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  1. You guys are due to get smoked, and I have zero issues watching a big storm hit MSP in November. Enjoy it, and post some pics!
  2. As I am building a house right now and need some settling to occur, I am fully in support of some temp swings. Need my backfill you settle in. Felt almost balmy at 36 today. Funny how a few days of cold alters our perception.
  3. Apparently this snow photo is from Australia
  4. Dusting so far on elevated surfaces and grass, roads fine with the temp just a shade above 32
  5. Looking like a solid high end advisory event for N IL. Should slam right through 10” on the season before mid November, off to quite the fast start.
  6. For sure. Areas where you cannot see the snow as the tree just dumped everything
  7. Temps crashed to 14 last night with the blanket of snow
  8. Big burst of +sn, starting to have some issues with blowing. Also starting to have some tree branches come down.
  9. Pound town under this band. If this pivots overhead for any period of time, we may really stack up a few inches