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  1. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald type storm. As far as synoptic snow systems go this seems fairly typical for November. Areas NW of LOT like MSP and even MSN get theirs first. Realistically start looking for snow possibilities 1st week of December. Assuming of course the La Nina forecasts of above normal precip for us are realized.
  2. Most "normal" winters should include about 3-4 weeks of opportunities where the pattern lines up favorably for the lower Great Lakes. Usually get a heads up about a favorable pattern with nice analysis from RCNYILWX
  3. And I was going to run the mower out of gas and bring out the snowblower. Guess there's plenty of time.
  4. Time to put distance vs Alek in snow totals
  5. Culture has arrived. They even built a new fine arts center
  6. Nice. Spent some time at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo a few yrs back in that area. Enjoy
  7. Not looking forward to flying out of ORD early tomorrow morning.
  8. Don't recall any significant October or early November snows in these parts leading to great winters but will leave that to the stats guys.
  9. Pulling out Ouija board to conjure up the winter spirit of 2007-08. Mchenry Co. will reign supreme again.
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