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  1. Baby stepping towards the inevitable strung out garbage
  2. I’m shocked. It’s so rare for something to go to strung out garbage
  3. Last year we even got the rug yanked in the extreme short range. Fun times. I will take long range vanishing snowstorms over storms going strung out garbage 18 hours before onset.
  4. For sure. The covid thread is a ****ing train wreck. It held on for so long as polite discourse, but the light-handed moderation let it fest into a cancer. We need a storm to track.
  5. I was under the impression that everyone who would consider themselves a weather enthusiast would have at least a basic grasp of science. It appears I was wrong.
  6. 10:1 map... @Chicago Storm is going to have to go on his rant again.
  7. To return to the drug use discussion, as someone who supervises defendants for the courts; I can say unequivocally that drug use has increased. This is not as a "direct" result of COVID per se, but a tertiary effect resulting from probation, parole, and court systems modify their meeting and drug testing procedures. With many court hearings being done virtually, it makes it much easier for usage to go unnoticed. However, to a certain degree, those taking advantage of the current situation and using would have likely taken any opportunity to use. Drug use is a different pandemic upon itself. Lets not try to compare covid deaths to drug use increases/suicide deaths as if there are equivocal. The are not even close.
  8. Sounds like pritzker is making an announcement on statewide restrictions today
  9. Illinois with 12,601 new cases and 97 deaths.
  10. That has to be foam insulation board, or incredibly high winds as that is not falling like a sheet of plywood
  11. Some of angry’s nonsense and my increasingly hostile replies have been removed.
  12. I would agree. Depends on the sample size as well, but those are encouraging numbers.