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  1. Meh looks like a miss for Northern tier IL counties also
  2. Figures. Have a trip up near Hayward 23rd-27th.
  3. Still time for getting in on the over for 30+ 90F days
  4. Watching it blow up just SE of my location painful
  5. Wonder if we're going to make a run at 30+ 90 degree days here this summer.
  6. My issues went away after 24 hrs so hopefully you'll be on the mend soon.
  7. I tried picking up a friend from O'Hare that day to go back to school in Champaign. Not a good idea
  8. Sometimes Augusts bring heavy rains to our area. I seem to remember some of our biggest floods occurring that month.Or hope you set up under a ring of fire pattern but this is setting up like a long watering season
  9. You called that one right. Northern extent of precip. shown on GFS and NAM didn't materialize. Euro,CMC, and Ukie much better with this system
  10. Assuming ORD didn't reach .50" rain to continue the 130+ day streak.