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  1. Oops. Initially put this in the wrong thread. Ice jams few miles down stream Tuesday, has since melted. Something to see during these boring weather times
  2. Yes they are. Seen 2 jacked knife semis and 3 cars in ditches in a 6 mile stretch on I-57 in Kankakee County.
  3. The on air met at WGN stated this narrow band of snow between Peotone and Monee was Illinois River effect snow. Could get a few inches under that band. Interesting.
  4. Snowing good here the last hour or so. Prolly just under an inch.
  5. Couple of stills from the tornado warned cell near McNabb, Illinois this evening. Around 5:30-5:45 pm. Came close to producing but became wrapped in rain from my location so couldn’t see if it ever did.
  6. Looks like a Tornado Watch out til 9 for much better of N and C IL
  7. After reading the tweet, I was waiting for some 5 foot wave to knock him down and into the lake.
  8. Pics of second severe warned storm around 6:15 pm this evening in western Kankakee County. Only some pea sized hail.
  9. Pic of severe warned storm to my south east this evening in Indiana.
  10. Stills from video by Paw Paw. First one was the beginning of the tornado. Second is a zoomed in pic.
  11. Quick pic of Paw Paw tornado. Post vid later
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