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  1. The 500mb anomaly, shown here with Jan 10th-Mar 30th, highlights the exact area with the most precipitation this year: mid-California
  2. Was that Upper Freehold, Pennsylvania? I'm not familiar with where this tornado warning took place.
  3. for those interested, this was a tornado reported by a spotter(s) at 6:01 and 6:06, Bridgeville. I am not sure if it was a tornado after 6:06PM
  4. It looks like this is it... the debris may be recent or perhaps wafting north into the storm
  5. Debris is directly over I-65, probably large tornado
  6. I wonder if we will have a significant tornado get going in western Illinois as per the 03z HRRR updraft helicity (hour 17-18)
  7. 12z HRRR significant tornado parameter. The 12z 3km NAM has this entire field of instability farther west into Missouri and Iowa.
  8. With the GFS right now, it seems like this would be a northern threat somewhat removed from a southern threat. The 00Z ECMWF doesn't really have the same exact setup. The low pressure placement at 00z (Apr. 1, or, 8:00PM eastern on the evening of Mar. 31) is kind of different from the GFS. Along with this, the surface winds to perhaps 850mb winds much more in the realm of southwesterly rather than southerly. I think there is certainly some disagreement as to the synoptic features.
  9. I think this was Fort Collins' largest snowstorm of the year, (11" at Windsor, not shown) and apparently this was a surprise snow band
  10. This is a picture of me on March 14, 2021. Sometimes I trim my beard back a little bit.
  11. Mayjawintastawm probably liking this for Boston
  12. It looks like the 0-1km SRH will be increasing a lot from +2hr to +6hr on the SPC mesoanalysis (23z to 03z). I must say that the current STP is very high at a value of 4, and that same value will shift eastward.
  13. I didn't really expect this to go to MODERATE at mid-day, but certainly the deep-layer shear is there 6-hr mesoanalysis (RAP) forecast of STP with the radar from (I believe) the HRRR 6hr forecast
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