes ago. Let’s go!
  10. Just booked a room in Cashiers, NC. So I'm locked in even though GSP map and some of the mesoscale models makes me wonder if I should've gone a little more east. Oh well, excited to join yall on the journey! Thanks for all the advice! I'll take my chances at 3500'. Hope everyone gets hammered!
  11. I think I've settled on the Cashiers, NC area either at 3150' or 3800'. Not trying to get stuck on a mountain past Saturday but I guess the extra elevation would help haha. I'll make a final decision overnight Please keep the ZR away
  12. Hey y’all! I’m pondering chasing this storm up in the southern mountains somewhere. Probably somewhere on the 64 corridor Look at one of these - cashiers- lake toxaway - brevard- Hendersonville Thought I would turn to the local experts. Any advice in places that usually do good in these type of set ups?
  13. I’d comfortably say we have hit 4 inches here in Bellefontaine, OH. Pretty steady all day. Hovered right around freezing so didn’t lose much during the day. It’s really beautiful. Just started sticking to the roads. Hopefully we can pick up an extra inch or two overnight!
  14. Yeah I’m probably just getting impatient haha. I will give it a shot to develop today! Radar just looks a little less juicy compared to what I pictured based on the models. It’s picked up a bit here in Bellefontaine and we now have a dusting on grassy areas.