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  1. Well, I hope 12Z 3K NAM is off since it has the next three days being a big fat nothingburger for southern WI.
  2. One year ago today: Spring/summer 2024 has featured relatively more storms (and associated tornadoes) than 2023, but last year was far kinder to me as far as actually seeing them.
  3. Don't want to jinx it but I'm appreciating the lack of >200 AQI days thus far.
  4. Per the webcam at Cassville, the Mississippi River is finally going down a bit. It was certainly high on the 1st when I headed out to catch the Canadian Pacific Railway's restored steam locomotive on its return trip from a tri-national tour special that began in April.
  5. Now highlights for Day 3, 4, 5 covering various parts of MN/IA/WI/IL/IN.
  6. SPC put out a pretty large Day 5 areal highlight this morning, for a good chunk of MN/WI. I'm thinking this is mostly for bowing MCS possibility Sunday night.
  7. Surprised only three reports on the SPC page. Not as prolific as I expected, but what did occur was definitely impressive. From longtime chaser Dan Robinson:
  8. Beryl proved an efficient producer yesterday, and is expected to remain so today. 10%/Enh risk now up for a portion of the western OH Valley.
  9. Beryl proving to be an efficient tornado producer. CAM solutions yesterday hinted at this, and SPC responded by introducing a (somewhat unusual for TC-driven events) 10% area.
  10. Surprised MKX is so bullish on rain chances tonight/tomorrow morning since both HRRR and 3KM NAM have southern WI dry during that period.
  11. The Wisconsin River basin has seen multiple severe flood events in the last 15-20 years; starting with 2007-'08 and again in 2018. The Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom (along the Baraboo River) got flooded in each of those. I'm concerned that that area seems to be getting bulls-eyed a lot in the recent rounds of precip, as well.
  12. 06Z HWRF takes Beryl into relatively remote regions of the Quintana Roo coast, near the Belize border, but everything north of there is still very much in play. For our 1st anniversary in 2022 my wife and I spent a few days at a resort in Puerto Morelos, a little town south of Cancun/due north of Cozumel island.
  13. 18Z HAFS-A is interesting...shows Beryl getting sheared (with help from Jamaica land interaction) to almost a naked swirl by FH036...only to rapidly put itself back together again before the Yucatan. 18Z HWRF is slightly less weenie fuel than the 12Z, but still keeps Beryl a formidable hurricane at closest approach to Jamaica, at landfall in the Yucatan, and on approach to Texas at the end of the run.
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