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  1. Area NW of Cedar Rapids just needs to tighten up a bit and it will be a big problem
  2. There are reports of damage in Lake City.
  3. Definitely having an “old man yells at cloud” moment regarding these weird ass badges.
  4. I read an article where a guy suggested that to save jobs from the keystone pipeline AND solve the drought in the west, we should build the rainwater pipeline from the Midwest/south to the west.
  5. Rainiest day of the event so far IMBY. 1.17” so far with more likely coming
  6. As buildings typically don’t just crumble in the US, regardless of the death toll, this will be one of the worst period. An apartment building that collapsed in an instant, at night, with no warning is about as as apocalyptic as it gets. I expect we will hear of 60-70+ deaths as they work through the rubble. With the speed of the collapse, many of these victims were likely buried under tons and tons of rubble before they could have any idea what was happening.
  7. You don’t get this deep into a drought and go all in on a rainer that is going south
  8. 80% chance of rain in my point last night, and wake up to some sunshine and the rain missing to my south. Definitely has not been my season so far.
  9. All reports I am seeing are of minor injuries at this time, with the usual caveats of it being very early applying.
  10. Rotation near Crete on a little QLCS type spin up
  11. Scanner are going nuts from Naperville all across the southwestern burbs for collapsed buildings and technical rescue teams.
  12. Good number of “kinks” in the line towards the south end. Maybe see a number of quick spin ups
  13. Could have used “tornado emergency” language as well without a problem given the radar confirmation
  14. Its getting worse. Couplet is continuing to grow and intensify over burr ridge.
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