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  1. I was a bit north of the action up here in Racine, WI but got a pretty good view of the storm as it moved over the lake.
  2. Temporary live nest cam. Facing West in Racine, WI on Lake Michigan. Tornado Warned. Edit: Storm has passed. Camera no longer public. Link removed.
  3. Wausau is getting absolutely hammered.
  4. EAA Oshkosh Airventure is going on right now. This is the scene there. I hope they are taking measures before it hits.
  5. Was able to stay just north of the dry slot. Almost 3in up here and not quite finished yet. More than I was expecting which has been par for the course in my little corner this year. I'm officially worried about next winter, I've used up all my luck on this one.
  6. I hate goodbyes. Thanks for stopping by and safe travels!
  7. Still snowing in Racine! I have no way to accurately measure this stuff now but I think it’s safe to say it’s over a foot of fresh stuff and still coming down (1-3 more in per the AFD). I really never thought I’d be getting higher snow totals here than most of cook county. What an absolute dump fest. This turned out to be one of my all time favorite snowfalls. What a delightful surprise. I’ll grab a few pictures in a bit. I am officially satisfied with winter. Bring on the nadoes! Guess I won’t be grilling on my deck today.
  8. I can’t express how giddy I am right now. I was hoping to get a few inches out of this and expected the LE to stay south of here, but I’ve had a band over my roof since it started. This will likely be my biggest snowfall of the season (so far?). I guess I’ll sleep tomorrow night.
  9. Past 90min up here in Racine. Sorry for the vertical.
  10. Getting absolutely slammed up here in Racine. Estimating 3in in the past 90min. Just 48hrs ago all I was hoping for was a few inches. This pleases me.
  11. My view of Lake Michigan looking toward Chicago from Racine. This is way more impressive in person. Really incredible. So primed!
  12. Up here in Racine, WI I’ve been watching the LE snow out there in the distance. You can’t see it from the video and pictures don’t show it, but steam has been steadily rising off the lake all day. She’s primed and ready Chicago.
  13. Managed to accumulate about 3in here in Racine near the lake and it’s still coming down moderately. A nice little surprise with no advisory and the AFDs were only calling for 1-2in. Love this fluffy stuff. (Ignore the Rick & Morty audio in the background lol)
  14. Lake Michigan freezing up fast here in SE Wisconsin. This is the first day it’s been solid.
  15. You’re not wrong. The plows will probably make one more pass so I’m hoping they will push the snow closer to or off the curb. That side is significantly more packed than the other side and it’s half slush on the street. Even if I cut the corner on the driveway she still can’t reach the box. If the plows don’t come by again I’ll clear it myself but hopefully a plow can do it in 2 seconds then I can do the finishing touches.
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