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  1. The TDFW short-range radar showed some rotation at State Highway 121 (Sam Rayburn) , and continued to about 1.5 miles south of Fairview. The KFWS radar had this, but it was a little hard to interpret. map of area: this must be some sort of traffic monstrosity. How many roads are there??
  2. There is a new tornado watch and some storms near Fort Worth. It looks like the severe-warned storms are a result of a supercell split with left- and right-moving supercells.
  3. This is new. I didn't see this on the NWS web page yesterday.
  4. Some normal weather last evening changed to windy weather of 30-50mph wind gusts in the Front Range cities. For my area, the greatest gusts were in the middle of the night at about 4:00AM. Currently, DIA has the strongest gusts of the day.
  5. 18z GFS has 8" of snow and 0.91" of QPF for downtown Denver on Wednesday to Thursday. This is likely a case of the GFS being precipitation-happy in the 120hr-168hr period, but it's worth watching. 12z Euro prediction:
  6. GFS/ECMWF have snow for Denver area on Wed night to Thu morning.
  7. Buoy observations show evidence of a center of the low pressure south of Pensacola FL.
  8. A reconnaissance mission is running right now. They have flight level winds up to 60 kt and surface winds up to 41 kt.
  9. What do you think about this large sector of +2C to +3C in the north Pacific? Will there be a ridge in the Gulf of Alaska for most of the winter?
  10. That is a large area of similarly cold temperatures in the composite. A couple of notes: the last month or so has had a strong ridge in the Southeast and Ohio Valley. I wonder if this will break down this winter or maybe it will continue to pop up and help weather disturbances affect the Upper Midwest, as opposed to Mid Atlantic or Southeast Other note: this looks like a cool snake!
  11. Check this out. There have been some 24" snow reports at Devils Lake, ND.
  12. Now that it has snowed in Denver and this area, we will start the winter discussion for our region. To recap: On Wednesday it was 78 degrees here, but a cold front with 30 mph wind gusts brought the temp to about 39 by evening. On Wednesday night, I saw thunder and lightning with numerous graupel bits which would normally be called 1" of snow. Then, when I got home, there was just a bit of graupel on the ground. Then, Thursday morning, my place got 2" of snow or more. Then, on Thursday evening, there were snow flurries when I was at work. So, I had to go out to my car and clear off another 1/2" of snow off my car. I was wondering if the road would be icy, but I didn't notice anything slippery. Today, things are getting back to being a somewhat normal chilly day.
  13. There has been a 49 to 57 degree temperature drop from 24 hours ago. My area went from 78.4 degrees at about 3:00 or 4:00PM yesterday to 22.1 degrees this morning, but has rebounded to the 30's.