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  1. Sparta, TN is about to get rocked by straight line winds 70mph +
  2. Seems pretty accurate to me. Happy I was in a bullseye in Dahlonega.
  3. Just measured 3.25” and counting in Dahlonega. Flakes have gone smaller in the past few minutes but setting up for that last band and bigger dimes and quarters are returning!
  4. Ripping in Dahlonega where I’m at. It’s awesome!!
  5. Think I’m gonna head your way and up into Dahlonega in the morning. Don’t want to risk being too close to the line down here and potentially mixing back and forth all day. 28 degrees where I’m at right now 6 miles ENE of Alpharetta. Feels like the night before a storm. Always love daytime snow and looking up and seeing infinite flakes
  6. Thanks for the hospitality guys. Congrats to everyone who saw snow! Cleveland, TN was beautiful. Only about an inch accumulation on cars and grass but it sure was pretty falling. Y’all take care and enjoy winter. Hopefully I’ll be back up for a bigger storm
  7. Flakes are quarter to a half dollar sized in Cleveland. Unreal
  8. I pulled off in Cleveland just to start enjoying. Hoping I can get a few decent bands. Just flurries for now but it’s beautiful! thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! Much appreciated!
  9. I’m about 20 minutes outside of Chattanooga coming up from Atlanta. Looking at stopping at Athens, TN. Not looking to get stuck just looking to see some good snow fall. Is Athens a decent spot?
  10. Cookeville, TN https://putnamcountytn.gov/cookeville-live-square
  11. The difference between the GFS/RGEM and the NAM is truly remarkable for being 12-18 hours away at most. Pondering a drive up to the Crossville area tomorrow from Atlanta. The snow itch is real. so much uncertainty.