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  1. Snowing hard in Crossville and the ground is turning white.
  2. Unfortunately the sun is shining brightly in Knoxville diminishing the chance that anything will stick.
  3. Looking at MRX radar is not encouraging right now.
  4. It has picked up a bit in the last few minutes but it is melting faster than accumulation.
  5. Here in west knoxville we had about 1 inch at the end of the enhanced line but now most of that has melted off. The rates have to be very aggressive to maintain the temps needed for accumulation.
  6. There is nothing better than getting an overperfomlng surprise event.
  7. That heavy band that is running up the plateau seems to be breaking up to the south if it gets into Knoxville it will be by the skin of our teeth. Right now we have had enough snow to whiten the roof tops that is it.
  8. The ground is starting to turn white in the Knoxville Ceader Bluff area.
  9. All snow in Knoxville Cedar Bluff area big flakes coming down.
  10. I noticed mixed radar returns were already showing up on MRX radar, using Radarscope, near Gainesboro. Is this not very early compared to predictions.
  11. It is already late for some locations. We are very close to an inch in west Knox but only on grassy and elevated surfaces.
  12. Coming down good in West Knoxville around the Cedar Bluff area. Ground is white about half inch on roofs.
  13. Snow is showing up already in extreme north western Arkansas and Thunder snow is being reported just along the Kanas and Arkansas border.
  14. T This is most likely the explanation. I remember back in the 80's a similar setup when I lived in Cleveland. MRX had us set to pick up their usual little or no accumulation. The Arctic front roared in around midnight with high winds and 50 mph gusts. The cold air caught up with the remaining moisture. Cleveland ended up with almost 4 inches of snow and Chattanooga got nothing. This is what makes it so hard to forecast snow totals around our area with so many micro climates.
  15. IF what What you are saying is true if there is nothing to account for the extra precipitation in the Valley. I was hoping that someone with more knowledge could explain what the models were seeing for the central Valley but if their is no explanation then MRX is making a good call.