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  1. Think we’ll make a run at 0 at my house tonight
  2. 1.8" here. still some flurries now but it's all melting on contact. easy shoveling
  3. Things are looking CAD with a few stretchers of WAD mixed in
  4. a completely unforecast shortwave is moving through currently and giving us some rain. Models didn't really have anything until some sprinkles shown during the 18z runs
  5. I remember turning on the scanner for that, there were people stranded who need insulin and the paramedics were riding snowmobiles to reach them. Luckily they got there but were some tense times.
  6. nothing severe at work but lots of 1" hail through downtown Madison. Lots of good lightning and thunder as well
  7. severe warning for wind/hail. Storm moving into Dane county
  8. 30 year average for Detroit. 6.64”. 30 year average for Fort Myers. 5.64”
  9. .51” so far. Should easily pass 2” with the trowal tomorrow and the wrap around precip tomorrow night
  10. 33 at the house this morning with widespread frost
  11. only down to 40, cloud cover kept us from a frost last night
  12. reeling in this late week rainer. Hoping for 2"+.
  13. Might not get reflected in the daily lows but will have a tough time getting below 70 tonight
  14. Ready for the cool tbh. Next weekend should be pretty nice
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