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  1. Pine bluff, AK getting destroyed right now. 3-4 inch per hour band. Cant remember the last time I was under a band like that.
  2. The bigger totals might actually end up being on the Western side of the state (mi). Dry slot always find dtw too.
  3. Eastsidaz gonna ride to over a foot. Enjoy. I look forward to your picz and vidz.
  4. So do the kuchera weatherbell maps for the euro look the same and show the same amounts as the pivotal euro kuchera you just posted? Or are they usually slightly different?
  5. It cracks me up how Grr's weather stories and snow maps always have more snow for our area then dtx does. I wonder what the grr office thinks of dtx.
  6. If the friday storm can drop 4-5" and tonight storm could drop 8" that should put you over 20" snowdepth if my math is correct.
  7. The 16 and snow in houston is hard to fathom, moreso the temp. Its only 3 degrees colder at my house than houston.
  8. All depends where the low stalls and the pivot point/deformations band stalls that dictates who will see a foot. As of now extreme eastern counties into windsor look prime. We often see precip be thrown back a little more NW in these tracks so id like where i sit at dtw, pontiac, and my crib. Bummed im gonna miss it, but yall enjoy. Hooefully it'll be well worth the wait.
  9. When does the 18z euro run? Im assuming its a paid site its on, along with the kuchera maps.
  10. Yea i think any office would rather have their forecast be overdone than underdone which confuses me about dtx.
  11. The worst part is all the local news channels basically copy and paste what the nws says in there headlines. I wish they would make their own forecast totals.
  12. Well that bodes well for yall because In the past whenever they are too conservative, we always end up overachieving and they upgrade to a warning after 8" has already fallen. O well some things never change. Nobody really trusts the meteorologists forecasts in Michigan anyway so that's probably why they get away with it.
  13. Grr basically cutting kuchera totals in half for eastern counties, 4-7. Once again dtx smoking doobies, watching reruns of dumb and dumber while new england offices have headlines up and they are a day behind in impact.
  14. Well that's good to hear since those of us in Detroit and on the Northwest side are banking more on these ratios to get our big totals since the better moisture will be off to the SE.
  15. Since covid ive been able to work remotely, so I decided to rent an apartment down here this winter. Been here since nov1. Heading home march 1. Ive lucked out since this winter has been zzzz so far.....nam looks to be a bit SE with the track. Hoping it doesnt start to transfer its energy.