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  1. Seems like by the time we have a pattern change that would even support a potential stormier solution, source cold up north might be locked away. Torch time
  2. 2 weeks of full winter with 17”+ on the ground, preceded and followed by warmth. Younger me would have hated this, but older me enjoys it quite a bit. I love tracking storms, but my sleep also enjoys not staying awake for model runs.
  3. New climo - 2 weeks of winter preceded and followed by torch. Random 3 week cold snap in late april/early may when we are all fully in spring mode.
  4. You guys dumped your idiot head coach, so there is hope... Now if you are a steelers fan, there is no hope.
  5. I think we can now safely assume that any reported snow measurements are slant sticked. Very hard to get a good measurement through the jail cell door.
  6. Temp up to 34 with roads in great shape. Sidewalks/parking lots still slick/slushy.
  7. Sounds like multiple interstate closures downstate due to ice/wrecks
  8. I would feel bad for you, but I’m still bitter about the 1,000,000” inches you hit last year while I stared at brown all season
  9. We love our hot tub in the cold, when there is no wind. If its windy I quickly build up the "beard ice" and it gets miserable fast.
  10. Flakes are pumping again as the backside moves through. May pick up another quick half inch
  11. Been pounding pretty good for the last hour and a half or so. Added 1.7”, at 9.9” with snow still falling.
  12. Big slug of moisture coming from the south. If that stays on track could pick up another inch or two
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