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  1. How many more cycles/runs until the NAM caves? 18z looks sexy for N IN up through detroit. I hope it's right but I have my doubts.
  2. After last nights euro and the 6z nam this morning, along with the rgem caving SE, id say maybe the ukmet will score a coup with this one, but the 12z NAM is back a lil further NW and has a more impressive band of snow from Chicago through port huron. Not sure what to think with this one. I have a trip planned to Cali to see my bro and have a flight out tomorrow but if this one looks to drop 6+, I may stay for it and fly out wednesday lol. My brother after all these years still can't believe I would stay a few days home for a snowstorm rather than going to cali lol. Nobody understands us weenies.
  3. Gfs/canadian continue to be east of the NAM and euro. 0z rgem looks juicy for eastern MI. Ukmet still well SE. Looks like its the nam/euro vs the rest.
  4. Its been consistent in the band placement the past 3 runs.
  5. Ukmet even further SE meanwhile 12z canadian is in the middle, 6-10 for most of SE MI. Id expect a little more waffling until the front settles SE the next day and a half. The low looks to be strengthening and maxing out in the region which is nice to see. Recently, more often than not, low pressures would be fizzling as they approach dtw, due to the darn block and other factors.
  6. The gfs and ukmet went southeast clipping Detroit. The Canadian was stronger than actually throws the biggest knows West to Detroit so I would expect the euro to have a blend and keep the 6-10 totals the 12z had.
  7. If all your interested in is snow maps, pivotal weather has free 10:1 euro snow maps for the HI-RES euro runs. I'm assuming you already knew that. The euro kuchera maps (all model kuchera maps) were way off this winter, at least locally here. I'm not sure why you would pay for those, unless other features came with the paid subscription that you use and enjoy. They kept spitting out 15+ amounts for the february storm and I think only a few isolated areas in the state saw double digits with that storm.
  8. I was in california for the november one. I am still angry I missed that one. I had a feeling that one would overachieve. I remember most models and mets were forecasting 2-4 and 6-12 fell. I remember telling my family be ready for 6-10 and they blew me off. Then my dad wanted to use my snow blower because he didn't get theirs ready in time and have gas lol. If I cant recall the January 18th storm, it probably wasn't 6+ in my neck of the woods.
  9. So I'm assuming none of the canucks were fully vaccinated before the brazil variant took over the team? I find it odd major sports teams upper management is putting pressure on the players to put out the message that they are wanting to get vaccinated and that the public should. People shouldn't need a professional athlete telling them what to do, let alone an athlete being told what to do or say. A lot of athletes are reluctant to get vaccinated and have the viewpoint of winter and his elite status resting heart rate health. Now if children could get the vaccine, I could see the motive.
  10. Two runs in a row euro is dropping 6+ in the thumb points SW. Today's 12z run deepens the low down to 997, which has 6-10 just NW of detroit. Interesting evolution and track for this one. It seems to move slowly until rounding the bend and intensifying/shooting north quickly simultaneously. If it does indeed deepen as much as the euro portrays, id expect it to keep its slow movement, which will drop more snow. While I'd much rather have 60's right now, if its gonna be cold, I'm down for some snow as I lived in Florida this winter and need my winter storm fix. Last winter I was out of town for the only 6+ event so it's been a few years. Looks like it will warm back into the 60's a few days after this potential snow.
  11. I noticed the grass getting a little green but not much. I got home from florida on March 1st and saw my first raindrop this morning. I can't recall this long of a precip drought.
  12. Something you have no control over shouldn't be emotionally draining you. If it aint gonna snow, lets torch.
  13. Pine bluff, AK getting destroyed right now. 3-4 inch per hour band. Cant remember the last time I was under a band like that.
  14. The bigger totals might actually end up being on the Western side of the state (mi). Dry slot always find dtw too.
  15. Eastsidaz gonna ride to over a foot. Enjoy. I look forward to your picz and vidz.
  16. So do the kuchera weatherbell maps for the euro look the same and show the same amounts as the pivotal euro kuchera you just posted? Or are they usually slightly different?
  17. It cracks me up how Grr's weather stories and snow maps always have more snow for our area then dtx does. I wonder what the grr office thinks of dtx.
  18. If the friday storm can drop 4-5" and tonight storm could drop 8" that should put you over 20" snowdepth if my math is correct.
  19. The 16 and snow in houston is hard to fathom, moreso the temp. Its only 3 degrees colder at my house than houston.
  20. All depends where the low stalls and the pivot point/deformations band stalls that dictates who will see a foot. As of now extreme eastern counties into windsor look prime. We often see precip be thrown back a little more NW in these tracks so id like where i sit at dtw, pontiac, and my crib. Bummed im gonna miss it, but yall enjoy. Hooefully it'll be well worth the wait.
  21. When does the 18z euro run? Im assuming its a paid site its on, along with the kuchera maps.
  22. Yea i think any office would rather have their forecast be overdone than underdone which confuses me about dtx.
  23. The worst part is all the local news channels basically copy and paste what the nws says in there headlines. I wish they would make their own forecast totals.
  24. Well that bodes well for yall because In the past whenever they are too conservative, we always end up overachieving and they upgrade to a warning after 8" has already fallen. O well some things never change. Nobody really trusts the meteorologists forecasts in Michigan anyway so that's probably why they get away with it.
  25. Grr basically cutting kuchera totals in half for eastern counties, 4-7. Once again dtx smoking doobies, watching reruns of dumb and dumber while new england offices have headlines up and they are a day behind in impact.