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  1. At this point I am not sure the mitigation restrictions of banning indoor dining/bar service etc will reverse this trend. The behavior of the population I think has been pretty stable the last several months. A segment follows all the protocols, another follows protocols but cheats based on activities important to them. ie indoor dining, having private gatherings etc. Finally another segment that thinks its nonsense and no worse than the flu. The seasonal component to the spread of covid is becoming the overriding factor. Lower humidities and colder air more readily transmit covid just as it does seasonally for most coronaviruses. Virus particles stay afloat longer in drier air and travel further in indoor environments. Holiday gatherings may give a booster charge to this thing but I think this winter will be ugly anyways and unless we go back to phase 3 shut downs, which I don't think will happen, its going to infect alot of people by next spring. Unfortunately a significant number of people have had it with the restrictions and there's enough misinformation or studies wrongly interpreted to justify in their minds not following all the restrictions. Also their is legitimate economic fallout in the restaurant/ bar industry that has to be considered. Especially if there is no widespread bailout of those small businesses. Many businesses are defying those shutdown orders. Not sure there is an answer at this point.
  2. If that holds could grill out the turkey this Thanksgiving
  3. Any idea when your 4th of July maps are due out?
  4. This late fall and winter will be a tough one. Despite others voicing the vast majority are following guidelines, I would argue a significant percentage have stopped or just find venues where they don't need to wear a mask. It falls right down political lines. In my mind your seeing the perfect storm of politics, a steady decades long erosion of the American education system to excel in math and science based areas, and overall lack of community empathy when it infringes on their freedoms. This virus in a sad way just isn't killing people at a high enough percentage for them to take it seriously. If you scan social media sights you can see how many people are "over it" so to speak.
  5. When the refrigerated trucks come to a theater near you
  6. Already seeing restaurants and bars defying closing orders in the Chicago burbs
  7. Would agree with this. Spent time in Door County, Lake Pepin area, and near Green Lake over the summer. The more rural areas you wouldn't know covid exists
  8. I heard Pritzker has stated he could pull their liquor licenses if there are blatant multiple violations. Not sure that will happen. They really need a federal bail out for the restaurant/bar industry like they did for the airlines.
  9. The colder drier air settling in across the northern states definitely is a factor. The viral transmission of covid and other coronaviruses for that matter spread more readily in these conditions. Lower humidity and cooler temperatures keep the virus stable longer along with driving people indoors to share the same air.Hence more colds in general over the winter months.Probably responsible in part to surges seen in Europe also.
  10. Its Gods country buddy. Come out for a visit when they lower the bridges again so you can leave the loop.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised to see Lightfoot impose restrictions also. They are concerned with case numbers up to 500/day in the city. My county Mchenry on the verge of restrictions too. Positivity around 7-9%
  12. Pritzker imposed restrictions on four collar Chicago counties as of Friday. No indoor dining/bars and limited gatherings to 25.
  13. I think a high enough percentage of people are living their lives to keep the baseline level of infection to the point you are seeing the surges this fall. Private gatherings,club sports, along with activities that drive the spread like indoor dining and bars. For an example, Pritzker is considering adding restrictions to our area for restaurants etc. One of my friends upon learning this stated he was going out everyday to eat till then. In June restaurants were sparsely populated with indoor diners, today they are packed in my suburb area.