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  1. got a quick two inches or so. Melting has commenced, should be all gone by the end of the day
  2. Parachutes falling outside right now. About an inch on the ground
  3. America is a land of excess. It’s also a land of overworking. These things lead to a lot of obesity and health problems. It is simple to lose weight but it is not easy especially for someone who is poor or uneducated. I lost 55 pounds since March but I have a lot of luxury and privilege that others don’t. We need to be a healthier nation but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to take care of everyone with this current pandemic. Also Charleston is cool but only from October through March
  4. 0Z GFS coming in much lower with snow totals on Tuesday
  5. maybe a front end thump next Tuesday before switching to rain. At least in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  6. man I was feeling disillusioned about the posting on this board but this Beavis post made me realize the real americanwx is back
  7. I miss bickering about stupid weather stuff
  8. Not looking great but if the PV stays strong like last year we’ll still get shots of snow and cold
  9. Looks like a couple chances at snow over portions of the area the next week or so. Nothing major at the moment. winds stayed very gusty overnight here
  10. I doubt that, most states are on the upswing in cases besides the Dakotas and maybe Wisconsin. Also we are still waiting on a few more states to drop today, including part of california, kansas and nebraska
  11. Good news today, study shows that immunity can last for many years for 90% of patients. Obviously contradicts some of the other things we have heard but falls in line with the idea that rapid reinfections are a small minority of cases
  12. cases down vs. the same day last week for the first time in a long time in WI. Hospitalizations still up 180 and a record 92 deaths today
  13. Rapper Jeremih is in the ICU on a ventilator with COVID. He's 33 with no known preexisting conditions.
  14. guess that means that this is much more deadly than we thought, if cases are much lower. yikes