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  1. Alert went off on phone and sirens going
  2. May get some spring like weather early next week. Highs back down in the 60s
  3. SW winds right up to the beaches? That lake wants to push in an easterly breeze component this time of year.lol
  4. Camped out at Mirror Lake State Park in the heat wave in mid July 1995.
  5. After glancing at the 8-14 day outlook won't be planting anything till Mother's Day.
  6. GRR 71" MKE 28.6" Lake effect cures all ailments
  7. Lovely white blanket outside. The end of pseudo spring close..only a few days now.
  8. Build back the snow pack for the siberian express. We're owed one December and the NW burbs hitting 30" the hard way
  9. Pseudo spring in high gear. Hopefully start to see some sustained warmth late April into Mother's Day which would be typical.
  10. Looks like some classic pseudo spring weather settling in for awhile.
  11. NW of that C means a D for my area. Plenty of cold air in Jan and February but any systems consistently slid SE with limited phasing. 22" on the season which is quite a bit below average. Frustrating to see near normal snow avgs a 30-45 min drive just SE
  12. Snowing nicely 1.5" on the ground already
  13. Can't watch. Too much disappointment over the years
  14. Will go with 1.5" to break the 20" barrier for seasonal totals
  15. Take this with a grain of salt and not sure about the scientific method that arrived at these numbers or conclusions. But an interesting take from Wxrisk DT. Although he can be controversial and a bit hot headed.
  16. Inside 120hrs look to the Euro runs for your answer
  17. Xmas will have to be moved to Jan.25th to account for the seasonal shift of winter due to AGW
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