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  1. Moisture will be there. Western US trough will be there. The rest is all one big ? at this point
  2. Looks like -21 is the low at the house. About 15 more minutes of cooling left to beat that. Airport down to -17. coldest temps in Wisconsin I could find were -35 in Black River Falls and -32 in Sparta
  3. Tomahawk Wi already down to -21 at 935 PM
  4. -7 at the house this morning, -10 at the airport. Saw as low as -16 on my car thermometer during the drive into work.
  5. Tuesday night looks to be the coldest night of the season here, point has -17 right now. Wednesday mornings record was -23 set back in 2019 and looks just out of reach
  6. I would be shocked if we got a SSW event this year. The stratospheric vortex has been very resilient and has stayed stable despite multiple pulses of upward energy from the troposphere. Also the GFS has tried multiple times in the long range to break down the vortex only to back off
  7. 1.6” here. Slight underperformance but happy with the 6.1” total over the weekend
  8. Ceilings lowering now. Expecting about 2” ending around 8 or 9 am. The snow this morning was a breeze to shovel. The wind might just shovel it for me tomorrow before I get a chance
  9. 4.5” at the house. 4.6” at the airport in Madison
  10. Accumulating very nicely here. Already about 2” and it’s pure fluff. Must be a crazy deep DGZ
  11. Got a coat of icing with the first round and a DAB. Tonight’s might be the most promising of the bunch. Also friendly reminder that there is a pivotalwx view that contains the whole sub forum so maps that have the lower Mississippi valley aren’t necessary
  12. -10 here as well. coldest night of the season so far. Looks like we have a good chance of passing that next Tuesday/Wednesday
  13. the first clipper tonight really peters out to the SE of our area. Going with a first and final call of .5" with this first wave/front after midnight tonight
  14. got down to -3 this morning. expecting around -10 tonight with calmer winds
  15. Number three looks the best. Wouldn’t mind the bare lawn patched getting covered up.
  16. WSW issued for lake effect in Porter County Indiana. Surprised no ones bee talking about it
  17. amount of SO2 injected in the stratosphere looks to be far too low at the moment to have any noticeable impact on the climate, will have to keep an eye on it in the next few weeks
  18. flurries starting here. hoping to get enough to freshen up the remaining snowpack
  19. another sunny day hitting 40 here as well. these past two days have part of me wishing this were March 13th and we were about to pivot into spring
  20. both NAMs showing some nonzero Lake Effect potential here, they have been known to oversaturate lower levels so will be waiting and seeing with this one but a nice refresher of snow cover would be nice heading into next week
  21. the HRRR corrected back SW to fall in line with the other models
  22. taking a look at the raw surface data, Jan 2019 definitely outshines any 10 day period in Feb 2015, at least in southern Wisconsin
  23. it's strange because I can recall numerous colder time periods here since Feb 2015, late January 2019 particularly comes to mind
  24. low 40s and full sun is starting to eat away at the snowpack, can see some bare ground on S facing yards. The past 24 hours has really overperformed temps here
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