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  1. I'm surprised you have any healthy ash trees left down there. The emerald ash borer wiped out almost all of them in Michigan in the past 10 years.
  2. Did you notice the second tornado/waterspout that occurred to the nw of the main tornado? Around the time the above tornado was roping out, I looked to the north from m25 and could see a second funnel and thin condesation funnel about 3 miles nnw. The funnel went behind the treeline so I couldn't get a good look to see if/where it was on the ground at. I found a video online that appears to show the second tornado/spout I seen. https://m.facebook.com/groups/147834125298027/permalink/4161742787240454/?anchor_composer=false
  3. https://www.facebook.com/564090982/videos/260458999220451/ link to video from todays port austin tornado. not the greatest thing in the world recording with my phone but for a michigan tornado not hidden in rain/grunge ill take it.
  4. Btw this touched down less then a mile from where last months ef2 hit. As it roped out
  5. It was on the ground for about 5 miles missed pretty much any structures minus one barn it destroyed. I have more pictures and video just need to figure out how to post the video since I hate technology
  6. Port Austin mi tornado ef2 with 120 mph winds
  7. 6 non life threatening injuries. Damage pictures look like high end ef1 type damage. https://m.facebook.com/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTgzMDQwMjkyNTU4OjEwMTU5MTU5MDM4MzQ3NTU5 We got Very lucky up here. There wasn't a warning for this and based on a similar storm I was following about 8 miles west right before this touched down there was little or no lightning. There was a festival going on in downtown port Austin proper called porchfest where a bunch of bands play music on the larger open porch/front yards of homes in town and people walk place to place. Another 3/4 of a mile north would have taken it through the center of town with lots of people in the open and no real idea of how bad it would get. It could have been a pretty bad situation. Btw anyone have the radar loop from around 5-6pm for around the upper thumb of mi? I have radarscope but don't have the yearly subscription for archived products. The storm I was on moved onshore south of caseville with a ground scraping lowering and a decent radar dig but moved offshore without producing. Im curious what the storm by port Austin looked like since I didn't see anything of note before looking away from my phone to drive home.
  8. Port Austin mi 15 miles north of me got bit by an unwarned tornado earlier. Reports of some possible injuries. I'll have to go tomorrow to see if I can get any pictures
  9. You would think with that type of swing something interesting would have had to have occurred in that two week span but zzzzzzz
  10. Central Nebraska, north Platte?, At 285 days is unbelievable, they are only 5 days ahead of Marquette.
  11. https://www.kbtx.com/2021/04/19/new-strain-of-covid-19-identified-by-texas-am-researchers/
  12. A local hospital in Sandusky mi who doesn't have an icu had to transfer covid patients to Toledo Ohio for care as the nearest place able to take them. Sandusky is about 90 miles north of Detroit so and about 60-70 miles from Saginaw/Flint so from them to have to go to Toledo to find open bed shows how bad the situation is up here right now https://www.wnem.com/news/increase-in-covid-19-cases-making-it-hard-for-thumb-region-hospitals-to-provide-adequate/article_400aa316-9e2a-11eb-a5d1-83e481510428.html?fbclid=IwAR1uj9tKxyecXoU7pcxVF7B5t3Cr_MwbyBc48WBNnuleT8Ly1Yl59S_Kvfo
  13. Him and his wife had to go to the local credit union last Thursday to do some paperwork for there house. They both got sick Monday. Today it was announced the credit union is closed til monday. No reason was given but I've got a good idea why.....
  14. My supervisor is out with a covid like illness waiting on his test result. If positive it will be the second time in 5 months he had gotten covid as he tested positive and was sick in early December.
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