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  1. nasty snow squalls today and now the melted snow has frozen on the roads and sidewalks
  2. probably got an inch on the grass. nothing but slush on roads. seems like it'll be a pretty even matchup between snow rates and melting through the rest of the daylight hours today
  3. for these low rate, long duration events it's a good reminder to use the snow depth output on the models instead of snow accumulation. That will be much more representative of what you'll actually see on the ground
  4. Point forecast has us down to 8 on Saturday night. Anybody want to take a bet that we'll have a colder lowest temp in the month of November than in December?
  5. Snow showers have accumulated on the grass and roofs here. Nothing on paved surfaces yet
  6. Door County. Going to find a SE facing area, maybe Cave Point park and watch the monsters roll in
  7. Nice storms here. Hail swath through downtown Madison. Going to be on the shores of Lake Michigan tomorrow. Excited for the waves
  8. Lots of rain and lots of wind coming. Gonna be a classic fall storm
  9. Green Bay just tied their monthly record high of 75. Set all the way back in 2020
  10. had a record warm low of 62 yesterday, now picking up some beneficial light rainfall. Up to 0.31" for the event so far
  11. getting so ice pellets mixed with rain here with the heavier showers
  12. Just had some thunder with some post frontal storms moving in. This is certainly one of the more dynamic systems we've had recently.
  13. surprise tornado warning in SE Wisconsin. Looks like multiple spinups in a QLCS
  14. Already down to 31 at my house. Cold air drainage working well tonight
  15. A good number of them are though. Once again, poor people will be disproportionally affected by this hurricane.
  16. Listening to the EMS for Lee County is pretty rough, so many disabled people stranded in water or people in mobile homes stranded in water
  17. good thing they don't have state income tax so they can put that money into home insurance
  18. Hurricane Michael, 4 years ago
  19. low cuts from Omaha to Duluth, we get record high temps and a highly forced lined of storms. QLCS tornadoes galore. Fargo gets 30"
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