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  1. With trump pushing the social distancing guidelines out to the end of April, it is my assumption that pritzker keeps the state on lockdown for at least 2 additional weeks into mid-late April. Will be interesting to see if that huge jump of 1,100 cases is an aberration or another datapoint on an exponential infection rate. If we are 1,500+ tomorrow, it wouldn’t surprise me to see additional shutdowns or restrictions of businesses that were previously allowed to open.
  2. 18 additional deaths. Plus Joe Diffie died, reportedly from COVID 19 as well. Not a huge celebrity, but big in late 90’s country music for sure
  3. Certainly not often you can say “good thing we were isolated at home due to a virus”, but it is sounding like that is the case in Jonesboro. Reports and aerial photos are showing heavy damage to the mall and business district, an area reportedly nearly empty due to virus precautions. Certainly numerous injuries and fatalities avoided. You would certainly normally consider a mall taking a direct hit at 5-6pm on a Saturday a worst case scenario.
  4. Tightening up again NW of the old rotation, right over downtown
  5. Hopefully it’s not simply cycling. If it drops another one it may be right in the metro
  6. And ramping up with each frame. Rockford is downstream if this thing stays down
  7. Don’t see anything on CC, but it looks even tighter now NE of town
  8. Yeah looking tighter, headed generally towards @cyclone77