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  1. Another click or two north or better yet widen the band
  2. I have been interested in meteorology since I was a kid. I took a few introductory courses in meteorology at UIUC but they didn't offer a degree there. Went into the medical field instead. So enjoy learning from those with a lot more expertise than myself. Also have fun with the friendly banter on the boards and never take it or myself too seriously. Grew up as a kid in the 1970s so have fond memories of some great winters. Used to remember listening to the NOAA weather radio issuing heavy snow warnings.
  3. A little wobble back north would be appreciated
  4. Will blow that up and put it over the mantle. Weather art is trending
  5. Well that lasted one model cycle. A 1-3" still on the table though.
  6. Took my son to soccer practice this evening. Lots of blowing and drifting on Rt.14 outside of Crystal Lake
  7. Yeah torn between the Ukie/GEM split on this right now
  8. Well given this winter still have to ride the Ukie and GFS lame solutions until they fall in line with the Euro/GEM. Would be interesting if 12Z GEFS shows some bigger hits though
  9. You maybe right about next week. Miss south can't cut into the blocking. Even Ukie looks good but no cold air
  10. Will be entering Ukie territory soon. Its performance seems better than most this winter
  11. There will be a system. There will be mixing issues.
  12. Definitely been that way here. What little snow and sleet that has fallen has stayed