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  1. Will pray right now for your wife. Glad to hear it seems its not cancer and is not into the brain.
  2. Some unbelievable rainfall totals near Nashville.
  3. This has been a Middle and West TN year. They sure were in line for it because of all the bad winters of late. The Eastern Valley has had a lot of close calls and a very fun White Christmas so I count this year as a win. I am ready for spring and warm weather. Just bought a new bass boat and ready to get out on the water.
  4. Got a quick burst of snow that covered the grass and roads and just as quickly it turned to rain. Good night all and bring on Spring.
  5. Still nothing falling in the Cedar Bluff area of Knox. We have a steady north east wind coming down the valley. This is usually a good thing.
  6. Looks like that area of heavy sleet is about at Sweetwater making its way slowly up the valley. Dry air fighting it all the way.
  7. Still dry hear in the Cedar Bluff area of West Knoxville but their is an air of expectation outside.
  8. 60 is going to be great. I have not been able to get my boat out on the water since I bought it... Time to get out and rip some lips. I am however, going to enjoy whatever we get tonight for some reason I am feeling good about tonight. Maybe it's the Scotch in my hand.
  9. For folks in the valley cloud cover proceeding events like this can very good. Trapping cold air in the valley at the surface. It does not always matter but in marginal situations every piece of the puzzle counts. Right now it is not looking very good. Here is a good place to check out cloud cover. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/map/satellite
  10. Looks like Memphis is getting its first flakes of round 2. Glad to see them cashing in. Check out the cam. https://www.memphiszoo.org/elephant-cam
  11. There is one thing that is absolutely clear. MY SKIES in north Knoxville.
  12. I remember that event. Rain was suppose to be my predominat Ptype and i ended up with around 2 inches of snow in West Knoxville. North West Knoxville did much better. There were also some Zr if I remember correctly.
  13. They do seem to hug the warmest solutions and it does play out well for them often but their term wide seems more of a bias rather than an honest statement.
  14. MRX is acting like there will be no front end thump of snow for the valley in the morning disco. They tend to always look the other way when the models say anything about snow chances. Stick fingers in ears. Put hands over eyes. Repeat the mantra, "it never snows in the valley". The unfortunate reality is, it works most of the time.
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