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  1. Gonna be very close to our normal July rain total already with rain only falling on 2 days this month
  2. So much lightning with these storms. Gonna get a hefty rain total as well
  3. Madison tagged 90 again today. 5 days in a row now
  4. Saturday looking potentially interesting in Wisconsin on the NAM and 3km NAM.
  5. we're going to have outflow boundaries galore over southern Wisconsin so that might be able to elevate some storms from an average t-storm day.
  6. looks like another MCV/shortwave rolling along the Minnesota Iowa border through the afternoon and reaching Illinois/Wisconsin just after peak heating.
  7. 89'd for the 3rd time this month. Humidity is gonna take our 90s away this summer
  8. looks humid, corn is gonna be chest high by the 4th
  9. patterns like this make the CAMs look so foolish
  10. yeah the airport might not get the super high amounts but the west side of town already has 2.5" plus
  11. dewpoints cranking up to 75 here. really liking our odds of getting multiple days of dews over 80 later this summer
  12. Even when the severe is mediocre we still do rain very well. 1.03” on the day and 4.82” on the month. Our new June climate average for 1991-2020 is going to be a crazy high value of around 5.3”
  13. Yeah I’d kill for even a late night MCS with vivid lightning. The pattern has been really wonky this year
  14. 65 mph wind gusts with the severe warned cell
  15. Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the cell right on the nose of the MCV along the MN/IA border