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  1. Yesterday my area was up to about 95 or 96 degrees. KFNL airport had 100 degrees. At sunset, I saw a few nice red colors that reminded me of forest fire smoke. My best guess is that it was smoke from a fire near Grand Junction, which may be new.
  2. Another look at the 3-day rain totals from the hurricane (MRMS system) as of 00z last night
  3. Hailstorm near Greeley at about 5:00PM
  4. Storm with possible 0.75"-1.0" hail headed toward DIA
  5. We could get some scattered severe thunderstorms near here tomorrow. NAM profiles show 0-6km shear values of 40 kts with some decent CAPE. July 2020 was Denver's warmest month since July 2012, but Fort Collins was not quite that bad.
  6. Some thunderstorm structure, sort of
  7. Yesterday (7/31) I was jogging at about 7:30, and I saw that Long's Peak in the distance looked like a slightly dark silhouette on a background of yellow light, below a dark cloud. It was raining in between me and Long's Peak. Today (8/1) my area had a thunderstorm in mid-afternoon. It looked like there was a decent hailstorm was northwest of Fort Collins at about 7:20PM. That storm weakened considerably as it approached Loveland. Edit: I got 0.35" for the day. I'm not sure if much of this fell at nighttime. That's almost as much as last month.
  8. Yesterday, my area had a high of 80 and a rainfall of 0.18" with a few moments of lightning/thunder/heavy rain. So that brings my monthly rain to about 0.44", which is not as pathetic as I might have thought, but still pretty low.
  9. On July 26th, my area had a trace to 0.01". On July 28th, we had clouds and sprinkles early afternoon, then sunny, then we had some rain and weak thunder at 6:45 - 7:15PM. It was about 0.01" to 0.10", possibly higher in areas of Loveland. Then, we had a partly sunny sunset, with very orange clouds, and some of the rain to the east was highlighted with orange light. I might have been able to see the stars and the comet after sunset, but I didn't really look. For far western areas-- the Phoenix area and the Columbia River (interior desert) area both have Excessive Heat Warnings soon, with temperatures up to 109 at the Columbia River.
  10. My place has had minor rainfall over the past few days. My total for the month may be around 0.14"-0.20". July 22, an evening storm with light-moderate rain, 0.02" and little lightning. July 24th, trace to 0.01". July 25th, 0.03" or 0.04". July 26th, possibly another trace to 0.06". Tonight (July 26th) the clouds cleared away, and I could see Comet Neowise through binoculars. It has moved up and to the left of where I saw it a few days ago. I could barely see the comet's tail with binoculars. I think this may be the last time I get a look at it, if it is getting dimmer, and if there are a few more days of evening clouds. Interesting note. I was checking the satellite images today, and the GOES-16 data feeds seem to have disappeared from about 2:36PM to 9:15PM. I don't know exactly what happened. I'm glad this didn't happen yesterday, because most of the USA was interested the satellite images of Hurricane Hanna.
  11. I really didn't expect this hurricane to be at a 90mph intensity near Hawaii, but here it is
  12. Hanna is within range of not-very-good radar coverage and direct buoy/platform observations, which have shown 30-42mph winds recently
  13. Tonight, there were some rain showers to my west at 6:00-7:00, then a lot of the clouds cleared away at about 8:00. Then, I tried to look for the comet at 9:00-9:30, but some patchy altocumulus were blocking the view. Tomorrow, models have a chance of showers and thunderstorms near here. Apparently the driving factor will be high precipitable water, but not high CAPE.
  14. Good news: it looks like the Southwest monsoon is kicking into gear, with models and model ensembles showing much higher precipitation over the next 7-10 days along the AZ/NM border and into Colorado.
  15. This is the primary NOAA web page for storm-centered satellite pictures... -- better web page --
  16. Toledo is currently on track to have the warmest July in history, as the monthly average from July 1st - 21st is 79.3 degrees. The top 2 warmest July months are 79.0 (1921) and 78.8 (2011).
  17. Today, I got to see the comet again. Skies were more hazy in the afternoon and evening due to humidity. To the north, there was this:
  18. I got in pictures of the sunset tonight and last night. Tonight, I finally saw the comet. It seems to be about 10 degrees below the cup of the big dipper. It's a little bit visible to the naked eye, and I used binoculars. edit: by the way, we could get scattered thunderstorms tomorrow, with dew points possibly up around 60. Maybe there will be something near Denver.
  19. My parents near Toledo had at least a 40 or 50 mph wind knock over a patio table/umbrella with a thunderstorm yesterday. Toledo Express Airport got 1.11" yesterday, and this makes 2.58" for this month. That thunderstorm popped up in advance of the MCS area, and dropped 1"-1.5" in the Toledo area., south of downtown. KTOL is probably one of the only airports in Ohio with above normal preciptation this month. More than 90% of Ohio is below average precipitation for this month. The area is also 5.5 degrees F above average for this month. Perhaps it will be a top-5 warmest July.
  20. Elizabeth City, NC is at 98/78/116 right now, and Edenton NC is at 112 heat index. I don't ever think I've heard of an East Coast heat index over 116.
  21. I also have not been able to see the comet. I am bordering on being very mad at the weather Tornado warning near the small towns of Paoli and Haxtun, Colorado
  22. My hand analysis of heat index, from 95 to 110. I made a little mistake near Chicago. I could have put some of the yellow 100-degree contour down by Paducah KY.