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  1. Can confirm, have gotten under 32 both nights. Expect another frost tonight
  2. Nice looking tornadic supercell south of Peoria
  3. Some wild flooding photos and videos coming out of the Peoria metro.
  4. After days of LOT pounding the “heavy rain and severe flooding” drum (and more recently the severe potential drum); I ended up with a less than impressive .88” yesterday. The sump pump didn’t even fire up. Looking forward to some nice temps this week.
  5. Some models hinting at N IL getting smoked with rain from the tropical remnants this weekend
  6. Fertilized regularly and I tend to keep it higher, so it doesn’t take much growth to get that shaggy look.
  7. Funny enough, my gauge also shows .81” this morning. Back to mowing 3 times a week
  8. I think I have been under more warnings today than the entire summer season. On my second severe thunderstorm warning with a tornado warning slipped in as well.
  9. Gut wrenching. Absolute panic and terror in her voice
  10. Absolutely incredible for this area of the world. The stadium effect within the eye must be incredible (if you survive long enough to see it)
  11. There are going to be whole islands swept to the sand in this, absolutely incredible storm. Have some concern with the variables mentioned earlier in thread of this storm continuing precariously close to the FL coast. I would be headed out if I was a resident.
  12. Wow. Upgrade probably forthcoming shortly. What a beast.