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  1. Lake Erie sunrise today, as the shoreline ice is thickening daily. Definitely a stretch of boring cold weather.
  2. Locally... I do not recall a single thunder storm this spring. Best was a evening with heat lightning over lake Erie. The rains which do develop are weak sauce with no real battle zone frontal passage.
  3. First time of this that I can recall. Full sun and temps of 40+ ate the entire snow pack. Even today in the shade you can find a few remnants of snow..
  4. B++ If we could muster one more memorable snow in be very content. One thing which stood out to me. The pattern of spring came one day, with the return of spring and dare I say. Happy weather. The snow dissolved like cotton candy in ones mouth slowly and memorable. The song birds too arrived in this cue.
  5. 1.3% is correct with ample wide spread medical equipment. Flood the system, to the point 1 in 20 can be properly provided medical services. These early numbers are not sustainable. The economy is in self destruct mode now...
  6. This is going to be a long marathon … I would suggest taking some time off to regenerate, for your immunity is decreasing daily. Not the best parameter, in this era of time.
  7. Thinking the low grade fever was the send you home reasoning. From my understanding the virus hits like a freight train 103 fevers... I would quarantine myself none the less. Get well... Hope tour not Old's...
  8. Warm ground temps, marginal cold, equals spoiler of the clown maps.
  9. Lollies are nice, gut says to multiply with the .375 reality factor. Given the hype to actual amounts measured last event.
  10. Computer science is much like tuning an old car... You keep tinkering, thinking you can make it run better. Before long you loose the baseline and its runs like garbage.
  11. Exciting times for you.. Wishing you all the best on your new adventure.
  12. My money is on the death of "The Blob", leading to the flip of warmth this winter...
  13. That's known as the JB effect... Hype is money.
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