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  1. Nice manageable slide into winter. Played golf last weekend with mood flakes this weekend. Gotta get outside and finish those last second winter preparations around the house today.
  2. I’d shoot north up 39 to see if you can get on that cell near Peru. Storm speed may be challenging though
  3. I saw that the radar is operating normally, there is just some issue with getting the feed to the web.
  4. The terrifying part is the a simple east wobble puts the metro into the same position. Hours of eyewall pummeling
  5. Cam is basically just “washing machine” view now. Can no longer readily identify anything other than sloshing grey waves
  6. It’s spending more time under water than above
  7. Seems like the water jumps another foot or two on the cam in the past few minutes. Unreal
  8. Grand isle a few minutes from getting absolutely raked by the NE and E eyewall. Looks like it will miss the eye and be in the worst case scenario.
  9. Temp sensor at DKB has taken a dump... Can confirm its not -27 degrees currently KDKB 281415Z AUTO 22008KT 10SM CLR M33/M34 A3010 RMK AO2 T13281344
  10. Storms shitting out on approach but the outflow knocked out power
  11. Area along and north of 88 into the city should get rolled nicely through the evening
  12. Numerous cold air funnels out this way this afternoon
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