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  1. Last two days have produced heavy rates with these pop up showers.
  2. 112/37 there for a RH of 8%.
  3. Absolutely. After the stickiness of the last week, was a perfect day to spend on the golf course.
  4. Storms exploded near sugar grove as that line interacted with the outflow boundary
  5. Storms 10 miles north, storms 10 miles south, and I have to fire up the sprinkler to water my new sod. Awesome....
  6. Definitely need the rain, yet it looks like we may shoot the gap.
  7. Torched away at 92 today
  8. Rotation on that storm NE of Bloomington.
  9. What a sweet time of the year for a long vacation. I would be golfing until my shoulders explode, hahaha
  10. And it's warned
  11. Storm ahead of it in New Milford is rotating as well
  12. Yep. The old "stop me if you've seen this exact warning box before"
  13. Rotation right over Dixon. Probably needs a warning
  14. That is a fire tanker in this photo.
  15. 13 vehicle pileup near Tuscola due to dust, hearing of at least one fatality. Some photos from my Facebook friends and such.