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  1. The heat alone is impressive, but the dews are incredible. Can almost watch the grass grow
  2. 93/78/108 backyard station may be running a bit hot, but incredible nonetheless
  3. 6.77” of precip since April 1. Green out is going to explode
  4. Another .61" of rain overnight. As ALEK said, when it flips, it will be a freaking rainforest.
  5. Freeze warning fail, only made it down to 34. Looks like we will try again this evening.
  6. Wow. Let's pull that much liquid equivalent, along with good cold in place, come December. You know we drought from August to March. Come on now.
  7. Definitely going to have some nice rainfall totals in E IA and NW IL
  8. If we are going to have a delayed start to warmer temps, at least we have been consistently cool and delayed with the leaf out. Nothing like a super late season snow falling on leafed out trees.
  9. 1.9" on the board and grassy surfaces.
  10. Three, maybe 4 distinct areas of circulation in that storm
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