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  1. My kids play indoor volleyball and over the winter my son played indoor soccer. IL required they wear masks. Now my son has moved to his outdoor club soccer season. They still have to wear masks.
  2. Drove to Springfield IL from my place to receive 1st Pfizer dose. In my early 50s with controlled hypertension. Will confess I was annoyed with Pritzker seemingly moving eligibility from group 1B to opening it up to everybody over 16 on April 12th. Thought there would be a window of opportunity for group 1C. Vaccine appointments are not that easy to come by yet.
  3. Wonder if there will be a window of eligibility for group 1C before they open it to everyone in IL. Chicago opens it to 1C March 29th. Cases have plateaued and started to increase by 10% in 14 states and by 50% in Michigan. IL bottomed out at 760 cases but today over 2300. Maybe seeing start of a spike however large that will be. Will see if this has any effect down the road on hospitalizations and deaths.
  4. It's the NW burbs time. Will outperform southern sections by at least .5"
  5. GFS keeps wanting to add a bit to those totals.
  6. That could be the case. Just another misleading social media talking point to push a particular agenda
  7. I think a new justification for the open everything back up group compares covid case rates and deaths in Florida vs California. Stating California having more severe restrictions is doing worse than DeSantis run Florida with its more open policy. I am sure there maybe factors that the non mask mandate followers don't want to delve into are responsible but more political and covid fatigue rationalizations will be made. On a side note ordered carryout from a local bar/restaurant last night. Went in there and the place was near 100% capacity and besides me only masks on were employees. Unfortunately they didn't get my order right and asked if I would like a beer while I waited. Only took a few minutes but as I sipped a beer watching this, the whole idea of restaurant employees wearing masks and customers not wearing any when it's 100% full and sitting next to each other at the barstools seemed absurd. Those few minutes probably the greatest amount of possible exposure I've had to covid since it started.
  8. Would grade out this winter as a B+. Incredible turn around in 5-6 week window from January to mid February. Great duration of snow on the ground from late Dec till ?(still waiting on end date). Falls short of historic winters of 2013-14,1978-79, and 07-08 for my area specifically. Far NW burbs missed out on the heavier totals from most of those systems that provided lake enhancement and better totals just SE. Regionally don't think areas north in Wisconsin or in Michigan(lack of LES) grade out as well. Iowa did great as well as MSP which still could be adding totals. Rest of winter either side of this window seasonal, uneventful, if not mild at times.
  9. Remnants of the lion still hanging around. Winter stays long this far
  10. They pushed back Milwaukee Summerfest but dates set for early September this year. A good sign.
  11. Quebec City would fit the bill most years. 120" snow average. Close enough to Atlantic for big dogs also.
  12. ORD and MDW definitely in a sweet spot with lake enhancement adding to totals. RFD sitting at 34", Peoria 24.4", even GRR at 45"(20 below average).