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  1. Actually would have thought better ventilation and dispersion of the virus. Studies of virus done in laboratory conditions would seem to be optimal conditions for spread. But again more questions than answers
  2. Im up. That band looks nice
  3. Bring on the mood flakes
  4. DAB here. 2" Alek, Lasalle-Peru to Kankakee line 3-4"
  5. Not close enough to either Springfield or
  6. Coating on the grass and precip moving out. Ready for the next near miss south
  7. Three days of model runs left is an eternity to have this disappear. Remember February
  8. NAM long range volatility. Will probably hedge back south
  9. Not just after April 15th. Try seasonal totals. Springfield 30.4" vs ORD 30.1"
  10. Been getting groceries delivered to minimize the risk along with door dash delivery once a week for morale
  11. Just weighing in on this living in the NW burbs of Chicago. First and foremost all the healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, and all other essential jobs that are needed my sincerest thanks. Also sympathy and understanding for all those who have to go to work and can't work virtually from home to provide income for themselves and their families. I do find it disconcerting the behavior of some of my neighbors and I am sure that is being mirrored throughout the suburbs. All you have to do is glance 20-40 miles east into Chicago proper or look at NewYork, Italy or Louisiana for that matter to see what kind of protocols are being followed.Here in my own subdivision I see playdates with other people's kids, neighbors still over at other neighbors but you know their 72" apart so its all good. Joggers, bikers, parents teaching their kids to ride a bike for the first time etc..It seems until cases start happening in their own area they seem to be marginalizing the spirit of social distancing. We have been home inside for the better part of three weeks and having groceries delivered. I started the car just to drive it a bit. Went by Walmart packed. Portillos drive thru line packed, curb side service with cars separated the minimum distance and packed. Leads me to believe suburbs will ramp up with cases just delayed from the major urban areas by a few weeks. Wouldn't be surprised to see our peaks in May to early June.
  12. Glad to see everyone enjoying "spring".Only 4 weeks to go
  13. Actually GFS shows system splitting and weakening as it heads east. Should verify