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  1. 48 here. Had to go around in the middle of the night and shut the windows in the kiddo's rooms.
  2. Going to be another rinse and repeat season. Warm snowless November Warm snowless December - "I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas..." Hoosier starts talking futility records in snowless start to January Snowy February Snowy March Snow in April, dear god make it stop Cold start to May
  3. One of the few times I wish I live in far southern IL. 2 paths of totality in such a short time is baller.
  4. Some minor flash flooding in the DeKalb area. 2.16” of rain so far and still pounding.
  5. 2" already on top of the 1.30" yesterday with the train lining up for the area right between the 90-88 corridor.
  6. The Atlantic basin is impressively dead.
  7. Every time I look at the map of Dorian I am amazed that South Florida was spared by the hard right run, and the absolute brutality as it sat and spun over the bahamas.
  8. Already over a foot with a few hours of heavy rain coming
  9. Seems like the first time in forever that a storm woke me up. Got 1" of rain overnight.
  10. That E central IL/ W Central IN area is brutal for the crops. Saw some photos of knee high corn last week.
  11. Just a casual 20ft rise in 12 hours.
  12. Somehow dry since midnight, which is impressive considering the radar replay
  13. 93/81/115 imby. I think it’s high on the temp by a degree or two, but it’s miserable outside
  14. Storm went full monsoon overhead. 1.15” in 20 minutes
  15. Dry FROPA. Lawns starting to stress, which I don't necessarily mind with $6 gas...
  16. I will take 99’s for eternity if you could guarantee that would could forever avoid more snow measurement nonsense
  17. P&C already has me at 98 next tuesday.
  18. Appleton is going to get rolled by the bow of the line
  19. Yep. Much like GHD, maybe we will get derecho 2
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