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  1. Snow came down heavy for a while in Amelia County (35 miles west of Richmond). Was nice to see on the final day of winter.
  2. Central Virginia appears in line for some snow tv at a minimum. Perhaps a slushy accumulation on the grass if rates are good enough. I will take it as a send-off.
  3. Any thoughts on latest NAM down here in Central VA?
  4. Do you have the Ukie to share? I'm hoping the blue ridge get some accumulating snow.
  5. Do you have the clown map for the euro?
  6. What is the euro showing for canaan valley wv? Trying to time a last minute ski trip around a cold/wintry period...
  7. Can you show the map into west Virginia please?
  8. Short range models have richmond getting up to 2/10 more precip. We shall see.
  9. No thanks to the ZR shown here in Central VA. That would be devastating considering we still have thousands without power from the weekend
  10. How does the Nam Nest ice look down in Richmond area?
  11. I hope we see downward trends with regard to precip down here in Richmond area. The local Mets seem bullish on the ice potential.
  12. Does anyone have wave 2 snowfall on the 18z euro?
  13. Is there significant ice on the 18z euro in the Richmond Metro?
  14. Thanks. Im trying to decide if I want to go up near the blue ridge parkway in Southwestern Nelson County for this. Elevation 2700. I dont want to go up there for less than half foot.
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