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  1. Copy and paste for 2023-24?
  2. Making up for drought in extreme N.IL from last summer. Keep getting decent rains. About 2.5" here this evening.
  3. Remember that day well. First year medical student at Loyola Stritch in Maywood in 1990. Hospital went on full alert to receive trauma patients.
  4. Managed to hit on a few of those
  5. Brits Pub was unique with multiple levels and within walking distance of Target Field
  6. In nearby Chippewa Falls outside of Eau Claire is the Leinenkugel Brewery. Could do tour or just sit in their bar/ gift shop area and drink. If you golf Wild Ridge GC pretty stout challenge. I've rented a pontoon boat on Lake Wissota if you like boating. Target field is nice went to a bar downtown Minneapolis called Brits Pub. Has cool criquet lawn with seating to drink on the roof.
  7. It's been a good summer here. Any real heat has been short lived with timely rains to keep drought prospects away. Would like to see more tstorms but we've had a few decent rds.
  8. Looks like worst of it skirted just north of here and hammered Lake Co
  9. Hopefully some rain comes your way soon. Can empathize after our drought conditions in extreme N.IL last year
  10. 1.6" rain here last night. Two day total of 3.9"
  11. 2.3" rainfall last night. At one point we had a water main break on our street with no running water and power was out last night. Village workers were there in some nasty weather finishing the repair.
  12. Lost power under severe tstorm warning. Looks to be training over us for the next few hrs
  13. Watered the lawn last night anticipating convection weakening as it arrives here today. Wondering if we miss tonight NE as LLJ points more to southern lower MI
  14. A bit off topic but reports of a large meteor spotted around the Chicago area.
  15. Must not have been R-22 refrigerant. Dreading AC tuneup telling me none is available to recharge mine
  16. Had the same problem with my hydrangea
  17. 2.1" rain this week with 1.4" Monday and 0.7" falling last night.
  18. Beach just now clearing out in Duluth
  19. Still in school? My kids were out May 20th
  20. Interesting considering my family was cold in the shade at Guaranteed Rate field today. Temps in the 60s with a stiff NE wind. What a difference 48hrs will make here.
  21. Nice mammatus. Always wanted to work that term into a conversation but seldom felt socially appropriate.
  22. Resembles March and April weather in AZ. Crystal blue skies with warm but comfortable daytime temps and beautiful cooler evenings as temps drop in the dry air. If only we had 3-4 more months each year with these conditions.
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