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  1. The 18z EURO bumped more NW...
  2. Up to around 3.50" here , with the latest 12Z HRRR showing another 5-6" possible in the next 36 hrs....
  3. And the 12z GFS shows crazy amounts of rain the next 90 hrs... 6-9" up here in my neck of the woods
  4. Look again.... the EURO and other models are trending back to a real wet week....
  5. How big was the Tornado that hit Moncks Corner, SC?
  6. Ended up with a little over an inch here in Dry Fork. Congratulations to the bigger winners in NC! Hopefully we can get a bigger one before the season is out
  7. 1" here in Dry Fork so far... 32 degrees.
  8. So are we still thinking that their will be an expansive amount of moisture more northwest than what is being modeled? Doesnt that happen alot on these similar systems?
  9. That's a punch in the gut... definitely not the way we wanted to trend...
  10. Was hoping to not see the 0z Models take a step back , have the same idea but the precip just wasn't as much this time...
  11. 41 Degrees and Clear Skys in Dry Fork, VA.