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  1. Paulette will be the Leslie ('18) of 2020. Just hanging around by the Azores moving in circles for weeks over SSTs just warm enough to hang on.
  2. Beta House giving it the ol' college try.
  3. At least one post on Storm2K already called Alpha (in reference to the Gulf TD) "she" since Wilfred is a male name.
  4. Probably won on a technicality since 22's recon had to bail.
  5. We can thank UW-Madison for that. But sure, let's play football.
  6. I notice NHC shows it losing longitude at the 120HR point as it approaches 40N. Do they have a reason for discounting the model solutions showing it getting captured and yanked west other than "I don't even wanna go there"?
  7. That forum needs emoji reactions. I'm "SconnieCane" on there.
  8. Yes, like I said though, pass on repeating the accompanying floods in '08. Far outstripped all the tornadoes except Parkersburg for impacts.
  9. There were some isolated reports early on of people with severe symptoms testing positive for both the flu and COVID-19. Could have been an issue with the early tests or they could genuinely have been infected with both viruses at the same time.
  10. Some people made comparisons to '05 early on, in terms of not only potential insane storm counts but also the potential of a western basin-based season without many if any strong hurricanes in the open Atlantic east of 50 degrees and south of 20. The intensifying-into-landfall them though was not there that season, although Wilma was at least holding its own on a secondary post-Yucatan peak after its initial, record-breaking one. The only storm in those two apocalyptic seasons that RI'ed into landfall was Charley.
  11. Accumulated cyclone energy. It's calculated by how long a storm lasts and how intense it gets.
  12. Have the tropical threads in the New England/NY/Mid-Atlantic forums exploded in a giant weenie-gasm yet? I'm scared to look.
  13. ...and Maria, if you count U.S. territories. Of course, then 2018 would also qualify with Michael and Typhoon Yutu striking the Northern Marianas.