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  1. seen yellow skies...never green...but once the skies went yellow and a bad storm safe
  2. Several places here along Todd Railroad Grade road are in terrible shape from those rains
  3. Terrible timing for the Carolinas overnight and early morning...encouraging everyone to make sure their phone is on and the emergency notifications are on. Go to Settings > Notifications > go all the way the bottom and make sure the Government Alerts are on Be safe everyone
  4. Yes...was wanting to see if there was a need to deliver and/or pick up meds, food, whatever...
  5. I think one more snow, hopefully a big one before we call 'Spring-time'...
  6. Blizzard conditions here...wind and it's dumping snow...
  7. Lots of winds up here tonight..snow went from tiny beads to actual flakes about 30 minutes ago...radar looks to show another 4-5 hours of snow up here, but it's all getting blown around...cold as you know what...
  8. solid snow rates and wind here and temps dropping and it's starting to stick...
  9. Looks like its moving in-within the next 5 to 6 hours...maybe more than 4 above 4000' Surprised there's not more chatter about this...guess everyone is ready for spring
  10. Drove by the slopes today and they looked good...didn't see any 'brown' spots...warmer rain tomorrow won't help-but looks like cooler temps Thursday and Friday, so they'll be blowing snow
  11. Nice pics, thx for sharing...Cloudland or Bald? Great hike all the way to the end of the bald to the plaque on the rock.