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  1. 55 MPH gust at IKK last hour, impressive. At least whatever leaves I had left in the yard are gone.
  2. Unfortunate but it happens. Like I said earlier, I was “fortunate” my symptoms were mild, as were my 9 other coworkers who contracted it. 3 of them were over 50 with preexisting conditions but still had mild symptoms. All of us have pretty much fully recovered, thank goodness.
  3. Lol. Just stating the facts. Haha. I’m guessing it did because we’ve all pretty much have fully recovered. All had mild symptoms. Thanks
  4. Everyone was wearing masks that I’m aware of. I definitely was.
  5. I tested positive for Covid last Friday after becoming symptomatic on Wednesday. I was exposed at work by a stupid coworker who came to work sick last Monday. He tested positive Wednesday, then 3 other coworkers did. I started with a slight cough for 2 days, then lightheaded, chills and low grade fever for a few days. All have since resolved themselves besides some fatigue. The other workers who caught it all had similar symptoms. I’m in my mid 40s and in good shape/health. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad at all. Pretty lucky.
  6. Was up in Traverse City this weekend, quiet the contrast in Saturday and Sunday.
  7. Video of downstate tornado yesterday by Andrew Pritchard.
  8. Took this pic of tornado warned cell west of Gilman, Illinois about 30 minutes ago.
  9. Tried to catch tornado warned cell as it was near Beecher. Looking northeast
  10. Headed down toward El Paso, Illinois on tornado warned storm. Tons of “chasers” on the storm. Didn’t see it produce but storm structure was decent.
  11. Took the boy out for a lil chase to the Washburn, Illinois area. Severe warned cell dropped some quarter size hail.
  12. In Italy, 85.6 percent of those who have died were over 70, according to the National Institute of Health's (ISS) latest report. With 23 percent of Italians over 65 years old, the Mediterannean country has the second-oldest population in the world after Japan - and observers believe age distribution could also have played a role in raising the fatality rate.
  13. You can really see how impressive the depth, longevity and widespread the snow cover was in 79.
  14. Rockford IL set a new record low for the day, dropping to at least -10° this morning & breaking the old record of -8° in 1916.