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  1. July 2017 Discussion

    Dayton hit 90 in the obs today.....
  2. July 5-8 Severe Threats

    C man station west of grand haven gusted to 91mph
  3. July 2017 Discussion

    To quote Chicago storm: lol
  4. 2017 Spring/Summer Banter, Whining, Complaining Thread

    I find the 0 for the Hastings Nebraska office really amazing.
  5. Feb. 6-7th Storm Potential

    I Remember a few days ago the euro run showing a 965 mb low on superior. Now we might be lucky to have it sub 1000 mb before entering Canada. Horrible
  6. 2016 Short/Medium Term Severe Thread

    Airport here was 39 gusts to 59. No power issues thankfully. Second year in a row November produce the best storm.of the year imby
  7. October 2016 General Discussion

    Nice hailers in northern lower right now. Strong rotation on one good thing its elavated. Not your typical mid October morning
  8. July 2016 General Discussion

    At least your getting rain.
  9. 2016 Spring/Summer Banter, Complaint, Whining Thread

    A meat market near me has the slogan "nobody beats our meat".
  10. July 2016 General Discussion

    Need a lot more than an inch and a half of rain over a two week period in mid summer to help the dryness for more than a day or two
  11. 2016 Spring/Summer Banter, Complaint, Whining Thread

  12. 2016 Spring/Summer Banter, Complaint, Whining Thread

    Worst type of weather today hot and muggy with almost zero chance of storms.
  13. May 2016 General Discussion.

    Been watching a nice lightning display for the past hour and a half first just north of me and now south. Nice and isolated for the first hour to really get to see the whole tower lighting up against a clear backdrop vs the usual mcs blob. Just wished it would have rained imby for the garden.
  14. May 2016 General Discussion.

    I'm off work til mid June because if surgery but I can still drive. I'm going to be pretty disappointed if there isn't any locally to go look at in that timeframe. Hell at this point I'll take just some thunderstorms period let alone SVR or TOR
  15. March 23-24 System

    Saved by a degree here. Temp at 32 with heavy rain too heavy for any freezing. About 2/10 of an inch of ice with a few branches and a bigger limb here and there down. It could have been a lot worse with just a degree or two difference