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  1. A lot! I have had about 7" this winter with 2 Major Ice Storms. So if it doesn't do anything else, it's a win winter for up here... sure would have loved to have gotten the big one though
  2. 18z GFS with a monster March Snowstorm for VA late in the run
  3. FWIW , the 12z GFS was still suppressed but continued the North Trend from 6Z...
  4. Oh absolutely, this one is far from set in stone...
  5. To much suppression on the models right now for next weekend...
  6. Sure does... but I completely understand how not many folks want to get disappointed again.... something to definitely keep an eye on it
  7. 18z GFS Ensemble... FWIW , not bad for next weekend Sent from my SM-N981U using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah both the OP GFS and Para still have the storm but it's suppressed and out to sea.
  9. Haha. Yeah I know @Buddy1987 ,@Disc and myself are in the minority , further north than most on the forum , either way, you never know what March will bring.
  10. We are actually in the 6-7 day range with this possibility... yeah I know the way winter has gone , it's a long shot but let's see how things trend...
  11. Will have to watch the future runs but next weekend is definitely intriguing!
  12. Next Saturday definitely may have legs! Euro with a coastal as well....
  13. Just a little ICE on the deck this morning with some light freezing drizzle. Temperature now at 32.2 in Dry Fork.