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  1. Well I just needed to wait. Flight just cancelled. Guess it’s more than some windy rain.
  2. I have to fly out of LGA at 6pm tomorrow (don’t want to fly - have to for work tho). How impactful will this be to air travel. I assume greatly but no experience with tropical storms.
  3. This line in south of Chicago is rockin. Lots of lightning and some decent wind gusts. Wonder if tstorm warning goes out.
  4. Incredible wind and rain with the storm in NW IN. Also quarter sized hail. Branches down outside my office window.
  5. From St John IN. Maybe a funnel behind the house across the street. Didn’t get a better view.
  6. Lots of local flooding here. More than what we saw with the rains earlier this week. Saw a video of a car submerged at an underpass. Pretty impressive for an hour of rain.
  7. Curious - is the swirling mess of clouds which seems to have sat over TN/KY this entire week anything unique? Each day I check the vis sat and it’s more of the same. I literally can’t handle this weather anymore, on top of nothing to do but sit at home. On the plus side, yard and landscape look great.
  8. It’s Saturday, it’s been raining for almost 18 hours straight here and hasn’t gotten out of the 40’s; and barely over a week since we had several inches of snow. Mother Nature really knows how to salt that CV-19 shelter in place wound. Can’t even get out of the house with the kids or get some yardwork done. Grocery shopping has become the highlight of the weekend. /rant
  9. Similar look where I’m at. Grass is about covered and roads and sidewalks have about an inch of slop. We also had flurries/snow since late morning although just recently started accumulating. It’s still February so I’ll take the mood snow.
  10. In Munster. Little nervous about this one....
  11. But why on a weekend...? I could care less if we get 35F and rain on a Tuesday in May, but please give me dry average temps Fri, Sat, Sun this time of year.
  12. Maybe 4” on the ground, hard to tell with the blowing snow. Might pick up another 1/2-1” at the current rate. Definitely exceeded my low expectations for this area. Roads are a mess as well. Had a car take down a power pole next to a relative’s place. Hopefully they get power restored before temps plunge.
  13. Lucky enough to have been sitting under this narrow finger of LE. Heavy snow for the last 90 minutes (3-4”?). Definitely sitting in a local max for this morning.
  14. Thinking 4-6” for my area. It really looks like we’re going to be south of a good chunk of the action in Chicago tonight. For LES it always seems like with the NE IL setups we get a brief hit as the band whips its way east rather than dumped under a fire hose that doesn’t move. Hopefully I’m wrong but setting low expectations.
  15. Slushy mess in NWI. Grass still peaking out. Roads aren’t too bad but I expect they’ll worsen for the morning commute. Walking in to the office felt like being sandblasted in the face. Interested to see what this mess on the ground becomes once the temps plunge.