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  1. In Munster. Little nervous about this one....
  2. But why on a weekend...? I could care less if we get 35F and rain on a Tuesday in May, but please give me dry average temps Fri, Sat, Sun this time of year.
  3. Maybe 4” on the ground, hard to tell with the blowing snow. Might pick up another 1/2-1” at the current rate. Definitely exceeded my low expectations for this area. Roads are a mess as well. Had a car take down a power pole next to a relative’s place. Hopefully they get power restored before temps plunge.
  4. Lucky enough to have been sitting under this narrow finger of LE. Heavy snow for the last 90 minutes (3-4”?). Definitely sitting in a local max for this morning.
  5. Thinking 4-6” for my area. It really looks like we’re going to be south of a good chunk of the action in Chicago tonight. For LES it always seems like with the NE IL setups we get a brief hit as the band whips its way east rather than dumped under a fire hose that doesn’t move. Hopefully I’m wrong but setting low expectations.
  6. Slushy mess in NWI. Grass still peaking out. Roads aren’t too bad but I expect they’ll worsen for the morning commute. Walking in to the office felt like being sandblasted in the face. Interested to see what this mess on the ground becomes once the temps plunge.
  7. Congrats to all cashing in. At this point the red bands of pouring rain and steady 39F temp is enough to call it a day and see what I wake up to. So disheartening knowing a 20-30min drive gets me to snow. Here’s hoping to some conselation snow in the AM as the system moves out.
  8. Using this forum to vent as my wife is tired of my complaining - but it feels like clockwork IMBY that the weekdays are primarliy sunny and warm. Then the weekend arrives and we get cooler temps, clouds, rain, etc. ☹️
  9. I'm just down the road. Feels like this has been in the sweet spot this morning. Very few breaks over the last several hours.
  10. Sorry if this is OT - mostly a lurker and not an expert. I seem to recall a lot of these big setups for the area are always competing with earlier convection from an overnight / morning system. Is that just coincidence or is it a contributing factor to the afternoon conditions? Recently moved to a location with lots of trees so I now have conflicting feelings about these severe events....
  11. Wow this squall going through NW Indiana was fantastic. Got really dark, the winds were HOWLING and this sleet/graupel would come down as if someone just dumped a bucket of it. Lasted all of 5min, but very entertaining to watch pass through.
  12. Still sitting under a tiny band of (lake effect?) snow. It's been snowing here nonstop since about 8am this morning. An impressive day for sure.
  13. Glad to see this didn't end up being a total shutout to those on the NW fringe. Still should have some crazy gradients.
  14. Lights flickering here. Been keeping an eye on the NIPSCO outage map. Starting to jump up in places. As mentioned earlier the wind could possibly help by keeping the heavy snow from accumulating on trees.
  15. Fantastic out here. Wind is blowing a lot of the snow. Shoveled a path out the door and within minutes it had a thin cover of snow again. Visibility is prob under 1/4mi with occasional whiteouts. Roads are in rough shape and will only get worse.