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  1. New Euro totals below. Ticked a little SE with main swath of rain
  2. Appears increasingly likely that Sally will bring widespread heavy rainfall to much of the SE. Particularly the I-85 corridor. Wind threat appears low, but 6-12" of rain can produce problems so figured it was worth a thread. Happy tracking...
  3. New NHC advisory gets it to 105mph at landfall
  4. Unreal this is happening where we can actually watch frame by frame on radar
  5. NHC just upgraded. 85mph and 985mb
  6. Jack is a great follow for those of you who have Twitter.
  7. 12z GFS is an extremely slow crawl into Mississippi with pressure in the low 970's between hour 36-42. Not sure if this run initialized with the correct center position. We're going to see some absurd rainfall amounts
  8. Track bumped west. Surge bumped up to 7-11 feet. Sheesh this thing will be crawling
  9. Lightning on the northern side of this core showing up on radar
  10. Radar trends over the last 3 hours have been pretty apparent and recon seems to be backing that up. Still needs to be better aligned but the core is slowly getting there. first pic at 12:45 vs now
  11. Euro barely strengthens it below 1000mb. I get it's not stacked yet but come on. Call me skeptical... Also looks like the Euro keeps it offshore for awhile. Looks to be slowly organizing on Tampa radar. Needs some convection over the top next.
  12. This can't be a real post. We have no idea how high the surge really got yet in the worst areas. EF3 tornadoes are 136-165mph. I don't see foundations "wiped clean" in those. You argument is bad.