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  1. I've been watching this event hoping for a round of snow showers/light snow. With the latest trends and living 15-20 miles south of Richmond I'm now trying to temper my excitement for something more..
  2. When snowshoe has only a 30% chance I think we know where we all stand...
  3. At least the Allegheny front in West Virginia looks to do well with upslope/weak wave this weekend. It's the weekend so I'll take my kids so they stop begging me about when it's going to finally snow here.
  4. Do you have the panel before this? I'm going to be at snowshoe this weekend from friday through Monday. Hoping to score some decent snowfall over the weekend.
  5. Euro doesn't look as good at the surface compared to 00z
  6. How about the Allegheny front in WV? Snowshoe...
  7. I'm headed to snowshoe next Friday. Do you think this event can be salvaged up there?
  8. I didn't see any mention of last nights GEM. Is this model improving? The run at 00z showed some promise with regard to the weekend.
  9. If it were to play out like GFS do you think far western areas of VA like bath county could manage a decent snowfall?
  10. Do you mind showing this same map through 228 hrs? I'd like to see the additional snow from upslope event in west Virginia. Thanks
  11. From what I see it took a big step back. Looks like rain from snowshoe up through wisp until the upslope event follows the system.
  12. Sterling just went warning for skyline down to wintergreen. Additional up to 6"!! BOOM!