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  1. Altmar NY storm total before I head back to PA today. 3-4 inches of snow/ice Sunday night 2 inches Monday 6 inches Monday night Storm total: 11"-12"
  2. Thanks. Lucked out as it was a family vacation from Christmas that was rescheduled due to child illness (and then lack of snow). With the kids off for MLK day it gave us the window for a reschedule and last week’s lake effect + this storm resulted in a great winter escape.
  3. Been a nice couple of hours with snow and wind. Nice to see backside snows (good job RGEM). I’d say 3” new since 4pm. 7-8” Storm total so far. Cleared off the car earlier very little sleet, but definitely a period of freezing rain overnight.
  4. Atleast 2” new snow in the past 2 hours. 6-7” Storm total so far in Altmar.
  5. Will try and get a more accurate (real) measurement later today, but looks like a fresh ~2” since the backside rolled in. So, 5-6 inches storm total so far.
  6. Looks like temps falling back into the 20s currently. Fresh covering over the snow/ice pack.
  7. Snow picking up nicely in Altmar. I always expected the backside/lake effect snows to be the main show up this way.
  8. Good Morning, waking up to what looks like (eyeballing it) 3-4 inches of snow/sleet mix on the pavement in Altmar. Sitting in the dry slot now. Congrats western NY on the big numbers.
  9. Just an amazing day on the Tug. Whether it’s 4” or 12” from this upcoming storm, it really don’t matter. Checked out Salmon River Falls and Osceola ski today. Beautiful.
  10. MAX ensemble on HREF through Monday evening. Probably a few more inches additional thereafter near the lakes.
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