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  1. Based on Kuchera tho I've never held much stock in that.
  2. First time using the snowblower here. Overall happy with this storm
  3. Isn't there a new advisory for heavy quick hitting squall line type snow events? Surprised that doesn't apply here
  4. Well that would be half of what we just got and spent 3 days tracking
  5. Finally a "normal" looking system for once.
  6. Ha. "Relatively" is uh, a debatable word for this comment :). Screw the models, I will believe it when it's literally snowing IMBY (Front AND Back)
  7. For reference. We were actually above normal for the last decade in snow
  8. F this storm. All in favor of deleting this thread when over?
  9. What about this little weak L that's well ahead of this storm (tomorrow night/Friday) ? How may this impact us if it's stronger than advertised?
  10. To put some perspective on the last decade for Chicago.
  11. I am not discounting this one yet. Last week the PV lobe did not swing as far south as was forecasted a few days out. Still holding out hope
  12. Looks like precip is breaking out a rad earlier than expected as well