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  1. We definitely need it. Remember how damn awful the Wastewater Plant was.
  2. South Loop from this morning. You can see the rat trails in the snow. JK
  3. Nice. Sounds bout the same here. Hopefully Ricky (LOT) uses your measurement for an “official” total for Kankakee. Going to be interesting, to say the least, to see what the other observers totals are.
  4. What you have for storm total so far?
  5. Same here. Plow in ditch. Taken by county highway plow.
  6. Just measured 4.1” here about 4.5 miles NW of the city. Currently sitting in a heavy band and poring snow.
  7. Similar look to 99, in terms of visibility and flake size.
  8. Guesstimate about 1.5” or so here.
  9. Rain, snow and sleet mixture here after the initial heavy snow burst.
  10. It’s still 35 here but sticking pretty good.
  11. Yup. They are absolutely terrible. Guarantee most wait until the snow has completed stopped until they measure. Probably measuring under a porch or something. Lol.
  12. Pic from last night. Cool how bright it was out from the snow.
  13. How much you end up with? I’m sure metro wastewater will say 3 inches. Lol.