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  1. FFC planning to upgrade to warning/advisory Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Dynamic Cooling sounds like a pretty sweet name for a band.
  3. Weather Channel with 0" accumulation for ATL. Are they going rogue and not following the latest guidance? How about even looking at the low placement? It's ok to be wrong but this is borderline misinformation.
  4. I don't know why they rely on a single model for their forecasts. Seems irresponsible.
  5. I shudder at the sight of his name.
  6. That's alarming. The fear of busting a forecast should not supersede the responsibility to the public. One would think.
  7. Yep. Although in their defense they have some model and ensemble support for their wishcasting.
  8. and accuweather have ATL in the mid 40's all week. They just love the GFS.
  9. Well yes, if you hang your hat on the GFS.
  10. Down to 33 in Duluth and rain getting moderate. This could be bad.
  11. 35 in Duluth, About 15 miles NE of Atlanta. Winds ENE. Sounds wedgy to me.
  12. You really never know the way the models have been changing so quickly. We are on the edge. Let's see how the temps shake out
  13. Understood. Again my concerns are safety and hence why I asked. I wasn't picking a fight.