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  1. Broad rotation just went overhead here in sycamore. nothing exceptionally noteworthy but a nice wind punch followed
  2. That area has a strange look on velocity at the moment.
  3. Trailing cell may follow 88 all the way in
  4. Lining up nicely to get smoked by the earned cell near Rochelle
  5. Yeah I am expecting to be cleared out nicely around the noon hour. Plenty of time to crank before initiation.
  6. Going to be a line of significant rain totals from Peoria to N Burbs. Some serious training in that area. Meanwhile, my back yard has been dry all day.
  7. Quoting an old reply here, but I also filled out the survey and in general favor a "blend" of the two options. Continue to use the advisory as that is an easily identifiable indicator to the public that the weather event warrants at least some attention. However, begin using plain language in the advisory text. If those who view the advisory have a jargon free summary of what weather to expect, I feel the advisory will be better fulfilling its purpose and the elimination will be unnecessary.
  8. Full blown monsoon under this band
  9. Still a tropical depression clear into MO
  10. Some rotation in that storm near Peru. I think it’s the same one that dropped a quick landspout near Dunlap
  11. Yeah, had a tight couplet for a scan or two right in that general area