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  1. DAFF

    May 2018 General Discussion

    Drove home south from Pontiac last night and it was an amazing view from the top of the Ambassador bridge. Non stop action for over an hour.
  2. DAFF

    Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Mood flakes for days. If one looks hard enough you might find one which survives a while in the shade...
  3. DAFF

    Winter 2018-2019 Pre-Discussion

    Next winter is already showing better than the March discussion of this season. Pathetic times of the season...
  4. DAFF

    February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    HRRR shows Windsor in the freezing rain sector for some time... Not liking this scenario.
  5. DAFF

    February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    A solid 7" here at home. A brief lull, but looking to add 2-3 more by the end of this round. Given the surprise factor of recent events I wonder if the "S" factor can make another overachiever out of Sundays event.... Such a fun event.
  6. DAFF

    February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    Thinking the northern sections of SE Michigan might get more snow than expected. As per NAM and RAP/HRRR seem to share the wealth as the system moves east.
  7. DAFF

    Early February Hyperactivity

    It's more about clicks and hype to create revenue.. So much click bait on that site any longer, sure some is weather relevant although more for entertainment.
  8. DAFF

    Early February Hyperactivity

    I've been watching the CMC modeling this winter and have been actually happy with the performance. Between this the HRRR and RAP on snow day I have felt very confident on my decisions while keeping my lots serviced. My bet is something is going to phase before spring, Wack-a-mole style... Much like Mondays over performer locally. http://collaboration.cmc.ec.gc.ca/cmc/cmdn/pcpn_type/pcpn_type_gem_reg.html
  9. DAFF

    Early February Hyperactivity

    I'm watching for the modeling verification and trends wrt qualitative liquid values on the weekends system. Seems there is two camps this winter and the dry sheared out is winning the battle. While another surprise would be greatly appreciative, share the wealth style.
  10. DAFF

    Surprise snowstorm hits SE MI, N OH, ON

    Second surprise of the season....
  11. Words of wisdom.... Trends are looking like the old punch card of 1000" might be ready for redeeming from our local weather office.
  12. DAFF

    40th Anniversary of Blizzard of 1978

    I remember attending a three day house party with 30 people because of no heat or electricity at home. Lots of snow, riding my first Ski doo and walking on a roof of a house because the drifts were just that high. Hope to witness another system like this with my son, great memories.
  13. DAFF

    January 2018 Discussion

    The mood flakes of the day were a nice surprise although didn't amount to much. A couple of heavier bursts did whiten up hard surfaces for a few hours. As to the discussion on the freezing rain. When the event lasts less than 2 hrs and has a certainty of 50 % of verification I think the best mode is a Special Weather Statement which can be released and repeated as the event unfolds. Whenever I see a freezing rain is a possibility I will 95% of the time pre-salt unless During my asphalt analysis I discover the ground temps are above freezing. My test is simple. A cup of cold water splashed upon concrete and asphalt on the north side of a building or shady region. If I see ice crystals or a freeze up during the test then I salt everything. This is the best test when temps are warming. When cooling down I watch the trees, when they start to icicle I start poring the salt.
  14. DAFF

    Create fantasy radar (storm)

    More less, cut a paste the last 2 months of GFS from 200 hr out...
  15. I still think a heavy synoptic regional snow will be difficult to achieve this season. The gulf influence of wide spread moisture seems to be lacking even during the last event. There was a few loli's but overall many were disappointed.