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  1. Pretty sure it's just a discussion to clarify things, rather than bickering. For those that aren't as educated in severe weather like myself, we appreciate all posts and know it's a difficult science to explain fully.
  2. Definitly flipped compared to recent winters. I was gonna head down to florida this weekend for the month of March but might stick around a few extra days since it looks to be in the 60s through the weekend.
  3. Without diving into the stats, with how snowy/cold febs have been here recently, and the thaws in January recently, you'd never guess we've never hit 70 in january. Looks like Detroit hit 72. Pretty incredible to break the all time feb high. Obviously alot of factors to take into account when trying to figure out why we're seeing warmer temps in winter recently. You almost have to expect some historic snowstorm in a few weeks, when everyone just starts to get used to the continued 50s/60s.
  4. I feel like it has to be awhile since we've seen 70 in detroit in february.
  5. Thanks for the reply/info. I always thought sunshine early is good to help with instability and help with moisture and severe development but as always there's so much going on and things to look at and it only takes one component to mess it all up.
  6. Can you explain this further? Only mixing I'm aware of is winter mixing. Severe novice here.
  7. We've had some 30-40 drops but dont think any 50+. Kansas city with almost a 60 degree drop coming. Hasn't happened since 1911, per Mike Seidel. Still laughing at that hurricane footage of seidel acting like he's about to be blown away by the winds, while people walk casually in the background.
  8. I dont think Ive ever been a part and felt a 45/50 degree temp drop in less than 12 hours. I know the denver area has seen this numerous times.
  9. Not sure anyone could predict some areas (detroit) could have just as many severe watches as winter storm watches djf. Only recall maybe one with the Jan 9-11 event but think maybe southern areas of the metro didn't even get a wsw with that event.
  10. Josh, whats the record for most consecutive days in february above 50 in detroit? I'd ask 45 but I'd imagine its harder to get stats that way. Obviously warm spells can happen in winter here and it seems most of the time lately they've happened in January. February's have been rocking around here winter wise in recent years and just curious. Looks like atleast 4 in a row starting Sunday. Thanks. Also looks like there's potentially 8+ days straight of atleast 50 starting next weekend as we head in march. Atleast 10 degrees above avg for early march (40°).
  11. The lack of snows for toronto is similar to detroits, location. It's hard enough to get a low pressure to track in a favorable spot , just west of the apps. When you do, a large number of them are prone to miller b's, losing energy to a coastal.
  12. I agree and I am losing interest in snow as i close in on 40, thus why I just want that big one at this point. I love the heat and always enjoy a heat wave. When I was young and didn't own a home, I really enjoyed severe weather and welcomed it. Nowadays not so much. I'd venture to guess we see more severe threats than snow threats in the coming weeks in and around the lakes and lower midwest. Days like yesterday are great for those with aches and pains. It's amazing how great the warmer weather makes you feel mentally and physically.
  13. No one cares about big dogs? We're all weather weenies and care about snow otherwise we wouldn't be on here. I didn't realize chicago was aided that much by the lake with GHD1. Regardless you'll come up with an excuse for why it happens everywhere else, EC, Missouri, Minneapolis, upper midwest. We'll agree to disagree and move on because there's so much going on weather wise we don't want to clutter up this thread. Reached 60 here today with plenty of sun. Looks to be flirting with 50's and 60's most of next week too with only one day in the 30's. I guess this is the next best thing if we aren't gonna get snow with nothing close to accumulating snow on any part of the models. Obviously long ways to go but if we were gonna go a March without a legit snow, this looks like the best chance.
  14. Yea no stats or facts you have stated disapproves my "dramatizations" of our big dog futility.
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