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  1. Tried to catch tornado warned cell as it was near Beecher. Looking northeast
  2. Headed down toward El Paso, Illinois on tornado warned storm. Tons of “chasers” on the storm. Didn’t see it produce but storm structure was decent.
  3. Took the boy out for a lil chase to the Washburn, Illinois area. Severe warned cell dropped some quarter size hail.
  4. In Italy, 85.6 percent of those who have died were over 70, according to the National Institute of Health's (ISS) latest report. With 23 percent of Italians over 65 years old, the Mediterannean country has the second-oldest population in the world after Japan - and observers believe age distribution could also have played a role in raising the fatality rate.
  5. You can really see how impressive the depth, longevity and widespread the snow cover was in 79.
  6. Rockford IL set a new record low for the day, dropping to at least -10° this morning & breaking the old record of -8° in 1916.
  7. Mostly sleet and rain here, with some flakes thrown in.
  8. Returns in Pontiac look good. Obs say it’s all snow, for now.
  9. Looking toward 311 South Wacker and “Willis Tower.” Traffic nightmare.
  10. That was a total bust here. They should've left are expectations low. haha.
  11. Raining, 38 degrees here and just had some thunder and lightning.
  12. CPC has much of the sub at or below normal, with above normal precipitation in the 8-14 day period. Haven’t seen that in a minute.
  13. If memory serves me correct, the November 2013 outbreak had 10 tornadoes in the LOT area, with 3 of those being EF2s. Definitely a rare event for November.