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  1. Unfortunately I think bars and indoor dining may have to be closed. Maybe you could extend a specialized stimulus package for the next 6 months to sustain restaurants and small business owners of bars. It seems certain establishments are just not conductive to preventing the spread of covid. The idea of shared indoor space without masks is a problem. Specific and targeted closures of certain types of businesses maybe the only way to try and get this under control without resorting to widespread lockdowns. I think states like IL and NY should proactively already be taking these measures based on whats happening in southern states
  2. I can tell you from my experience golfing a couple places west of Randall Rd. this week; covid is an afterthought. No masks inside the proshop, beverage cart lady handing out drinks with no mask. Was passing through Elburn after golf and stopped for a beer at an outdoor patio bar. No masks anywhere including the employees.
  3. Not speaking to your health status specifically.Diabetes does long term damage to the vascular system. High levels of glucose adversely effect blood vessel walls and lining. Unfortunately the more studies done on Covid are showing it not only attacks the respiratory system but does neurological and organ damage also. Could be classified as a vascular disease as much as a respiratory one.
  4. My guess is that the vaccine will not prevent infection but have some degree of efficacy in lowering the mortality rate. A less severe outcome, less hospitalizations but you still may become sick.
  5. Not disputing that but keep seeing reports on the news that hospitalizations and icu bed usage on the rise in TX,AZ, and Fl due to increasing case numbers. Cases increasing specially amongst 18 -40 yr olds due to bar scene and probably indoor dining.Not sure what to believe. I can see the death numbers are declining per day but would figure they will begin to swing up in the next 4-6 weeks due to lag time for those 20yr olds to give it to the more vulnerable population and see deaths several weeks after that.
  6. No visits to your local DMV for now
  7. Actually would have thought better ventilation and dispersion of the virus. Studies of virus done in laboratory conditions would seem to be optimal conditions for spread. But again more questions than answers
  8. Im up. That band looks nice
  9. Bring on the mood flakes
  10. DAB here. 2" Alek, Lasalle-Peru to Kankakee line 3-4"
  11. Not close enough to either Springfield or
  12. Coating on the grass and precip moving out. Ready for the next near miss south
  13. Three days of model runs left is an eternity to have this disappear. Remember February