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  1. Alright, time to defend my title! APN 84.5" ORD 38.4" CLE 76.1" CMH 27.3" DET 52.1" FWA 36.1" GRR 75.1" GRB 49.8" IND 26.2" LSE 41.3" YXU 72.1" SDF 15.2" MQT 181.2" MKE 42.3" MSP 48.3" MLI 33.7" PAH 10.4" PIA 24.3" STL 14.2" YYZ 51.3" Tiebreakers 1. December 2018 snowfall ORD 10.2" 2. January 2019 snowfall IND 8.4" 3. February 2019 snowfall DTW 18.3" Also I'm assuming you didn't mean last years snow totals for the tiebreakers. Otherwise I think we could all be very accurate with our guesses.
  2. madwx

    June 2018 General Discussion

    The last time Madison had a June monthly average low temperature below the 1981-2010 average was in 2006. In addition, it has only occurred 4 times in the past 20 years. Just another example of how warming and increased dews from evapotranspiration have combined to increase low temps in the Midwest.
  3. madwx

    June 2018 General Discussion

    85/74 at MSN at 11 am. Heat Index already up to 93. It'll be interesting to see if we can tag an 80 dew today.
  4. And there's a severe threat through Oklahoma and Arkansas the next couple days. The seasons are really out of wack in 2018.
  5. This is like a late April system in late June. Can't wait for the death ridge to push the MCS pattern up into Canada after this.
  6. madwx

    2017/18 Lakes/OV winter snowfall contest

    Wooooo!!! Can't wait to play again next year
  7. I think HAARP has been acting up again. And there was a recent deployment of chemtrails up north as well.
  8. madwx

    2017/18 Lakes/OV winter snowfall contest

    Can't believe I actually won of the metrics. Thought I didn't stand a chance at the beginning of April. I got lucky with a couple big snowfalls in the middle of the month. Excited to do this again next year!
  9. madwx

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    13 mins from first radar returns and there is a Severe T Storm with 2 inch hail. That's crazy
  10. madwx

    January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    12z GFS definitely trending south. Drops 27" of snow on MSN.
  11. Have a feeling this thread will heat up over the next few days. 4.7" of snow in Madison on the season. Not giving up on winter but I would totally be fine with no more high temperatures below 20 degrees.
  12. madwx

    January 2018 Discussion

    Torching here!!! Up to 40 already in Madison. Point was only 34 for today
  13. madwx

    2017/18 Lakes/OV winter snowfall contest

    APN 85" ORD 44" CLE 72" CMH 20" DET 46" FWA 33" GRR 83" GRB 62" IND 22" LSE 51" YXU 68" SDF 7.5" MQT 188" MKE 44" MSP 52" MLI 38" PAH 5.5" PIA 21" STL 12.5" YYZ 45" Tiebreakers 1. December 2017 snowfall ORD (8.5" normal) 10.2" 2. January 2018 snowfall IND (8.6" normal) 6.3 3. February 2018 snowfall DTW (10.2" normal) 9.2"
  14. madwx

    November 2017 Discussion

    We did set a new record of 9 degrees this morning.
  15. madwx

    November 2017 Discussion

    Forecast low of 12 tonight. Perilously close to the record of 10 for the date. Will have to keep an eye on that as the night progresses. Already down to 23 here