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  1. Looks like precip is breaking out a rad earlier than expected as well
  2. Snowing at a good clip here. I had to get up and make sure I see the first flakes of the year
  3. Such a tricky call for Izzy and gang. Would hate to be in their shoes right now.
  4. I can see adding Dupage county to the advisories for the 1st event
  5. If GFS follows suit, at what point do we see WWA/warnings issued from LOT?
  6. Looks like you can update your stats now
  7. Hardest I've seen it snow all season
  8. I think its a 50/50 call.. but with the high Impact on the morning commute I thought they would pull the trigger as well
  9. Any thoughts on current radar trends?
  10. Looking at the precip shield dropping out of the Dakota's..looks to be ever so slightly west of what the NAM was forcasting.
  11. You also have a high pressure between them. I would think that high would delay any NE turn? IDK though.
  12. Fairly close. GFS came a bit further south though.
  13. A few days ago when the track was through central Wisconsin, Skilling put out a map that was 100 miles south of that and stuck to it. He went against the models