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  1. Wound up with a solid 11 1/2”. We are in a low lying area, so perhaps we had better ground temps than most?
  2. Had 8 1/2” at last measure around 2:15. Getting ready to go back and update.
  3. All snow now. Sticking on grass and driveways.
  4. Light sleet / snow west of Carrboro.
  5. 4 degrees here in southwest Orange County.
  6. Woke up to about 3" snow/ sleet just west of Chapel Hill. After the nice snow this morning, have about 5" total. The sleet makes it hard to get a consistent measurement. We were roughly 10 miles on the wrong side of the snow / sleet line last night. Friends minutes away had 8" first thing this morning, which I presume is close to 10" now.
  7. Pines firing off every 30 seconds or so here in So Orange. Power still on. Fingers crossed.
  8. Doing well in White Cross. Moderate snow, approaching 1/2 inch, temp 32. Check that. Mod to heavy snow.