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  1. Pretty wicked winds out of this storm. Lots of flickering power.
  2. Top shelf evening - and on a weekend to boot. Drove home with all the windows down and the music up.
  3. Anyone notice this big yellow ball of fire in the sky today? What’s up with that? It hurts my eyes.
  4. It was glorious and my mood immediately flipped, and then back to the gray stuff with spitting rain no less.
  5. Just here to gripe as well. This pattern has finally gotten to me. The cloudiness is relenting and depressing. Also we can’t even get filtered sun, or breaks in the clouds. It’s just a thick never ending blanket of gray.
  6. Quality squall. Surprised the thunderstorm warning wasn’t extended into Indiana. Edit: looks like warning just extended east. Already sunny here, so a bit late.
  7. Just shoveled driveway. I’d say 3-4” in extreme NW IN and snowing good now.
  8. Wow this is some pasty stuff. The trees are beautiful. Will be a nice backdrop to the ongoing event. Now, about that wind some were mentioning for tomorrow…
  9. I’m sitting at a Blackhawks game spending most for my attention on this thread and showing my wife the memes. Best entertainment of the week.
  10. Thanks for everyone's insights - it's been fun following as a lurker. Question on plumes, and maybe it's user error - the averages in and around Chicago are at ~12". Looking down in central IL/IN where more snow is modeled their averages are the same or less. (ie IKK is about the same as ORD). Is it still too far out to see the full storm totals, or reason for such a large spread still in east-central IL.
  11. Following the big stuff down south. Was not expecting to hear tornado sirens going off here in far NW IN. Shows how far reaching this is.
  12. I was keeping an eye on that one thinking it would go warned and never did. Even had a screenshot trying to figure distance.
  13. Based on those street names - hope the beloved Meyers Castle is safe….
  14. Do remember lots of sirens, but can’t recall if two warnings. A bit hazy on memories last year and days of sitting around at home.
  15. Two alerts for a tornado warning in one day. That’s a personal best for me.
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