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  1. WSW issued for lake effect in Porter County Indiana. Surprised no ones bee talking about it
  2. amount of SO2 injected in the stratosphere looks to be far too low at the moment to have any noticeable impact on the climate, will have to keep an eye on it in the next few weeks
  3. flurries starting here. hoping to get enough to freshen up the remaining snowpack
  4. another sunny day hitting 40 here as well. these past two days have part of me wishing this were March 13th and we were about to pivot into spring
  5. both NAMs showing some nonzero Lake Effect potential here, they have been known to oversaturate lower levels so will be waiting and seeing with this one but a nice refresher of snow cover would be nice heading into next week
  6. the HRRR corrected back SW to fall in line with the other models
  7. taking a look at the raw surface data, Jan 2019 definitely outshines any 10 day period in Feb 2015, at least in southern Wisconsin
  8. it's strange because I can recall numerous colder time periods here since Feb 2015, late January 2019 particularly comes to mind
  9. low 40s and full sun is starting to eat away at the snowpack, can see some bare ground on S facing yards. The past 24 hours has really overperformed temps here
  10. temp has risen up to 35 after dark with WAA continuing. First time above freezing since December 29th.
  11. Only made it down to -5 last night. S wind picked up earlier than expected and halted any temp drop. Already up to 11 on our way to around 28 today.
  12. already about to dip below 0 here, a run at the negative double digits looks possible, will be a good test of how good of a radiator my property is on clear calm nights
  13. Imagine finally retiring and getting to do whatever you want and a bunch of weenies on a weather board come bothering you to start writing forecasts and discussions again
  14. snow squall warning for the southern suburbs of Chicago
  15. Nasty morning outside. Not much accumulation but major blowing and drifting on N/S country roads and temps falling to 12 at this moment
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