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  1. How well is the RAP known to perform? still a bit novice to reading models but RAP seems to be the only one still showing something significant
  2. some good news to share perhaps though. looks like china has had its first day without cases within the country. all from foreigners coming in
  3. Was about to say the same thing. UH streaks look concerning
  4. Sitting at 77/74 with near 4000 CAPE a county to the south of me and can't seem to get a storm to go. Hopefully something can take form and take advantage of this environment. It's miserable out
  5. 00z HRRR looking pretty decent tomorrow for N IL and NW IN. Will take it with a slight grain of salt though with recent HRRR performance.
  6. Looking like pretty good rotation on cell heading into Peoria rn and TOR warned...
  7. SPC was on the mark today with this threat. Kudos to them. Although we just became aware of a threat like this only around 24 hours ago they did a good job. The only thing ofc would be the issuance of the PDS watch in Central OK
  8. Anyone have particular thoughts on Tuesday's setup? In terms of intensity and areas to most watch our for
  9. If we can get some storms going a little earlier in the day around late afternoon a decent threat could set up in parts of IL, S Wisconsin and NW Indiana. 18z Nam showing modest convection but nothing major yet.
  10. 00z GFS looking very volatile looks like a decent shot for some severe in this subforum especially beginning and middle of next week. Very much looking forward to some good storms and warmth in the future!