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  1. 2 day rain total. T. Should change my zip code to Phoenix.
  2. Getting the outflow winds and the smell of rain as this severe warned cell misses me by 1 mile
  3. Completely browned out up here. I mowed the other days and needed a respirator between the dust and the cottonwood seeds
  4. Rain total today…. 0.0”. shocker
  5. I have a higher accumulation of cottonwood seeds than rain on the month.
  6. Raining around us today, but continuing the “nada” stretch here.
  7. I have become quite accustomed to the Cape Coral lifestyle lately. Another day of 88-90 degrees, first top popped by 9am in the pool, afternoon siesta, more floating and drinking until sunset. Going to be a real slap in the face to return to the land of dry, cloudy, cool, and boring.
  8. Or just set up in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa, and you will be fine.
  9. Actually got my first frost of this cool snap last night. Odd as my area tends to be one of the cooler areas locally.
  10. Drought talk is going to be at full volume soon for the areas north of 80 in IL. I think drought alone will be a big feedback mechanism for an above normal summer.
  11. It's May 10th, and ORD has been above normal for the month in 3 of the 4 completed months this year. May is not banging out super low temps which will severely skew the average thus far, and I have no reason to believe it wont follow the general above average trend as well. I would think a "below average" call for really any portion of the summer months is likely a long shot.
  12. Temps over performing nicely here today. Cracked 60 with full sun, actually a solid day.
  13. Picked up a much needed .71" here, but was riding the northern fringe most of the evening. I assume the totals drop off substantially just N and NE.
  14. Razor sharp cutoff on the northern edge between heavy rain (and potential snow) and nothing. Modes seem to be homing in on placing that line right across the IL/WI border
  15. "It's not 85 and sunny in my back yard, so the pattern obviously did not change."
  16. The past several seasons demonstrate that it will flip, and it will flip hard. From 60s to 90s. Although I consider this spring to have been better than the past several years
  17. Model agreement is off the charts. There is no way this will not happen. Buried.
  18. Lots of “confirmed tornado” wording in the warnings downstate with very few reports.
  19. Warning advising confirmed tornado over Niantic.
  20. Looks to be winding up again right over the interstate
  21. Looking to take a straight shot at the southern end of Decatur, Mt Zion, Elwin area on that oath
  22. At this point I am simply excited at the possibility of getting enough rain to rinse the dust off the truck.
  23. Downed wires and structure/grass fires everywhere
  24. You may ask yourself, where is my warm front?
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