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  1. Northern burbs cash in on this one. This one's yours @McHenrySnow
  2. I'm telling ya.. we need to develop a sports bet app for weather where we can all bet the over/under on the models and compete :). Or bet one model over another. Guarantee the models would get real accurate real soon.
  3. A few pics since we are sharing
  4. Hmm.. with all the sports betting apps, I think we need one to bet for or against the models. Who here can build it? Finder's fee rules apply
  5. I'm Guessing around 3.5 here imby (including last night). But sure feels like more with the fluffy snow and wind
  6. How do we read this? 1 inch last hour, 16 snow depth?
  7. Best I could do. This is the southern end of that in extreme far southeast DuPage county.
  8. Hopefully the quicker synoptic bands come in from the south sets us up for good lake enhancement
  9. Southern DuPage county getting in on the action Best organized lake effect snow this far west in a long time..
  10. Hoping those bands from the south start to pop a bit northand merge with the lake effect
  11. LOT sped up the timing of next round for southern sections