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  1. Gnarly cell coming out of the radar site.
  2. Really clear eye now with high clouds all around. Possible mesovortices even?
  3. Tornadic waterspout likely.
  4. I can't see this not being officially a storm at 5am EDT. Not sure if I've seen a storm form this quick. I know the east side is pretty clear but the center look intense.
  5. A few storms did form around St Paul. Easy to see way. Sounding might be contaminated by the cold front passing by as the balloon was launched.
  6. One of the most defined cold fronts I've seen. No storms though.
  7. There hasn't been much severe weather to follow as of late. Maybe this weekend will be active. Classic bowling ball on Sunday.
  8. A couple of funnels reported. Nothing on the ground.
  9. Nebraska and Colorado have had tornadoes today with a 0% risk posted. Minnesota to do the same?
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