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  1. Sorry to hear this was a scary night for you! I imagine it would be very stressful to hide in the basement at midnight or 1:00AM, when you don't know what's happening outside. This was the 1-hour maximum rotation detected by nearby radars. The highest rotation on here was SE Of Watertown, but the preliminary report was that the tornado was 3 mi SW of Watertown. (Watertown is in the middle of this image)
  2. This was a confirmed tornado near Steubenville, OH, which is near West Virginia (5:41PM Eastern time)
  3. Plenty of rain expected for the Great Basin and Rockies. This evening, there are already some heavy storms over north central Colorado.
  4. tornado warning that happened near Fond Du Lac at 11:59PM Central time two tornado warnings north of Madison at 12:41AM central time
  5. 06z update- upgrade to Moderate. some highlights here: highly unstable and sheared forecast sounding in northwest Wisconsin (3km NAM) in advance of the convective line
  6. Loveland was up to 94-99 degrees today, effectively the hottest recent day. South Dakota was up to 109 degrees east of Rapid City. Many areas of the central states now have heat advisories. The wildfire smoke is in many areas of the country. Smoke may still be affecting surface air quality here, but I'm not quite sure. Good news coming up! The models have substantial rainfall for the West for the weekend. Friday should become rainy for the Colorado mountains, and it should spread eastward. A monsoon moisture surge will combine with a weak cold front or maybe just some weakness in the upper level ridge.
  7. The West Pacific seems to be roaring back to life after a weak year last year and a weak spring/early summer. Typhoon In-Fa is east of Taiwan now at 85 kt (JTWC). As mentioned, this will mostly affect islands between Taiwan and Japan as it weakens. There may be another typhoon quite soon, away from land.
  8. Higher monsoon rainfall has been increasing as of lately, with some areas of Arizona and New Meixco, and Rocky Mtn National Park being above normal precipitation for this month up to this date. It seems that rainfall will be widespread in the next 2 days, for much of the same areas already described.
  9. The surface smoke amount hasn't been too bad for a couple of days, but upper-level smoke is more dense. just a few minutes earlier. I did a slight contrast adjustment on this one
  10. radar image from 2:53 Eastern Time, south of Barrie, Ontario
  11. Rainfall totals of 6-14" near the coast of Texas in the last 3 days
  12. this is more impressive direct wind observations at the surface
  13. update: Measured winds of 37 kt gusting to 53 kt at Buoy 42023, at the comma head of the storm
  14. Measured winds of 31 kt gusting to 41 kt at Buoy 42023, at the comma head of the storm
  15. A small rain shower hit us before sunset on Friday. These are some of my best sunset color pics in recent memory.
  16. from the Caribbean radar composite from this web site https://www.barbadosweather.org/BMS_Radar_Composite_Resp.php#
  17. I won't put this in the "serious" Hurricane Elsa discussion
  18. link to a pretty useful Caribbean composite radar loop https://www.barbadosweather.org/BMS_Radar_Composite_Resp.php#
  19. Not a whole lot of rain happened at I-25. As for me, only light to moderate rain happened a couple of times. As per usual, flash flood watches in western areas have few spots that have heavy rain on any given day. Maybe we will turn things around and get some better rainfall in July.
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