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  1. I'm 35 (was 34 when I got COVID last August). It barely touched me, other than a nearly two-week long total loss of taste and smell. I've had bouts with the flu, even colds where I felt way worse, and for longer. Only really noticed the cough at night for about a week. It put my fiancee, also 34 at the time (she's 4 months older than me) into the hospital for 4 days, although she never had any severe breathing problems she had extreme weakness/lethargy and wild blood pressure fluctuations. It also sent her into kidney failure and she is now on dialysis (granted, she had some preexisting conditions that predisposed her to kidney issues, but her function levels were holding their own before COVID). My friend Dan, a year older and a heavier guy, was in a coma on a ventilator for almost two weeks, nearly died, and still deals with lingering shortness of breath and weakness. He got it early in the pandemic (late March of 2020) when hardly anything was known about COVID-19, let alone how to treat severe cases, so he was lucky to survive.
  2. It's only 300~ hours out... Nice to at least see signs of potential life.
  3. Yeah, I was just watching the aerial video on that linked from Talkweather. Based on the street he named and looking at Google Maps, it looks like it actually missed Palmetto proper to the south. There's a school, post office, two churches, and several businesses in addition to many more homes there.
  4. LOL, they must have issued that right after I posted and went to bed. Sounds like there was a destructive tornado at Palmetto, LA although it doesn't show as a tornado on the SPC LSR page...yet.
  5. Does anyone find odd the lack of any tornado watches covering a 10% hatched area on the convective outlook? Especially since they routinely issue red boxes for 5% contours.
  6. I just didn't think it would be so abrupt, and so dramatic. I mean, every damn year?
  7. Oh, I'm sure it is. I don't disagree on that at all.
  8. I think a "passport" though by definition would be something that is required for international travel, or for certain privileges at the federal level (access to airports or Amtrak trains, for example). Surely individual businesses should be able to decide if they will require proof of vaccination for entry, the same as they could flout shutdown orders or declare themselves "mask-free zones" in the name of running their business as they see fit?
  9. Unlike @StormchaserChuck!, they are not calling for an El Nino. Weak Nina to neutral at the most.
  10. Yes, all of this. Coming out of work at 12:30 this afternoon it felt very much like an early spring (yes, believe it or not it is still quite early for us) day should feel. 80s is too warm, and anything where you're talking about snow is too cold at this point (in my opinion, anyway). I find it slightly irksome that we're now in this climate pattern where you can get mid-70s or warmer at this latitude in early April and not "pay" for it in the form of a outbreak.
  11. If this cell cycles up again and threatens to produce; it's going to do it right in the worst of the radar hole equidistant from POE, DGX, LIX and LCH. How typical.
  12. Looks like a couple of abortive cycles now but this last one got real close to a significant near Mansura.
  13. Forming north of here and moving north.
  14. Band arcing NE toward the QC looks to be running out of gas, too. @cyclone77 might at least see some downpours and rumbles out of it but we in southern WI will be lucky to get even that. What else is new?
  15. Possible tornado near Galion/Bonita, LA was earlier reported radar confirmed, although the latest warning statement downgrades to the standard "radar indicated rotation" it still shows as a TORR on GR Level 3. Cell down near Fort Polk, although only severe-warned at the moment, is fairly robust, discrete and might have the best chance of anything yet today.
  16. Yep, AR activity has mostly remained anemic and disorganized. Not enough heating/more capping than anticipated?
  17. I recall a brief thunder-shower around 9 AM yesterday, but that's it in Madison. Green/Rock/Walworth counties got the small but vigorous lightning producer before dawn Monday. Earlier showers crapped the bed as they moved into southern Wisconsin, but west of here might have gotten a bit. Also svr wind report earlier from Ixonia in Jefferson Co. @Geoboy645, see anything? Marginal expanded north to IL/WI border (the brick wall of storms). Activity moving north toward the QC looks more vigorous than anything in the Enhanced risk area, lol. (Edit: Except the tornado-warned cell in northern LA)
  18. Yeah, it's annoying but it's still early for us and at least it's nice out. The worst (which we seem to have seen a lot in recent years) is when a winter pattern decides to show up right around the spring equinox and persist for most of April. As posted elsewhere, any upcoming cool-down looks to be to near/slightly below normal rather than much below.
  19. There was a pretty rockin' stretch from late January through the first three weeks or so of February this year. 2007-'08 is still my favorite winter though, despite the occasional torches/thaws. My interests definitely lean toward the "sustained storminess" rather than the "sustained cold/snowpack" column. I was going to UW-Green Bay at the time but spent the long winter break with my parents in Stoughton.
  20. Not even close (yet). Morch 2012 was to monthly temperature anomalies what April 27, 2011 was to tornado outbreaks; and it set the theme for the rest of that spring and summer. We also had no appreciable snowpack throughout that entire winter, while we had a solid one throughout February this year although the late month thaw steadily gobbled it up by the first few days of March.
  21. Captured some pretty good lightning with one of our skycams at work this morning. Our meteorologist on duty put some of the highlights on Facebook:
  22. My bleeding hands feel every bit of it. Cannot wait for things to moisten up a bit.