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  1. Extremely heavy rain with the line that just moved through. 0.78” so far today. 80 degree dews coming to a neighborhood near you this summer
  2. 0.69”. Another overperformer. Parking lots and streets flood now with even some light to moderate rain
  3. Verbatim would be a high of 49 next Friday lol
  4. I could see my backyard make a run at 39 one of these upcoming mornings. Will have to see if the recent moisture holds up temps
  5. 1.59” yesterday. Up to 5.77” this month MSN got 2.25” which is a daily record
  6. Was a pretty intense night of storms. Had a QLCS train over the area with three main cores hitting us. The third was the strongest. Giving us about a 10 minute period of 65+ mph winds with a few stretches of 70+. Also heavy rain, the backyard is a lake now
  7. Should get some picturesque storms moving in from the west around sunset
  8. Nice gusty storm moves though. Steep lapse rates helped bring the strong winds to the surface
  9. For everyone in the subforum if you have clear skies outside you will be able to see the aurora right now
  10. gonna get the nice gusty storms aurora combo tonight
  11. got 1.08" here. had four rounds of storms, the last one being severe. really cool to have a situation where the atmosphere just wanted to keep convecting
  12. yeah, what looked like a cool shot only ended up being slightly below avg this weekend. Even with NW flow and an E trough in the extended all we can manage is slightly below average 850 temps on a few days
  13. super dry air. Dews in the low 20s. Should increase by 40+ degrees over the next 40 hours
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