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  1. just went through a snow rain mis coming down 75 @ 125 mile marker low elevation
  2. By the time the offical totals are given MRX forcast will match perfectly. Fudge tastes good.
  3. I think we are haveing the heavest rates of the event.
  4. Depending on where I mesure in the yard i have between 6 and 7 inches. If we had had cold ground we would maybe had a another inch.
  5. Those puddles just could not take the strain when the rates got heavy.
  6. Heavest snow of the night We now have around 6 inches in the grass. Have not measured it could be conservative or off the other way. We have ended up with more that I thought we were just a few hours ago. The back end of the storm has really took off.
  7. Some of the heavest rates of the night. If It would keep this up we might hit those totals that the models were puting out.
  8. With this latest band coming through Knoxville the wind is howling.
  9. Here in West Knox near Ceader Bluff we tend to get less than most areas in all events. This event seems to be holding to that rule. We might have 3 inches and It has been snowing since around 1:15. We have only had a very short times with heaver rates. ` \\\\\\\ ]`
  10. The rates have slowed down I would call it moderate snow very fine flakes.
  11. Here in west knox near Cedar Bluff we have what looks like 2 to 3 inches. The roads however are clear.
  12. Yep getting snow in the Cedar Bluff area. Thunder snow.
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