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  1. @BuffaloWeatherthanks for all your posts/videos/tweets/streams, etc. It doesn’t get any better than what you are witnessing, east of the Rockies. Enjoy!
  2. Unfortunately couldn’t make it back to LI as anticipated but here is a picture from my sister’s house in East Islip. Looks like 12”+ already.
  3. I'm coming home. With obs. from East Islip Saturday.
  4. Oh look, another Long Island special.
  5. Altmar NY storm total before I head back to PA today. 3-4 inches of snow/ice Sunday night 2 inches Monday 6 inches Monday night Storm total: 11"-12"
  6. Thanks. Lucked out as it was a family vacation from Christmas that was rescheduled due to child illness (and then lack of snow). With the kids off for MLK day it gave us the window for a reschedule and last week’s lake effect + this storm resulted in a great winter escape.
  7. Been a nice couple of hours with snow and wind. Nice to see backside snows (good job RGEM). I’d say 3” new since 4pm. 7-8” Storm total so far. Cleared off the car earlier very little sleet, but definitely a period of freezing rain overnight.
  8. Atleast 2” new snow in the past 2 hours. 6-7” Storm total so far in Altmar.
  9. Will try and get a more accurate (real) measurement later today, but looks like a fresh ~2” since the backside rolled in. So, 5-6 inches storm total so far.
  10. Looks like temps falling back into the 20s currently. Fresh covering over the snow/ice pack.
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