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  1. Brutal drive home from peoria this evening. Multiple flooded roads, along with heavy rain and high winds making visibility near zero at times. Driving the interstate made it feel like mid-winter driving conditions, with the average speed of traffic <45mph. 2.00" on the nose today.
  2. Definitely a bit strange to go all in with the mediocre performance of the models thus far. Slightly OT; but the last time I saw some crazy flooding in Peoria, I was in college living on the hilltop. Entire riverfront was flooded, with a series of scaffolding constructed so that we could get to the now closed "old Chicago". Lots of damage.
  3. Insane. Looks like a post landfall hurricane rainfall map
  4. Got clipped by a thunderstorm, not much rain but enough to wash in the weed and feed on the lawn. Also enough thunder to wake the baby.
  5. Love these days when the warmup downshifts and races out of the gate. 27 a 6am, now up to 69
  6. With the spread of the suburbs in the last 50 years, the risk of a catastrophic tornado simply increases. Like we have rehashed on the board numerous times, it's only a matter of time before the greater Chicago area takes a significant/devastating direct hit, ala Moore, Ok or Joplin.
  7. Got some strong winds yesterday as the line of storms crept north. Was driving down I-39, and my wife pointed out the flying wall of corn husks and dirt right before I drove into it. Probably gusted to 50 or so, enough to pucker the rear end as I watched the semi trailer in front of me swing back and forth.
  8. http://m.daily-chronicle.com/2017/04/14/niu-staff-meteorologist-laid-off/atnf880/ Seems like another victim of our states continued financial ineptitude. Tough one to swallow as I always enjoyed his style of candid forecasting.
  9. That California drought got wiped out quickly
  10. Light rain has cleared out, temps shooting up to 67
  11. Bo winning with frozen precip no matter what season
  12. Trees and grass should take off this weekend with warmth and plenty of wet soil.
  13. Seems like some significant busts on the east coast near the coast
  14. 3.4" via the board. With compaction and melting, not nearly that much on the ground.
  15. What a garbage way to snap the futility record