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  1. Snow tapering, picked up a quick 1.1”
  2. Was expecting a shutout, been snowing for about 15 minutes and already have whitened everything up nicely. Wouldn’t be surprised to see an inch or so.
  3. Nothing like some mid-December “zzzzzzzzzzz’s”
  4. Got a couple tenths with the clipper
  5. Yikes. Talk about one step forward, two steps back.
  6. Wind has been screaming here all day today. Just spent an entire shift babysitting downed lines, poles, and trees.
  7. Yep, but it’s a start. Get the ground cold and hopefully have a good setup to get a white Christmas
  8. He has been slamming some gems out the last few days. Always enjoy reading his and Izzi’s AFD’s
  9. Have you even read the well thought out and reasoned posts by the Mets and other posters? RC lays out the pattern change players quite well in the December thread, and gives some well reasoned thoughts. Your negativity for the sake of negativity is getting old.
  10. Nausea inducing screw hole there
  11. Holy smokes. I had no idea they had that significant of a snow drought going on.
  12. Quite frankly, I prefer the slow downward transition as opposed to the violent swings we saw last year. These warmer days are giving me plenty of time to get the Christmas decorations up and any last minute winter prep done to the yard.
  13. Bottom dropped out last night. Got down to 15
  14. winter is coming, it’s going to get cold. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  15. Nice overachiever yesterday, now have some ice pellets mixed in with rain this morning