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  1. 3rd week of April most years. True sustained warmth and actual green grass with plants starting to grow. March is usually a grinder month cousin to November.
  2. The winter window/favorable pattern Jan.25th-Feb21st has closed
  3. We've had an unbelievable run so a clunker not unexpected
  4. The freakish run had to end at some point. Back to standard LOT events
  5. Any explanations for this precipitous drop? Would vaccines given the amt administered be having this profound an effect? Would think fairly large percentage still susceptible to infection combined with the seasonal component (still winter)favoring more infections. Yet here we are with substantial declining numbers. Most recent lockdowns didn't seem to alter most people's behavior. Lots of restaurants stayed open in defiance of orders. If anything covid fatigue has set in and more are just living their lives from what I've observed.
  6. First off hope that is correct.Based on 59.5 million vaccines administered and 28 million documented covid cases would think a decent percentage of people still susceptible. The wildcard is how many undocumented mild or asymptomatic cases are there?2x,4x,5x the number of known cases? Also there's overlap between people vaccinated but also already having had covid lowering totals. Hard to gauge what the real percentage of susceptible population still exists. Also some of the recent sharp declines in new cases have weather related closures of testing sites playing a role.
  7. At the very least would think mask usage may come back over the winter due to the success it had with depressing flu and other respiratory viruses. Seems to have caught on in Asia for years now.
  8. I think masks will still be worn through next winter in public settings.
  9. If that's even close than the increasing roll out of the vaccines in the next few months will hopefully drive new cases way down. Optimistically if the Pfizer vaccine is somewhat effective against the variants that could help to bring this under control by mid summer
  10. Overdue to remove Xmas lights off the gutters
  11. Guilt by association gonna haunt me. Now every time someone busts low on snowfall they'll say they were McHenryed Edit: We do have a coating
  12. Only at 2F here. Thought we would be lower this morning but no complaints Edit: Now see some overnight cloud cover immediately around the lake kept us warmer than surrounding areas
  13. Remarkable. Could I share your photo on a different weather site?
  14. You haven't hit 30"? Hmm.. I have myself at 34"
  15. Had some hope from the HRRR and RAP that eastern McHenry Co might fare better in the 5-6" range but sometimes just doesn't go your way. Lake component factored in huge for Cook Co. as better synoptic snows fell further south and east. Hard to say it hasn't been our winter when looking at snow over my mailbox that's been on the ground since late December. It's been a really good run just not quite as epic as our friends in the city
  16. Remember this when you have precip issues next
  17. Snowing at a good clip in Lake Barrington. Roads bad here at Canlan for a soccer game
  18. Light snow commenced within the hour notable coating.
  19. Nice can't go wrong with a stogie and liquid breakfast to go along with your snowstorm. Dragons milk and this help keep you warm.