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  1. February 2018 Discussion

    Possible ice storm within 84 hours for IA/WI
  2. Mountain West Discussion

    There's going to be snow from New Mexico to Quebec at this time period on Mon/Tue
  3. February 2018 Discussion

    some snow around Cincinnati
  4. February 2018 Discussion

    Minor snowstorm in the Midwest?
  5. Mountain West Discussion

    The 00z GFS seems to be getting more consistent with other GFS runs. The Euro is not too far off. It looks like Longmont to Cheyenne could get 0.3" - 0.45" of QPF and Denver may get in on this 0.3"-0.45" or possibly get less snow. Snow ratios could be higher than 10:1 for sure. Pivotaweather says Kuchera ratios are 24:1 for my area on Monday night, and I am not believing that till I see it, because 24 is a much bigger number than 10.
  6. Mountain West Discussion

    Kind of an interesting possibility of precipitation for Week 1 of March. This is almost looks like an El Nino general DJF average precipitation anomaly. The temperature forecast for this week very much favors cool weather in the west. Green means that I would be shoveling snow. Flagstaff, most of CO, and Nebraska and SD would certainly be snowy if this was right.
  7. Mountain West Discussion

    No, it was 88.7" in 2009-10. That was a little much. This was greatly impacted by 25" in October 2009. Obviously we are going to have El Nino with some of the right conditions to get close to this again. I might be possible in 10-20 years.
  8. Mountain West Discussion

    NWS Nowdata says 86.9" for Bozeman- MSU climatology, although there is a bit of missing data. However, Bozeman-Gallatin Airport has a much lower average. Maybe that one is on the wrong side of a mountain.
  9. Mountain West Discussion

    Bozeman Montana State U. Campus is up to 102" of snow for the season. Colorado Springs Airport just doubled their seasonal snow total this past weekend. They got 4" on Saturday to take the seasonal total to 8.5"
  10. Mountain West Discussion

    Snow may be possible for Denver on Tuesday. Some of the GFS runs have shown a lot of snow, but things have been really iffy this year.
  11. Let's Talk Winter!!

    00z GFS looks somewhat like the Canadian now, with some snow in central OH
  12. Mountain West Discussion

    An area near Alberta's Rocky Mountain front warmed from -29F to 34F in 24 hours (12z Monday to 12z Tuesday)
  13. There is a plot of snowiest month of the year (climatological) done by climatologist Brian Brettschneider on this page. Scroll towards the bottom of the page. http://us-climate.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2014-10-11T23:33:00-07:00&max-results=10&start=40&by-date=false
  14. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    Thankfully, nearly every storm on the 192-240 hour GFS has too much precipitation compared to reality. Because you wouldn't actually want that much ice. Interestingly, Toledo Express Airport and my own observations in CO are now just about tied for seasonal snow (29")
  15. This beats any hailstone in the USA