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  1. Chinook

    August 2019 General Discussion

    Jim, I recently learned that Toledo is not *just* above normal precip on the year-- Toledo's precip from January 1st to August 22nd is nearly at the top of the list, historically.
  2. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    Radar shows that about 1" fell at about the Denver city limits, up to 3.12" south of downtown, on I-25
  3. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    Flash flood warning issued for Denver.
  4. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    Denver has had highs of 99 on Monday and 98 today. 99 set a record high for 8/19. Fort Collins set record highs of 96 and then 98. Today, my area got to 96-99, and then we got a cold front, concurrent with a thunderstorm outflow boundary traveling westward from Weld County. The temperature dropped to 80 and stayed near 80 for most of the evening. We have had a lack of significant rain for many days.
  5. Chinook

    August 20-21 Severe Weather

    The SPC has given out an enhanced risk. They explain this as mainly an 06z - 12z threat.
  6. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    On 8/11 (Sunday) apparently there was a 4.83" hailstone at Otis, Colorado, which is a new state record. NWS Goodland mentioned it on their web page, and twitter feed.
  7. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    Some areas of Kansas and Nebraska have gotten 3-6" of rain in one week. My place has gotten about 0.20" of rain in an entire month.
  8. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    I think I saw some of that last night. I went outside at about 10:30 and there were thunderstorms just east of Fort Collins and just south of Loveland. I could definitely see the whole cloud lighting up with lightning near Loveland.
  9. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    This is a fine picture
  10. Chinook

    August 2019 General Discussion

    possibly the highest heat index I've seen in the USA, Mississippi
  11. Chinook

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    Tomorrow, the EHI and tornado parameters could be nearly the maximum that you might ever expect in the month August. Thunderstorms are likely across central Illinois.
  12. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    Some tornadoes and hail up to 4" in diameter have hit northeast Colorado. This radar image is north of Wray, CO.
  13. Chinook

    Mountain West Discussion

    Some development of severe storms is possible near Denver today. SPC has an enhanced risk of severe storms out near Goodland. The storm near Castle Rock looks like it will get a severe storm warning in the next hour.
  14. Japan's radar web site shows that the eyewall has tracked over Tarama Island recently. This is close to Ishigaki. https://www.jma.go.jp/en/radnowc/
  15. Multi-radar precipitation estimate (up to 23:00z) shows several areas of 2-2.5" from Newark to Philadelphia, with areas of 3.5"