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  1. The cold/trough talk is pure lol. Still running at a +4 departure for the month despite the recent cooldown.
  2. Nah, models are being negatively affected right now due to lack of aircraft data. Wouldn't put much stock into them past D3 at this point.
  3. DCA +4.5 NYC +4.2 BOS +4.0 ORD +5.9 ATL +3.6 IAH +4.0 DEN +2.2 PHX -1.0 SEA -1.3
  4. REALLY hope this verifies. Would probably be near record highs later in the day for some areas verbatim.
  5. Strange that both ORD and PWK are 66 degrees right now, but MDW is only at 64.
  6. Extended doesn’t look quite as bad on the Euro.
  7. Think you should move further south. Temps are running nearly 5 degrees above normal for the month thus far in Madison. Not every March can be like 2012.
  8. if anything the warm signal is growing stronger for this month.
  9. Surprised it got as warm as it did today with those 850/925 MB temps.
  10. 12z EURO had a massive central US ridge developing at the end of its run which will subsequently spread east, but may be slightly muted.
  11. the first part of February wasn't necessarily that much above average in terms of temps and we're still gonna end up with +10 to +12 anomalies, lol. I do think March will end up with similar positive anomalies. Pattern looks very favorable for highly anomalous warmth in the long range.
  12. DCA: +6.5 NYC: +6.0 BOS: +5.0 ORD: +9.5 ATL: +6.0 IAH: +7.5 DEN: +3.5 PHX: +1.0 SEA: -2.0
  13. still thinking around mid month is when it could get pretty torchy again. GFS/GEFS seems to be latching on to this idea as well.
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