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  1. Looking to be the jackpot zone here for Mondays clipper. More of the pic three winner, rather than the powerball though....
  2. clipper one ... Fizzler as the start approached. Hopping this isn't a new trend. Monday will tell more.
  3. On a bright note the ground here at home has a one inch crust of frost on the top layer. I suspect over the upcoming days the ground will firm up a bit more then some snow. My skeptical alarm is ringing as I'm watching the models unfold. Saturdays system will be the bar standard of the upcoming few weeks. We will get to see if the GFS sniffer is working.
  4. Qualitatively I can see how Detroit will have less now than the northern burbs given the look of the potential Low tracks and temp profiles on tap. To me the smoking gun this winter is the flip flop of the PDO from warm to cool.
  5. I'm enjoying this gradual switch to winter. Nothing worse than a quick cold snap and some accumulations followed by a hot mess like last season. The snow and cold will be here before long...
  6. Plows are almost ready to go, therefore I suspect rain will dominate the weather pattern in SE Michigan for a bit yet.
  7. Winter is a funny commodity. Sometimes it never shows anything worth its investment. Other times, it doubles in value overnight. This season looks to have a good promise now its just up to time. I do like the snowpack/cold building to the north plus the continual plumage of temp over the past 3 weeks. In perspective the kids were swimming in the lake St. Claire just 4 weeks ago.. If you want sustained cold, its all about the baby steps in getting there. A quick transition to cold will flip back to warmth in the same fashion.
  8. The darkness outside right now is crazy. You would think the sun has set, meanwhile its only 1:35pm
  9. While the Z'S of current patterns have reduced the Wx fun factors of late. The clash of the nista's, is helping me get through the tough days of fall.....
  10. The calendar says October while my mind daily grind is full summer. Was swimming in lake St Claire two weeks ago, camping last weekend and working outside is envious of those in office jobs. Top shelf fall weather.... Transient cold on tap, will the be arctic outbreak to the mind and skin.
  11. I can tell you first hand that this was the most relentless rain I have ever driven through. Left Toronto around 4:00pm and it started raining within 15 min of driving. In Port Huron just about 8pm, it was so dark and wet one could barely make out the road. Rained continuously down I69. As I got to I94 Heading west Kalamazoo was sheets of rain around 10pm. I pulled the RV over and had to take a break. Warmed up a few frozen burritos and a quick coffee and I was back under way. Around Hammond the sky was lit, buckets of water and wind. I stopped at a Pilot because I missed a off ramp in a construction area. While there I went for a quick washroom break and buckled back in. Looked around me and the RV was standing in 3 inches of water. As I was pulling out of the parking lot there was a lightning strike perhaps 200 yds in front of me. By the time I hit downtown Chicago things were getting back to normal just a steady rain but the storm had passed. Finally arriving in the Schaumburg region around 2am. Its was still raining then and continued well into my sleep. Good thing my daughters morning soccer game was indoors and well worth the drive. Girls won 4-1 and by 11am I was back on the road returning to Windsor. Caught a nice tailwind home.
  12. M14 Correct... By the look of it we were only a few minutes appart on the trip back to Detroit.
  13. A cool story I came across and thought I would share. I wonder if a better more precise graph is available for crunching... http://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2017/04/elephant-bloom
  14. I'm starting to expect an freeze up after the salt gets diluted by the falling snow... With the air temp so close to the freezing and no radiant heating I wonder where the frost line sits in the soil .... I suspect another top off salt in the next hour.