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  1. Backed my way into a half inch today as storms crawled and pulsed overhead
  2. From LOT's morning AFD In fact, if no rain falls within the next 6 days, May 2023 will be the 2nd driest on record in Chicago beyond 1992 when 0.30" of rain fell.
  3. With .04" and no rain in the forecast for the extended, time to dust off this puppy.
  4. Well the weather is boring a f right now. but the good kind of boring.
  5. These both almost look like chipseal, just one newer than the other.
  6. Yep, paid our dues for that early season stretch of 80's. No hitting the gas straight towards Best Climo
  7. ISP stating they are starting reconstruction, sounding like multiple casualties. Doesn't help that 55 through that area is flat, straight, and basically an 85+ mph drag strip.
  8. Wind has created full blown dust storm conditions with aa 100 car pile up closing 55 south of Springfield.
  9. Light pollution typically sucks too much for me to even see much, but the clouds did not clear before I called it a night last night.
  10. As much as I envy you in the dead of winter, this shit would blow in spring.
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