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  1. Seems like flash flooding may be the bigger threat for the metro. Line isn’t in a particular hurry. I am over 4” since midnight.
  2. Broad rotation NE of Brinfield moving towards Dunlap
  3. Issued a tor watch
  4. Going to be a solid rain producer regardless, well over 2” since midnight with a heavy rain falling at the moment. It is nice to hear thunder, been awhile.
  5. Leaves stripped from the palm trees in that video. As a Midwesterner, I am not certain what wind speed they usually can withstand?
  6. Staying strong with the pinpoint eye. Will be interesting to see if terrain interaction sparks an ERC
  7. Yep. Kind of sad when I can spend 2 weeks focused of the tropics and not miss anything interesting with respect to sensible weather up here.
  8. Reinforced concrete or not, I don't think any structure can be counted on to withstand 200mph gusts.
  9. This general area has been getting trained by tornadic cells. Brutal
  10. Current radar image from Corpus is an amazing thing to behold.
  11. From him... that's unbelievable. Holy smokes.
  12. Ugh. Brutal that these people did not heed warnings or were not properly prepared for this storm. Can't imagine myself trying to survive something like this, much less with a baby.
  13. In the eye it appears
  14. Damn
  15. He is just slowly being blown backwards it seems