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  1. Fort Morgan, CO has jumpstarted our 100 degree heat wave for NE Colorado. It was 100 degrees at 12:15PM.
  2. Some heat records may be broken in the southern plains, Denver, Albuquerque, or Phoenix.
  3. The NWS forecast for Toledo has several 96's in the future. If the forecast is completely correct, then Toledo will be 7.1 degrees above normal from June 27th until next Saturday, July 11th.
  4. Eastern Colorado should have some showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow, and I would suppose this will help keep temps below 95 for quite a few areas. I guess it is questionable if very much rainfall really hits the I-25 cities. Fort Collins had +2.8F for June and my place in Loveland got 2.15" of rainfall. The 1981-2010 average for Fort Collins is 2.17", so precipitation was normal compared to that climatological average. That's so close to normal, that it's very strange. It has been a very long time since I really had a normal-precipitation summer month with precipitation spread out nicely into different weeks. 2019-2020 snow statistics: Fort Collins-CSU: 73.9" my place: 79.9" This was fairly similar to the snowy winter of 2012-2013, when snow slammed my area in March through May 2013. For 2019-2020, the timing of snow was quite different.
  5. My area had a couple of periods of rain, mostly associated the upper-level lift, and not much associated with higher CAPE. We had stratiform rain yesterday morning. Then, we had a very nice blue skies with a high temp of about 80 degrees and breeze to 15mph, with some cumulus clouds later. Then, at 11:30PM, we had this
  6. For eastern Colorado, the trend over the next week should be upwards-- possibly peaking at about 100 degrees on July 8th, but that is 9 days away.
  7. Southwest Iowa is has dew points of 75-79 right now.
  8. The drought has been getting steadily worse for a number of areas. The GEFS ensembles don't show any notable above-normal precip areas in the southwestern 1/4 of the US very soon.
  9. There will probably be quite a few more storm reports out of these sections of the line that are bowing outward.
  10. Sorry to hear that. I guess the storms missed your area. There was almost no precip on radar-estimated storm total for your area. My place got some moderate rain today, with a few loud rumbles of thunder. maybe 0.25"-0.40". As I said yesterday, my area kind of keeps getting lucky. Yesterday the storm total was about 0.12" but it felt like more.
  11. There have been plenty of hail reports near Colorado Springs, now the storm has 75 dBz. There could have been a tornado, but there are no reports.
  12. This is west of Rockford and northeast of Davenport. I am not sure if these rotation area(s) are a tornado or not.
  13. There's a new storm with up to 1" hail heading for downtown Denver.
  14. possible tornado near Colorado Springs/ Palmer Divide