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  1. miller.b.time

    May 27-29 Severe Potential

    Funnel cloud reported in Westfield, IN, according to PD. They blew the sirens, although there wasn’t a TW issued. The cell has been severe warned.
  2. miller.b.time

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    Sun out now and temps up about 7° in the past hour in Indpls. Don’t know what’s left for us, but would like to get at least a little thunder out of the day.
  3. miller.b.time

    January 24 - 31 Cold Blast

    Does NWS not issue PDS Wind Chill Warnings anymore? Because some of these numbers would seem to warrant it.
  4. miller.b.time

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Finally getting pingers north of Indy. It’s almost as if we might see a little snow today.
  5. miller.b.time

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Raining north of Indy. Oh well. Should switch over at some point, but it’s gonna kill those totals. Good luck everyone else lol.
  6. miller.b.time

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Apologies. Yes, it's 4-7" north of Marion Co. I'm assuming that they are factoring wind into the warning? Or the .1" of ice plus wind? Not sure.
  7. miller.b.time

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    As did IND. 4-7".
  8. miller.b.time

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    WSWs hoisted for IND. 4-6".
  9. miller.b.time

    Resources for Learning

    You might check out Tim Vasquez's nightly weather broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA6mm30VIccQaYjABLaQ6Eg. He talks through his forecasting process with upper-air charts and models. It's accessible and informative. Also, all of his books are fantastic: http://www.weathergraphics.com/
  10. miller.b.time

    November 5th, 2017 Severe Weather Event

    Getting pea-sized hail in Carmel right now.
  11. miller.b.time

    Feb 28th - March 1st Severe Weather Outbreak

    URGENT - IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED Tornado Watch Number 49 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 1130 PM EST Tue Feb 28 2017 The NWS Storm Prediction Center has issued a * Tornado Watch for portions of Northern through southeastern Indiana Extreme northern Kentucky Western to central Ohio * Effective this Tuesday night and Wednesday morning from 1130 PM until 700 AM EST. * Primary threats include... A few tornadoes possible Scattered damaging wind gusts to 70 mph possible Isolated large hail events to 1.5 inches in diameter possible SUMMARY...The severe-storm threat will continue along the northern parts of the watch near the Michigan border, and increase farther south through the remainder of the pre-dawn hours, along and ahead of an approaching cold front. Damaging gusts, a few tornadoes, and isolated hail are possible. See SPC mesoscale discussion 228 for initial meteorological reasoning. The tornado watch area is approximately along and 70 statute miles either side of a line from 45 miles north northeast of Lafayette IN to 30 miles south southeast of Dayton OH. For a complete depiction of the watch see the associated watch outline update (WOUS64 KWNS WOU9).
  12. miller.b.time

    Feb 28th - March 1st Severe Weather Outbreak

    Is SPC going to bring central/southern IN into this rodeo at some point?
  13. miller.b.time

    Feb 28th - March 1st Severe Weather Outbreak

    Sorry for the complete noob question, but where on the CoD website does one find these soundings?
  14. miller.b.time

    2016-2017 Autumn/Winter Banter, Whining, Complaining Thread

    I grew up in Maryville. Was home last week for Thanksgiving, and I couldn't get over how much smoke there was. Even saw a couple of fires from 75 heading north. They definitely need that rain.
  15. miller.b.time

    6/19-6/23 Severe Weather Risk

    Getting ready for this thing in Carmel. Can see the lightning from the NW.