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  1. Here is some info you didn't want to hear: #3 Hottest summer at Denver, #3 Fort Collins, #1 Cheyenne
  2. I hope this doesn't sound dumb, but Super Typhoon Haiyan set a record, I believe with satellite-estimated 195mph winds, (with 1-minute winds, JTWC-American style) and it directly affected Tacloban city, with a storm surge that came in almost as fast as a tsunami. So, yeah, I can't think of anything more devastating. according to Wikipedia: Syper Typhoon Noru--I don't believe I've ever heard of a storm that went from 50mph to 155mph in official (satellite) analysis in roughly 24 hours (correct?) I watched a 16-hour loop on Tropical Tidbits yesterday and that showed pretty much the entire development cycle.
  3. Observations now with post-tropical Hurricane Fiona
  4. peak wind gust 84 at St Paul Island
  5. Hours ago, Sydney airport had to estimate the sea-level pressure to be 949.5mb edit: also 940.0 mb (Grand Etang, on the Cape Breton penninsula)
  6. 44 knots gusting to 65 knots now at Sydney East Point (CWEP): 010 degrees, 56 knots gusting to 71 knots
  7. Sydney 967.2 mb, increased temperature to 66F (19C)
  8. oh yeah, some times I completely forget that there are two ways for me to see Canadian radar data
  9. Sable Island now back running, measures 69kt southeast wind gusts, so the lowest pressure must be close or past there
  10. first wind gusts over 50 kts in Nova Scotia
  11. Almost all stations in Nova Scotia are showing wind gusts over 30 knots
  12. Sable Island Nova Scotia has wind sensors, pressure sensors not working
  13. another storm cross section ( compare to my post from before)
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