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  1. The amount of wildfire smoke overhead is absurd. If this is the new normal I want off this ride
  2. There was definitely a bookend rotation there. Never really tightened up but I could see the notch as it passed to my W.
  3. Magnitude 8.2 earthquake just occurred near the Aleutian Islands. Have to watch for tsunami potential with this one
  4. Best storm of the year here by far. Definite warning criteria winds, mostly after the initial gust front in the back half of the precipitation. Craziest part was the downdraft brought down a very strong smoky smell from all the wildfires
  5. absurd amount of smoke. when visiting Boise last week there was a haze in the sky the entire time we were there. Had to drive to the mountains to actually see them. Really hope one of these summers can have a pattern change for the west. Not holding my breath though.
  6. I can always know when sea ice has a slow loss period because I see weatherdude88 post on all the various arctic sea ice forums. It's like clockwork waiting for this guy to pop out of his cave.
  7. Taking a trip to Boise next weekend. Can’t wait to either boil or choke on wildfire smoke
  8. La Crosse had their warmest June on record
  9. 2012 was 11th warmest. Only a degree cooler than this month
  10. also going to be the 4th warmest June here at MSN. Only 1933, 1934 and 1873 were warmer.
  11. Fun fact, the Dalles airport(where the temp is measured) is actually across the river in Washington so any temps there would actually be Washington records. 118 would tie the all time Washington state max.
  12. I know that is claim is being passed around on the internet but the link i posted above has a clip from said podcast and there is at least one more clip from that episode up on youtube. Also it looks like the podcast that hosts it never posts full episodes on youtube, just clips, so I think that's a fake story that is being drummed up to foster the "muh views are being silenced" theory.
  13. That website and bio reads of someone who had a falling out with fellow researchers and now has an axe to grind. He may have been involved in the development of mRNA technology but to claim him as the creator of it seems disingenuous. People have been researching mRNA since the mid 70s. https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-vaccine-cytotoxic/fact-check-covid-19-vaccines-are-not-cytotoxic-idUSL2N2O01XP Here is him also in a podcast episode claiming that the vaccines are cytotoxic(which they aren't).
  14. the first like is from some conservative pseudo news site the second link is from Robert F Kennedy Jrs crazy anti vax website. That's all you need to know. Also it's been disputed if Robert Malone actually invented mRNA technology. The only references I've seen to that have been on pseudo news sites and then it looks like Tucker Carlson picked it up.
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