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  1. Hey.. Good start to the season. Overachieved based on my own expectations. Started with 1.5-2 this morning, but quite a bit of melting through the day.
  2. It has been a great summer here so far. Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
  3. I think there will be a lot of sleet with a tough transition to all snow. I am cautious of some snow totals not handling the sleet well
  4. Yep.. When pitchers and catchers report to spring training, and we realize it's the August of winter still.
  5. Going it old school. Surprised u didn't do an observation thread
  6. Said every storm. But I think they have been remarkably consistent in this case. We have had shifts of 30-50 miles from 6 days out
  7. Seems like a good setup, wondering why we haven't discussed. Evident on that rgem out above tho
  8. I haven't seen much discussion on lake enhancement/ lake effect for Chicago area. Lake iced over or what?
  9. This reminds of a scenario earlier in season where the models struggled with the orientation of snow compared to the SLP.. in a similar set up. There were last minute changes to a more SW to NE trajectory
  10. Under call. 10 still very much doable imo
  11. Watching from the sidelines on this one pains me .. In Florida next week
  12. i give it a C .. Here is why 1. been some good/legit cold stretches in January- Enough to enjoy what will be three weeks of solid skating/hockey with the kids 2. the little snow that we have had actually stayed around for a long period of time which allowed for two weeks of sledding, give or take a few days I couldn't really do either of those last year till February But in terms of pure snow totals?, Yeah that is an F
  13. Nice persistent band overhead dupage county and into cook
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