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  1. we're gunning for the warmest October on record and I definitely think it's possible. Need a daily average of 53 degrees for the last half of the month to get there
  2. You want the a broader trough that encompasses more of the midwest and less amplitude in the upstream ridge. I mean this is all a bit too much analysis of one map since patterns are composed of many days to multiple weeks and not just a snapshot of one day. We need to look at how the entire flow of the NH is evolving. And wavelengths will be longer by Dec/Jan anyway.
  3. substitute upper 50s with upper 30s and that's what this pattern would be in winter, dry NW flow and not all that cold due to the ridge being pumped up over the plains.
  4. Definitely expecting a frost one of these next two nights if not both. I’ve noticed my house is in a bit of a microclimate, it can be up to 5 degrees colder than the center of the small town nearby. My neighborhood is in a bit of a bowl with hills to our north and west and we have a creek just to our south which must cause some cold air drainage at night
  5. 561 height line going thru Chicago, seems like NW flow and upper 50s, not early winter
  6. Severe Thunderstorm warning for Isle Royale currently. Not something you see often, especially in October
  7. Madison has set the record for most days in a year with high temps at or above 75. Will be quickly closing in on days above 70 as well
  8. like Cyclone got a much needed 3/4 of a inch yesterday. Have had very dense fog since about 8 pm last night. Can definitely tell we are slowly turning theh page to fall
  9. Interesting read. I know you're planning on more detailed monthly thoughts next month but what are your initial expectations? Do you think we will have a more front loaded winter in terms of cold/snow in the GL/OV?
  10. Yeah, i think the dry conditions really helped with that. There were numerous days where afternoon heating really overperformed
  11. glad to be living it what will be the last inhabitable land in the world. Gonna start building a tower to defend it.
  12. lol GL/OV is back baby and I love it
  13. October is the best month to torch, wouldn't mind holding onto highs in the 60s as long as possible. As always, could use some rain
  14. Rex block for a week. Stagnant CONUS pattern. Screams active
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