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  1. Got down to 38. Just avoided any frost. Couple more cool nights this weekend but should stay in the 40s
  2. We may be in a hellscape but at least the sunsets are pretty
  3. Basically cloudy here with how thick the smoke is
  4. Some nice steady rain today. Looks like a chance of showers and storms Tuesday and Thursday
  5. you can smell the cancer from here
  6. Same. Worried the storms will slide south of us again tonight
  7. getting excited about potential storms tomorrow night and Sunday evening
  8. With calm winds got down to 35. Avoided another frost and looks like it’s full speed ahead on planting the garden
  9. Excited to see convection over the next week
  10. Only got down to 35 here. Think the wind stayed up just enough to prevent the cold air drainage
  11. overperforming again today, up to the mid 50s. when as recently as yesterday it looked like we'd struggle to hit 50. Maybe a rumble of thunder Thursday evening
  12. frost/freeze likely tonight, then it's up up and away from here
  13. temps actually overperforming today. Was expected to stay in the low 40s but up to 48 already after the rain cleared out. Hope this bodes well for some 50s tomorrow.
  14. Heard some sleet roll through around 5 AM. Otherwise it’s been all rain so far. Doubt we’ll escape this without some flakes
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