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  1. Thanks for all the advice over the past few days y’all! Finished in the 4-5” range in Athens. I really enjoyed my time in Tennessee. Seems like this was a solid event for most of you! Thanks again!
  2. That band setting up between Crossville and Oneida. Lawdy
  3. So sick man. You’re going to get crushed. I would’ve never made it up that way with how late I had to leave Atlanta. I’m enjoying the hell out of it in a Walmart parking lot in Athens! About 2 inches here I would estimate. Wind still howling!
  4. Heading north on 75. Target is probably Athens or Dayton, TN. Let’s reel it in boys. Good luck everyone!
  5. Oh man. Lot of momentum on that Chattanooga to Athens corridor recently. Might post up there tonight. Saves an hour on the drive up as well!
  6. Found this digging around - looks somewhat updated
  7. For sure - just not sure I can risk getting stuck on a mountain somewhere. Need to be back in Atlanta by Sunday afternoon. I found a place at 3000 feet southwest of Gatlinburg on January 3rd and we got 8 inches. Was a lot of fun. They will probably see that if not more like you said.
  8. Going back and forth between coming up to your area or trying to get somewhere with some elevation near Gatlinburg. Probably will be a game time decision tomorrow evening.
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