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  1. First warning was issued for Newnan at 11:44. Looks like they had 20-30 minutes of lead time. Great job NWS Peachtree City. I know it was a slam dunk signature most of the time but they didn’t play the waiting game. Hopefully saved some lives with a long warning.
  2. This motion is disgusting. Great video.
  3. Newnan was in a slight risk all day pretty much. Just goes to show how storms don’t care about SPC outlooks
  4. Seems to really be ramping down. Hope it stays that way. If it got over to the 675/75 area that would be disaster as well. This was really bad though.
  5. Man. Not a good situation for Newnan. That’s a populated area down there. Hope this loses some steam before then. NWS Peachtree City may have to pass off duties in an hour or so if it holds together. Coming right at them.
  6. Going to need to watch the cell to the north of the long track one near Cedartown, GA. It’s got a little space now and is taking seemingly the same path as previous cells today
  7. Going to have to watch that cell heading toward Clanton, AL. Starting to get that look.
  8. we’ve got the ole “a tornado is possible” that no one will see
  9. We’ve definitely had that discussion about this office in Peachtree City. That are notoriously pretty stingy with warnings