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  1. GFS has been pretty consistent with not amplifying the system.... Euro went from amplifying to almost "poof." for VA except for extreme SE VA. Will have to keep an eye out.
  2. Hate to say this, but this goes for especially up my way, watching the models the past few days on this has proven , the EURO is no longer the King.... GFS has dethroned it. Change my mind.
  3. Folks like me in Virginia. Eastern NC still looks good.
  4. 18z Euro has me concerned now... this is not trending well at all..
  5. 18z GFS definitely a step in the right direction (about time), still heads out to sea instead of up the coast, but I like the way this is heading. @Brick TamlandGFS gives you 8-10" man
  6. Can we just take the 18z RGEM and discount the other models lol
  7. Not a bad run for central NC and Southern VA folks....
  8. Don't look at DT'S afternoon discussion... he mostly uses last nights runs instead of this afternoons.... which obviously has changed from last night....
  9. This is unreal.... we are this close to an event and nobody has any confidence of what will take place....
  10. Looks good for your area and my area... both are around 8"+
  11. The Euro didn't cave but it definitely didn't amplify... still not a bad run.
  12. GFS might dethrone the Euro since it's been upgraded....
  13. Euro not digging as far SW... not a good sign so far...
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