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  1. got .08 of rain. not today drought
  2. Towering cumulus off to my NW. looks like the cap has broken there
  3. ORD at least 99 today MDW 101 RFD 100
  4. With another 90+ today at MSN we are at 9 90 degree days this year, which is officially above our annual average of 8.6
  5. MSP officially hits 100 at the 4 PM ob.
  6. Even our cooler post frontal days are torching. June is going to switch to a positive anomaly in the next couple days and could end up quite warm. Which will be quite impressive since we only had 2 above average days through the 13th and those were both only 1 degree above average
  7. Went on a gentleman’s chase. Was shelfy and outflow dominant the whole time
  8. Up to 1.07” today and 5.02” for June at the house. With a few more storms to roll through tonight. We’re trying our hardest to avoid any resurgence of the drought in the next few weeks
  9. Tornado on the ground crossing the interstate near oakdale
  10. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md1176.html Let's get wild
  11. Yep was just about to say that. Mentioned in the latest MD
  12. ACCAS forming overhead. Always a good sign on severe days
  13. still 97 at 8 pm at Midway. Welcome to the (Persian) Gulf Coast
  14. Excited for my late evening squall line. Maybe some QLCS fun
  15. Still elevated based on the local temps and CIN on that mesoanalysis
  16. Large Supercell forming from that cluster. Half inch hail at my house. RFD hitting downtown madison
  17. The HRRR did have the strong cell trailing the stratiform precip moving through Dane County
  18. Solid storm over my house right now. Active with almost constant thunder. All cloud to cloud though
  19. SPC probably should extend a day 2 marginal to Wisconsin. Good shear and manageable CAPE. SFC low diving SE through the state
  20. In southern wisconsin it’s still short, around ankle height. Not the knee high by the 4th of June that we had gotten used to in the years before 2021
  21. really efficient rainfall rates this morning. Already pushing an inch with a few more hours of showers still to come. Want to bank up as much rainfall as possible in case the heat dome expands over us later this month
  22. MSN ended at 2.54" (-1.56") and my house was only 2.28" so that map is definitely right. March and April were the wet months here. last May was 2.20" so not much drier, and May 2020 was very wet.
  23. signs pointing toward active NW flow in our area starting this weekend and heading through next week. definitely will be an uptick in our storm chances
  24. Semi interested in the local potential for storms Tuesday. Nothing too impressive but sufficient shear for severe t storms
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