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  1. nice snow for the past hour...backside snow and the winds are ripping...very cold!
  2. Lots of folks up here in the mtns. talking about some snow Thursday/Friday...
  3. Yep, we were working at the new clubhouse and they were blowing....
  4. sweet shot of Table Rock and Hawk's Bill....we were up there last week and it's awesome!
  5. Heard some talk about some possible snow in the forecast...
  6. My neighbor said he heard about a chance of snow for the NW High Country next week...???
  7. Crisp 52 here at my house with beautiful clear skies...
  8. Older gentleman told me we would have a hard winter...he said the numerous tent making caterpillars was a sign of a hard winter Ha! We'll see glad to be back on the site as we head into winter and cooler weather
  9. Hearing a lot of chatter up here in the mountains about snow coming in Tuesday/ would be nice to have one more snowy event...but I am skeptical and actually ready for spring
  10. There's no strategy to making the call for delays/closing school. Most districts have a protocol...but it's hunting crows at night.
  11. A toasty 11 degrees here with some flurries and partly cloudy skies.