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  1. May help the forums and perhaps bring in more posters if we had a strong winter for this region. It's been awhile since 2013-14, 2007-08, GHD1 and 2. Too much thread the needle with no widespread arctic air to tap and lack of phased storms. Not to mention the recent Decembers.
  2. Let the 14 weeks of winter(for N IL) commence.
  3. No guarantee this verifies but a -EPO has increased our chances of seeing wintry weather.
  4. Let WAD with small intervals of CAD commence. Consider core of winter from Dec1st-March 10th for our area.
  5. Hoping warm weather would hold through Columbus Day weekend but recent runs showing first real cold push of the fall season. Will be in Door County and hoping for decent temps for golf and hiking.
  6. So far torrential rain but no hail or severe wind.
  7. Seems first strong cool down/front (although usually transient) occurs mid to 3rd week of September. First taste of fall stuff.
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