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  1. Looks like it should be snowing out in West TN. Let us know what is happening and send us some Pictures.
  2. This is a picture out our window at the Hotel in Boone. The total is near 2 feet. It is still snowing moderately.
  3. Hear is a pic of the storm in Boone from about 3 hours ago. It has put down another Half a foot since then with the heaviest rates so far. It has been a crazy storm.
  4. I noticed it had turned to all snow at Ober Gatlinburg Maybe knoxville can get in on the action. I am going out now to do a little walk up here in Boone. we have about a foot as of now and expecting about another 12 inches.
  5. Just noticed MRX lowered snow totals for Knoxville area to less than one half inch. Hope they are wrong.
  6. Up in Boone this evening and it has just started. Going to be a crazy night up here. Sorry thought I was in the orbs thread.
  7. Just went down Cedar Bluff Rd Power was still out at businesses and there were several trees down across the roads in the adjacent subdivisions. Power is out all around the large Catholic Church and High School. Straight line winds must have been brutal. Our power came on about 30 Minutes ago. Yea!
  8. It is rocking at snowshoe tonight.
  9. Ober Gatlinburg is just now starting to transition to snow.scroll down to second cam.
  10. I have lived in West Knoxville all my 56 years and I would be very surprised if, even in the lower elevations, snow does not fall on and off late tonight and most a of tomorrow. Their should be some heavy bursts that whitens the ground at times. Hear is hoping for a surprise that brings us more, then bring on Spring!
  11. Carver, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your posts. I check every evening and morning to see if you have posted. I do not post often because of my limited knowledge. One thing I know about living my entire life in East TN is that snow can happen late in the spring. My son has a birthday the first part of May and we were in the Smokies to celebrate. To our surprise snow started to fall and before it was over they had more than a foot. Please keep the info. coming, I for one appreciate your diligence and love for weather.
  12. We must be close! Just behind Sams club north of cedar springs we are at 1010 feet here. This is going to be a nothing burger for Knoxville.
  13. We went back to mostly rain with a few flakes mixed in oh well.