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  1. Looks like you can update your stats now
  2. Hardest I've seen it snow all season
  3. I think its a 50/50 call.. but with the high Impact on the morning commute I thought they would pull the trigger as well
  4. Any thoughts on current radar trends?
  5. Looking at the precip shield dropping out of the Dakota's..looks to be ever so slightly west of what the NAM was forcasting.
  6. You also have a high pressure between them. I would think that high would delay any NE turn? IDK though.
  7. Fairly close. GFS came a bit further south though.
  8. A few days ago when the track was through central Wisconsin, Skilling put out a map that was 100 miles south of that and stuck to it. He went against the models
  9. And that why they are the last true "forecasters" left. Seems as if everyone just hinge on the latest model runs these days
  10. Not that I'm aware of. Just me going against millions of dollars worth of technology I guess the GEM kinda does this
  11. I actually think the whole axis of heavy snow may pivot a bit more NW to SE instead of W/E. This may limit the overall snow totals north slightly, but increase totals over Chicago.
  12. I thought you gave up on this one a while ago? :).
  13. Seems to still turn NE over us. Not sure I agree with that type of turn. Seems a more due east or even SE is more likely
  14. I still don't buy the turn NE between hours 30 and 36. Think it continues to slide south?