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  1. Instead of blanket advisories handling the warning events for GRR, it will be bare map all the time. Good luck public, check the conditions yourselves on our state of the art radar page.
  2. Finally more grass than snow out there. Pretty insane to have a non-stop snowpack from December 29th to March. With “what have you done for me lately” in mind, this winter is an easy A+. But the brutal December is not easily forgotten and will knock it to a B+. The 2021 part of this winter was top notch for our climo. Sustained deep cold over an expansive and deep snowcover.
  3. Yep, still have another good week plus of snowcover even with mild temps. Time to start ramping towards spring.
  4. Looking more And more like a dry slot nonevent for LOT.
  5. Pretty random and localized 10 minutes of +sn just passed overhead
  6. Team Traeger! @UMB WX is just jealous that he cannot have succulent, perfectly smoked meat himself.
  7. Looking forward to a warmup. Winter fatigue has set in, have not had a day with < 2” of snowcover yet this year. Wild winter stretch considering we were discussing futility records just 8-9 weeks ago.
  8. Obviously not a perfect map, but impressive nonetheless.
  9. Shit isn’t good out here in the stix. 19” base of powder that had plenty of time to dry out with -20 dews is blowing like crazy. Snagged this from a Facebook group, but it’s a fair representation of our east/west roads.
  10. First flakes of the event flying. Wind is ripping already. East west roads are drifting heavily in open areas
  11. Almost strange not to have a mid January thaw. Became quite accustomed to the random 50+ day in January, usually snuck in a winter golf day. As it’s going, Feb has a decent shot of having snowcover the entire month as well. If you had told me on the brown Christmas Day that 2021 would start white and I would make it to Valentine’s Day without seeing grass, I would not have believed you.
  12. NAM is going ctrl-c/ctrl-v from the current storm. Potentially going to be a historically large area with significant snow depths