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  1. I'm still rooting for the 00z Canadian for NW Ohio. It came back on board with 6-13" across western Ohio, depending on whether you not you show Kuchera ratios or 10:1.
  2. 500mb storm spinning over Albuquerque
  3. Just for kicks, I dare you to find a GEFS plume/map with over 20" for Columbus, OH
  4. There's a chance that the Southwest will get two closed low pressures at 500mb, without getting much snow out of it, for any state. I read Joe Bastardi's weather discussion for a few years. He constantly mentioned the daily SOI as a source of change in the subtropical jet stream. But I always have had a hard time tracking equatorial disturbances toward the US.
  5. Looks like the middle of Denver got 0.6" liquid equivalent or a bit more.
  6. My place got about 1" (up to 0.15" liquid equivalent) and it was sunny with light winds in the afternoon.
  7. Perhaps a surprise heavy snow band for NE Colorado
  8. The Denver area could get some snow developing early Tuesday. Maybe this one will not be a total bust like the last potential snowstorm. WPC blended forecast has about 0.1" for me and 0.2" to 0.4" near Denver, better snowfall southwest towards the San Juan and Sawatch/mid Colorado.
  9. Any mention of November 2000 brings back the memories of how the Midwest descended into the cold-blitz of December 2000. I think my place got either synoptic snow or lake-effect snow every day that month.
  10. I think the models have lost our storm, essentially, showing lighter amounts of snow for the mountains on those days.
  11. This may be overdone, but we could get 0.25" or better east of the mountains. According to what I've seen, I guess there is a chance of rain for part of this storm.
  12. Models are showing some snow for Colorado with an open 500mb trough on this Saturday.