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  1. Why do you think I spend my winters in florida? One major reason was I got sick of the lack of big snows lol. Ghd 1 storm played a big part. Plus after multiple surgeries and almost 40 now, my body feels better down here. I don't mind cold just not the shit below 20. I'll def fly back for snow but haven't once in the last 5 winters. That should tell you something. I seen the cold up there today but kinda weird how short lived it'll be as you'll be right back into almost 40 tomorrow. Usually when it gets cold, it sticks around for atleast a few days
  2. Was it fake because it wasn't as long as beavis' rants? Sorry the quality could've been better but I got sun burnt today and exhausted
  3. I'm with Beavis. Every year has the chance to be a good snowy winter, regardless of climo, and being a snow weenie, recent years have sucked. It just gets annoying when people come back with well with what you're expecting, it's not climo. Well not having anything big to track this winter or previous winters isn't like our climo either so let us snow lovers complain without the annoying climo comeback. Yea sure your stats make your point but still we got 3/4 months to get snow and when we don't it sucks, period lol. So let us complain, and we won't make fun of your winter snow walks with 2 inches on the ground.
  4. The storm on the gfs for the 10th is starting to look very similar to the Jan 25th storm, with a little less cold air to work with. Canadian/euro have just a weak warm storm.
  5. As always our criteria for suckiness is different, and you're satisfaction for average. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.
  6. Well I guess it takes some kind of weenieness to find minus temps thrilling, but hey different strokes. I also enjoy winter sports and those arent very fun with single digit temps. Most of the legit snowstorms, atleast around metro detroit happen when temps are 25-30. Usually temps colder than that means suppression, unless we're in a clipper pattern. Cold and dry are useless to me and just find it hard to believe someone actually likes frigid cold lol.
  7. There are cold lovers? I dont think anyone enjoys single digit temps, or the cold. I think the majority are snow lovers and the past 5 winters have sucked if you're a snow lover. There's no sugar coating it.
  8. Your month of feb that has prevented you from giving winter a grade lower than C the past few winters, looks pretty ZZzzz and mild through the first 10-12 days. Crazy there's only been one potential of 6+ to track up until this point. Atleast in past crappy winters, there's been atleast some threats to track that didn't work out
  9. A storm has been consistently on the gfs around Feb 10. That's your storm.
  10. No groundhog day event this year it seems. More often than not when there's plenty of cold around, there's no storm around. By the time the next low approaches the region, the colder air has retreated and we see the se ridge flex its muscles and its congrats msp all over again...
  11. Dtw looks to miss out on the first bands, but could be in for a surprise for the second batch. Looks like after this, gonna be in a cold suppression pattern, the worst. While dec/jan sucked, atleast it was warmer. Cold n dry is the worst.
  12. Its a bummer detroits gonna miss out, would've been cool to see a snowstorm on top of decent snowcover. It's always a tough thing to pull off.
  13. Gem is even further south than the rgem.
  14. it doesn't look like the 12z rgem is gonna back down on its further south location of the banding, but it does have a more NE orientation once its get over by dtw. Hopefully the bands can stay on an east to west line trough michigan. It would be a bummer to only get an inch while areas just 30 miles to the NW see 8-10. seen that horror picture too many times.
  15. In the past the Canadian had been better at depicting these waves dropping south out of Canada. I think models are struggling where the baroclinic zone sets up after this first wave rolls through today. They should get a better idea by tonights runs. I think the bands will settle further south, like the rgem/gfs are showing
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