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  1. Just in time to make it keep snowing through the end of April and virtually eliminate the storm chase season, just like 2018.
  2. I sure hope not. Driving to SW OH (Dayton) and back for a family event late next week (Thursday-Saturday). As of yesterday GFS and Euro both painted upper 30s-low 40s and negligible precipitation.
  3. What else is new this winter? Although, I'm fine with that since I already postponed my birthday celebration due to snow (was on Friday 1/17) until next Friday, so would just as soon not have to do it again.
  4. That's the one thing that did perform pretty close to my expectations. Over 900 wind reports over the two days plus at least three brief but strong (EF2+) tornadoes with embedded supercells. The whole discrete supercells ahead of the line thing always seemed like more of an outside chance than a bona fide threat with this event, to me at least. Lots of soundings with shear vectors parallel to the front, even if there wasn't gnarly VBV in the vertical profile, and the speed shear made for extreme amounts of SRH.
  5. Possibly, but it seems all the expected big dogs last winter (including the one at the end of April, lol) verified on the low end of expected totals.
  6. Over 700 wind reports over the two days. Impressive serial derecho.
  7. @madwx @DanLarsen34 When was the last WSW event for us that actually verified with totals meeting the criteria?
  8. That can't be right. There were at least that many F4+ in the state on April 16, 1998 alone, plus several E/F3+ on days like Veteran's Day 2002, May 4, 2003, Super Tuesday 2008, and April 27, 2011.
  9. WSW downgraded to WWA for Dane. This system has confirmed for me that models are pointless. I quit.
  10. That's about what I expected for today based on some of the issues I saw in forecast soundings. Storms have been intermittently severe with a few confirmed tornadoes, none particularly long-lasting or violent-potential-appearing (in contrast, to, say the 62-mile track beast of December 16th). Not that warnings shouldn't be taken seriously, especially at night.
  11. TDS with the western AR cell. I'd post a radar image but my attachment limit is capped at 0.16 MB.
  12. That is one gnarly tornado-warned LEWP. With it being so close to the radar, hard to tell if the CC is showing a TDS or just noise.