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  1. Michigan restaurant and loggging association is suing the state over the new ban on indoor dining https://www.record-eagle.com/state/restaurants-sue-to-try-to-stop-new-whitmer-ban-on-dining/article_456b9290-2224-536d-867b-d370ece67fe2.html
  2. Im more impressed with Wichita only issuing 2 the entire year to date
  3. Will this be as accurate as your previous prediction?
  4. Alot of people,myself included, were really surprise to hear that the party bus provider was even allowed to operate with the restrictions still in place at ths time. There was also a church locally with a case, a chiropractor who tested positive, and a factory with 3 cases in the past 2 weeks. I think this county has seen like 20 new cases in about a week and a half which is the most since the start of the outbreak. Not many in the overall scheme of things but being a rural area the sudden jump does cause concern especially with the,until very recently, relative lack of precautions people took when out and about.
  5. Four possible exposure sites in my county listed today, all bars, after multiple people test positive who were on a party bus that visited each location the 11th.
  6. there wasnt a person on earth on july 18th 2019 that thought we would be anywhere close to what is happening in the world today. The machine shop i work at had for over a year had been making plans to get out of a high volume low profit line of automotive parts. The end date for the work was mid 2020 there after everyone working those machines would be put in other areas of one of the two buildings on other more profitable work lower volume work. Well 2020 came around with its disastrous attitude and instead of these people being moved to other work many are out of a job since that work slowed to a crawl. My shift of 13 people is down to 4. Im sure the story is similar elsewhere but like you said no one foresaw this occurring. The effects of covid alone cost these people there jobs which otherwise would have been safe.
  7. The fact that this is a legit question,and in early july none the less. just shows how strange 2020 has been so far
  8. Have a GHD level event this winter and i guarantee the coldmistas will have sticky underwear as well....
  9. Going to get extremely dry here in the thumb of mi with no precipitation in the next 7 days at least. Grass is already getting pretty brown and some of the corn crop is getting pretty stressed.
  10. The typical thunderstorm is only several miles wide, the worst conditions maybe a mile or two wide, combine that with a specific location say a town that is a couple miles square and the odds of getting struck are actually quite small. Really it isnt uncommon at all to miss an event and for this area that already has limited opportunities that can lead to some pretty long boring stretches of weather For example today at my house we had a couple garden variety storms nothing to write home about. I caught a storm roughly 13 miles wnw of my house and had some 3/4 in hail with winds gusting to est. 70mph for a good 5 straight mintues with lots of tree and powerline damage and some structural. Almost the entire western third of my county is without power. So 10-15 miles made the difference between a run of the mill storm and probably the worst storm in the immediate area in about 4 years.
  11. Holland mi gusts to 72mph on hourly ob
  12. And it woule be a very high impact event since this will be with trees in full leaf out vs the typical late season bare tree type event
  13. Covid, murder hornets,riots what the hell might as well throw in a november like bomb in june to the list of 2020 accomplishments.
  14. Not everyday do you see the gfs showing a 970mb low just north of lake superior in june...
  15. Went from turning the heat off to putting the ac on in about 10 days over here.