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  1. Pivot set up over RFD/DKB as advertised overnight. Sitting around 3-4”
  2. Absolutely ripping. Best rates of the season, however low that bar is
  3. RFD to DKB is going to be the sweet spot with the pivot
  4. That’s insane. Pouring fatties here, roads whitening up now
  5. Pouring fatties. Once a layer of slush gets on the pavement it will start accumulating fast
  6. Getting close to a changeover, good amount of snowflakes mixing in now
  7. Didn’t they delay the rollout because it was performing so poorly? And this is what we got...
  8. Man. Apparently I hadn’t updated the app lately, haha
  9. Some rain and some ice sounding pings on the windshield on the way home. An aside, When did they add super-res correlation coefficient? It’s sweeet
  10. To be fair, there was some pretty serious evap cooling near STL last night. Temps may be a degree or two higher, but I still think somewhere between MBY and the Hillside Strangle see's 5"+
  11. Eagerly awaiting handpicked model showing rain and "here comes the rain again" video.
  12. Loving the bitching pivot point action the NAM is throwing out over MBY.
  13. Yeah, feeling pretty good about a decent event. Been nice to have flakes falling all day out the window. Actually looks like winter.