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  1. Flakes flying in DKB. Not expecting anything, but a reminder that it is in fact February
  2. Nice little cell just rolled through. Feels like summer with the rain hitting the windows
  3. These stats are unreal. Would be hard pressed to find anyone who thought the late December pattern change would bring anything like this.
  4. That's what I get for trying to get cute.
  5. OVER/UNDER Chicago, IL ORD: 74.5 (record: 75) Under Rockford, IL RFD: 71.5 (record: 70) Over Milwaukee, WI MKE: 70.5 (record: 68) Under Moline, IL MLI: 76.5 (record: 74) Tie St. Louis, MO STL: 80.5 (record: 85) Over Indianapolis, IN IND: 72.5 (record: 76) Over Fort Wayne, IN FWA: 71.5 (record: 73) Over Tiebreaker 1: Guess the exact high temperature on Wednesday at Champaign, IL (CMI): 74.8 Tiebreaker 2: Guess the exact low temperature on Wednesday at Chicago, IL (ORD) 49
  6. 55 IMBY as of 11:30, up from a low of 25 @ 7:00am.
  7. "I or Incomplete" This winter is like the college student who showed up for the first two weeks of the semester, and hasn't been seen since. Hasn't officially dropped the course, but we all know he is gone.
  8. Looking like some nice February golf weather this weekend/early next week. College kids will be busting out the shorts as if it is April.
  9. Most accumulation I have had in a while, and I could probably count the flakes on the driveway by hand
  10. Total for Jan, disregard wind data as I have an integrity issue due to placement of the station. Jan17.pdf
  11. Also, pretty brutal when you run it out 384 hours and see less that 4" of snow for the duration of the run.
  12. Yeah, with this pattern the D0 on the drought map will spread soon.
  13. Yep. If it isn't going to snow, warm up so the golf courses get opened up. I've got the itch to play.
  14. I believe terrain plays into it as well. I read somewhere about the bluffs playing a part.
  15. I had thought about starting this thread, but I started January so I am glad you are running with the mojo.