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  1. Would you consider Nov. 18th to have been a tornado outbreak?
  2. The Dakotas have dropped up to 36 degrees in the last 24 hours. It looks like the Ohio River has warmed up about 10 degrees in the past 24 hours.
  3. If you want to see some pics (retweets) of some of those clouds, go to Cory Reppenhagen's twitter (storm chaser for a tv station here) https://twitter.com/creppwx
  4. I got another picture of lenticular clouds near sunset last night. I just didn't get a very beautiful backdrop-- it was a just in my neighborhood. I had seen some pictures of orange-colored lenticular clouds seen from the Broncos game last night, on social media.
  5. Is it possible that the Northern Hemisphere averaged 850mb and surface temperatures are a bit below average right now?
  6. 987.6 mb at Findlay, OH. That's a category 1 hurricane right there. oops. Wrong type of storm.
  7. This is actually pretty bad for the Rockies and Midwest and Sierra Nevada
  8. The edge of a big lenticular cloud deck. I tried to get this picture with maximum orange-ness. It might have worked. It's my first panoramic shot in a long time.
  9. This might get interesting tomorrow-- perhaps a drop in temperatures of 10 degrees F or more near Denver at about 5:00PM.
  10. I'd say the winds on the cold side of the cold front would be most likely to produce 30-45 mph wind gusts in the Ohio Valley. That's something interesting, but previous runs of the GFS and Euro (a few days ago) would have suggested 70 mph winds on Lake Huron.
  11. I am planning to post this snow-water-equivalent map about once a month. Things are looking very snowy for the north, with much more variety of snowpack conditions in the southern areas. Snowpack in Colorado should be on the increase this week, perhaps getting the San Juan range up to 50%.
  12. There was one 60mph wind report about 20 mi from Seattle. Maybe a few breezes for Andyhb in Vancouver
  13. While things are boring around here, I will post an old picture from 2012. This is the Medicine Bow Range in the distance, as seen from Crown Point. Crown Point is an 11463 ft rocky outcropping in the Comanche Peaks wilderness, but it doesn't look like much. You can't really see it from any particular city or town. The Medicine Bow Range is at the edge of Larimer County, north of the pass. So you might consider the Medicine Bow Range as the Front Range. I think I see a little bit of the effects of moving clouds, messing with my panorama computer program.
  14. An close (negative) match with the AO 1000mb pattern will lead to a large negative AO in about a week
  15. This is a totally different look than the green and gold uniforms