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  1. Now thats the kind of futility a winter like this should represent. Detroit and SEMI literally manufacturing snow this year. I guess there seems to be that corridor running from Detroit up to Rochester NY, and Toronto where weak systems over the midwest deepened this year somewhat.
  2. Lets keep ORD under 30".For meteorological winter under 20"
  3. ORD will crack 30" so everyone can look back years from now and say it was another near normal winter. Springfield starting to lengthen their lead over ORD even as Madison sits at over 50"
  4. Scars run deep for model trust. Hard not to Jerry Taft every forecast.
  5. Models just sent us back to the Stone Age for forecasting
  6. Icon and CMC trying to perform CPR on this event to save Chicago
  7. If the next one is this winter I will ride the lamest, weakest, most SE sheared model run there is. Ukie doesn't always show that it just did this time
  8. The call of riding the Ukie is not so much its performance. The UKMET is one of the tallest midgets. The score for the highest verification is whatever model shows the weakest lamest event.
  9. Just start looking at Ukie as soon as possible.I think its overlooked since it doesn't run out as far or as often. Maybe its not buying into delayed phase
  10. See the foreign model bleeding continues even as 12k NAM gives Champaign WSW. Hoosier and Detroit reeling in the Ukie. After this year no complaints about NW and stronger after SE weaker has ruled this winter