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  1. Maybe seeing a smidgen of consistency on the last few GFS runs that somewhere in southeastern Kansas could be interesting next Tuesday, with a potentially significant threat in the mid-South on Wednesday (Rather than haul @$$ for this I might chase lesser potential portrayed over portions of KS/NE for that day). Still far out but some eyebrow-raising EHI values being shown over the NE/IA/KS/MO confluence region on multiple consective runs for next Friday with a system that comes in behind the first one. Consistency falls apart pretty quickly for Father's Day weekend with wild run-to-run differences in how that second system is handled beyond Friday 6/16.
  2. Mentioned this on other forums but the signal was consistent enough on the CFS from 500+ hours out, that I asked for next week off a week ago. Still lots of details TBD.
  3. Noticed 'em yesterday, thought it was a couple weeks early for cottonwood seeds blowing around and suspected the dryness might have something to do with it.
  4. Interestingly, Wisconsin's previous record for single daily tornado count prior to August 18, 2005 was set on May 8, 1988. Must have been literally the only severe weather event of the spring. Given the other similarities, surprising it came when it did instead of very early in the season like 3/31. May have been different in YBY, but in 2012 I recall an exceptionally warm (the infamous "Morch") and dry (exacerbated by the lack of a snowpack to melt off from the previous winter) spring, just continuing through the summer. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  5. This easily ties 2012 for the dullest May/early June stretch of my adult life. Haven't been on a chase since May 7, Keota already feels like it was ages ago. If I'd known how quickly the season was going to die I might have tried harder on April 4. You just don't expect it to be over that early at this latitude. Heck, we still had piles of snow in Madison then.
  6. Pop-up tsra around the area the last couple days; take it over nothing of course but no drought-buster. Training MCS season is desperately needed. Perhaps light at the end of the tunnel around mid-month if the CFS/GFS are to be believed; although where the pattern sets up will determine the haves/have-nots.
  7. True. Tried to wash the Corolla after work today and the automated car wash at the Kwik Trip went stupid and just stopped in the middle of the cycle. The driver in front of me had to back out with his car still covered in soap, and they closed the wash since no one there knew how to service it.
  8. Thought it was just my 2009 Corolla because I don't really care how it looks anymore, but I realized this morning that every car left outside has a grubby, dusty film all over it from the combination of prolonged dryness, air quality issues and construction zones everywhere. I ran the windshield sprayers to clear it out of my view and the fluid ran down black and streaked when the wipers hit it. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  9. Grass turning brown about 3 weeks after it finally turned fully green. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  10. Once again here we are almost to June, and every thunderstorm I've seen this year was because I drove to it.
  11. You see why I get skeptical that we can get sufficient moisture for significant up into this region in late (let alone early, i.e. Winterset '22) March.
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