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  1. Just got up to 80 here in Madison. First one of the year here. Beautiful outside. About to crank up the grill.
  2. Nice day here in southern Wisconsin. Fell short of 69 but got up to 67. Some small pop up showers in the area. seeing diurnal convective cumulus has me looking forward to summer.
  3. got a stretch of 50's coming up #heatwave
  4. Sun popping out for a few minutes right now. got some pea sized hail with the showers moving around the low pressure yesterday and had some nice thunderstorms the night before. Looking forward to some sunshine starting tomorrow, though the extended forecast looks to have a good deal of troughing over the east, so any westward movement of the trough would get us back in a cool cloudy pattern
  5. Some wet snowflakes mixing in with the tail end rain showers. 36 degrees. Winter won't let go just yet
  6. 56/47 in MSN right now. Amazing temp and dew differences with these early season warm fronts. Feels like a typical cool early spring day here. Hoping for some nice elevated thunderstorms overnight
  7. Damp and dreary week on tap. At least the weekend looks better with sunny skies and temps rising into the 60s by Saturday
  8. Awesome time lapse, it really captured the spring feel. This really showed how storms(especially elevated ones) move with the mid level flow and not the lower level clouds
  9. http://www.wxyz.com/sports/airport-closed-after-plane-carrying-u-m-basketball-team-slides-off-runway Michigan Basketball team plane ran off the runway after an aborted takeoff due to the winds. This occurred at KYIP
  10. That was my first thought seeing it too. Ash Valley 2k17. Remember seeing that Ash Valley tornado from one of the classic tornado VHS tapes
  11. I'm almost certain it touched down east of the river. Somewhere to the SW of Washburn
  12. Same, finding a crossing of the Illinois River set us back a bit so we only got a distant view of the large Washburn tornado
  13. Had a different view than you but saw the same tornado and it passed between Wyoming and Bradford. Also caught the large tornado and later rope from Washburn on eastward as the sun set.
  14. Severe Thunderstorm in N Illinois right now. Just a taste of what can occur tomorrow
  15. Snow and sleet mixing in with the heaviest precip here in MSN, already some light accumulation in grassy areas.