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  1. I believe we should start a new general severe weather thread, since it's a new decade.
  2. Will storm chasers even be able to stay in hotels? I guess campgrounds could be open.
  3. There have been 24-hr temperature change values of -41 to -51 degrees F between Denver, western Nebraska, and Cheyenne.
  4. I think my place got 1.63" of precipitation in March, and 5.3" of snow. This is a slightly above average value of precipitation, even though Fort Collins-CSU got a little below average. Temperatures were just a bit above normal. This time of year generally the day of the maximum snowpack depth in Colorado, so I thought I might post some maps.
  5. The GFS and the UKMET are still holding on to the forecast of several inches of snow at Larimer/Boulder Counties. The NWS expects > 3" above ~8000ft in Larimer County and areas closer to Casper, WY. It'll be a shocker, for sure. At my area, we had 70 degrees today.
  6. Lenticular cloud. I have not gotten a picture of a lenticular cloud in the evening for a long time
  7. A confirmed tornado was at Troy Alabama earlier, at 15:36z (Troy Airport)
  8. With this severe weather threat moving east, Valdosta/Moody AFB radar is not working at this time.
  9. It looks like a tornado tracked from Baker Hill, AL (south of Eufaula,) to Springvale GA.
  10. The latest GFS says it will be 28 degrees and snowy for me at 6:00PM Thursday. That's just too cold for 6:00PM, seriously.
  11. Models show some snow for us on Thursday- Friday, particularly Fort Collins to Cheyenne. Once again, the GFS is showing higher values for SE Wyoming (although that didn't work out very well last time.)
  12. This is my best interpretation of the storm survey of the Jonesboro tornado (12.55 mile track)
  13. Here is the 4-hr rotation track map for the Jonesboro tornado (MRMS) at 20:30z-00:30z. I wonder how long the tornado was on the ground.
  14. There could be a CC drop representative of a TDS near Kirkwood, Illinois.