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  1. Roughly 1 American every minute is dying of this thing. It's causing the equivalent of a 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina every 2-3 days. bUT IT haS a 99.5$ survIval RAtE... The problem is, when you have such an enormous number of cases, 0.5% of that is still a big number. That (plus the several more percent who get severely ill but survive) is also more than enough to burn out every ICU doctor and nurse in the country.
  2. Not too excited about what this system and the other ones coming down the pipe have had to offer in the severe department especially considering what this time of year is capable of (11/10/02, 11/15 & 27/05, 11/17/13, 12/1/18).
  3. Nice flocking on the windward side of trees, signs and other objects. First Snow of Winter 2020-21 by Andy, on Flickr First Snow of Winter 2020-21 2 by Andy, on Flickr
  4. It would seem insane RI close to land is not just an Atlantic/GoM phenomenon this year.
  5. This is how I feel about spring and severe weather. Not wasting 2/3 of it on moisture-scouring cold fronts, getting 2 or 3 "setups" that may or may not bust, then flipping right to summer doldrums. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  6. Technically a "landfall" is only when the center crosses over land. If the eyewall hits land but the exact center stays offshore, the term is "direct hit."
  7. From the beginning it caught my attention that COVID-19 was causing daily death tolls in Italy greater than just about all the weather disasters in the U.S. this century apart from Hurricane Katrina. That's when I knew this was no flu.
  8. Rage-tweeting and spamming lawsuits in MI, PA, WI, GA, AZ and NV.
  9. My fiancée's father lives in San Antonio. He's in his 70s with multiple health issues (diabetes, kidney dialysis) Part of our reasoning for postponing our wedding (which should have happened this month) was to avoid potential exposure to him and other high-risk people in the family so they can be around when we have it next year.
  10. As a *not* winter-lover, I saw "record strong polar vortex" and freaked out a bit...then remembered a strong vortex is what keeps the cold bottled up to the north, right?
  11. Thankfully, "Marco" turned out to be a big ol' nothingburger (it was supposed to be part of the much-ballyhooed "double trouble" of late August), so the call-and-response can possibly occur again in 2026.
  12. First images out of Providencia appear consistent with a Category 5 impact.