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  1. Tonight is a nice clear night. I looked out at the moon, and it looks like Jupiter and Saturn are nearby. just saw this on twitter
  2. I have not posted for a while, since the weather has not done much here. In fact, it is possible that my area could be above normal for the month after having 42/32 on September 9th, which was very below average. I am sorry to hear that the fire is spreading toward Red Feather Lakes. That is a nice little place. This fire season has been awful. Edit: most of the trees in the neighborhood are still green, even though we had snow and 32 degrees. Several trees show some splotches of yellow leaves. The silver maple trees are a combination of green, yellow, and red, so I guess those ones are confused. A few trees have partially wilted leaves. NWS Boulder posted this on their web site:
  3. I'm fascinated that Teddy tracked all the way across the Atlantic, attained Category 4 (115 kt, 130 mph) status, and transitioned to extratropical near Nova Scotia, and did this: 45 kt gusting to 58 kt in eastern Nova Scotia. Some buoys had up to 42 ft waves!!
  4. A little bit off topic here-- but when somebody tells you that they expect the weatherman to be right all the time... (Tropical Depression 20)
  5. I think I got 3-3.5" of snow on elevated surfaces, maybe 2.5" on the ground, 0.93+ on water equivalent. Some rain and drizzle occurred in a couple of time periods. There were some flakes even today.
  6. I'm pretty sure I got something like 1.2" -1.3" on the ground. Fort Collins has a spotter report of 4.7". The rain gauge at Fort Collins-CSU is up to 0.96" since it started. I think my place might have gotten 0.6" water equivalent.
  7. I think my place has 1". So far, I don't think any tree limbs will break. We are just getting out of a heavier band on radar-- there might not be so much left of this storm.
  8. They didn't have a unique color for a 57 degree temp drop
  9. I've got decent sized flakes. Maybe I could get 1" sometime after sunset, as surfaces cool down a bit.
  10. It seems like that batch of snow is just over to the west. I guess it could surprise people at 5:00PM, but hopefully this snow has made enough headlines that people pay attention.
  11. Snowfall and gusty winds are being reported in most of Wyoming right now.
  12. Today, the Cameron Peak Fire is up to 59000 acres, up from 21000 acres a couple of weeks ago, when most of the smoke went away. I think. The large smoke plume is going directly east over Fort Collins. In Loveland, we are at about 70 degrees with some orange-ish sunshine.
  13. Similar type of colors here- brownish clouds, sun looks red. You could almost stare at the sun, but still not recommended. At 5:00 or 6:00, it was as dark as a thunderstorm, with reddish horizon. I could post a picture, but I don't want to. my first GFS mega-snow post. I sincerely hope that there aren't too many trees broken, but it looks quite concerning. Like picking up tree branches after an ice storm.