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  1. There were some heaps of lenticular clouds today. I haven't posted a picture of clouds or mountains for a long time, I think.
  2. Are there any Toronto area people talking about this storm? The models are not in total agreement, but Toronto could get some snow on Saturday.
  3. It looks like this storm is gone for good. The GFS was too happy with a closed 500mb low. One of the biases of models, in general, is to create more phased lows and huge storms. (in the long range, 7-10 days.)
  4. Storm reports within the last 24 hours. The number in Illinois with two digits after the decimal are rain reports. Apparently, the largest amounts of snow were near Lansing MI, and in northern Minnesota (not shown). The 8.2" near Monroe MI seems to be out of place, but it might be real.
  5. Next week's storm could potentially happen on Wednesday. There are still pretty large differences between the GFS, Canadian and Euro. The situation is similar in many ways to my post yesterday. The Euro still has the 500mb troughs in two places, Montana and New Mexico. The GFS has somewhat flip-flopped today, but the 00z GFS came back with a big snowstorm with a 500mb closed low for Denver. The Canadian has a concentrated 500mb trough, but has snow mainly for the Sangre De Cristo mountains. Some days, I think the Canadian tries to do the same things as the GFS, but always comes out with worse accuracy. In this particular case, I don't know if there will be a storm. These (terrific) days, you can even check the Euro ensemble members QPF (for free) and they have some large differences in QPF.
  6. If you look closely, the precipitation type in the red region (freezing rain) includes snow, drizzle (temp of 28 degrees at Wichita), freezing rain, unknown (question mark symbol... usually sleet), and rain. I'm glad I'm not there.
  7. Freezing rain and possibly some sleet are starting to get going in OK, TX, with a small amount of snow in KS at this time.
  8. I kind of assumed that nothing would happen for a while. Then the GFS and Canadian came up with different versions of this storm in about 1 week. The Euro does not have this. It has a trough in New Mexico and a trough in Montana at this time frame.
  9. Even Cats Make Weather Forecasts
  10. The NAM always seems to overforecast freezing rain. The 00z NAM has 0.75" to 1.18" of freezing rain accumulation near and north of Springfield MO, as well as some other various values of freezing rain from New Mexico to the Mid-Atlantic. Note: NWS gridded forecast has 0.03"- 0.08" freezing rain north of Springfield. I hope you guys don't have nasty tree damage or anything like that. Maybe the models like to keep the inversion layer there for a longer time period than is really possible.
  11. -45 to -53F near Edmonton, Alberta
  12. I found this annual lightning map tweeted by @brendonme. I wonder if this could be originally from NOAA
  13. Interesting stat: Toledo OH gets exactly 5.2" (Kuchera ratios) with the 00z GFS and 00z Canadian. With this storm, the borderline of rain/snow is going to be hard to forecast, and may come down to nowcasting, so this consistency means almost nothing at this point.
  14. This is a really low heat index (72 hour forecast). I think the heat index formula may be broken.