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  1. One washed out a railroad bridge near Oostburg and derailed a coal train bound for Sheboygan.
  2. 1995 , 2012 . I was only 9 in 1995 but remember it being a very stormy summer. 2012 OTH was unrelenting hot and maddeningly quiet. 1995 also had a very busy spring tornado season leading into the summer heatwave (including the early June Texas Panhandle outbreaks). Which as we know this year has not featured.
  3. Come on, ring of fire... SPC 4-8 outlook sounds like they expect most of it to be along/north of the international border, which figures.
  4. So if I (34) were to be in a car accident, or were to catch COVID-19 and be one of the unfortunate few in my age group who needs hospital treatment, they should turn me away? Gee. thanks.
  5. Good. The only thing worse than a hot and boring pattern is a cold and boring pattern.
  6. Coastal bomb in summer...why not, 2020?
  7. Nearly hydroplaned on Mineral Point eastbound just off the Beltline on my way home.
  8. First peeks of sun all day as the backside of the line clears. Have fun, IL folks.
  9. Never made it above the mid-70s today. Line coming in from the northwest, not expecting it to intensify much more than it already has.
  10. MD out, says "tornado threat will be maximized in southern WI/northern IL." Gonna need to see some sun to be convinced...
  11. Is it me or is MKX radar down now for the last 20-ish minutes?
  12. Not liking all these showers in the late morning.
  13. Oh man, how did I blank on Dorian?
  14. That's what we say about Iowa and Illinois. Except never chase in Iowa because then the tornadoes will be in Illinois, and vice versa.