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  1. 16.27” rain report at NAS Pensacola already.
  2. Gulf shores/orange beach are getting smoked and it will only get worse as this thing crawls on in edit: typo
  3. Those hybrid clippers seem to always overperform as well, at least locally. I will happily skip the models constantly shitting the bed and each storm becoming a strung out piece of garbage.
  4. Obviously not local, but this is insane.
  5. As long as we get out of the Late Oct-Early Nov storm, 2 months of nothing, then winter until May pattern; I will be happy.
  6. Yeah, we jumped to sweatshirt weather in a hurry
  7. At 2.00” on the nose of much needed rain today.
  8. Getting rolled right now. Quality light show.
  9. Went from Summer straight to mid-fall with the calendar change. Walking out to 53 this morning was refreshing.
  10. Ride the drought train! We’ve got room for everyone!
  11. Recon headed back north for another pass. The way this thing is going we will probably be sub 940.
  12. LOT shot off a erroneous flash flood warning this afternoon. Confused the hell out of me when I looked at the radar.
  13. zzzzzz Some top notch weather on tap, but man is it boring.