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  1. I felt chilly last night around 10pm when the air temp dropped into the 70s. Amazing how quickly the body acclimates.
  2. I’m ready for a weather whiplash today. Currently it’s 30 degrees with a very light dusting of snow overnight. Heading to visit my parents in Palm Desert CA, where we will be pushing 100 the next several days
  3. Snow showers here as well. Freeze warning tonight
  4. Mid 40s and lots of rain today, a few rumbles of Thunder too. All this moisture is great. Winds were really kicking earlier. 30 degrees warmer down I-35 in Des Moines.
  5. Grass/shrubs off to the races now. Trees looking ready to burst into action. Mid 70s this weekend should bring out the green.
  6. Hopefully the weather is better for us in 2099. Good luck and enjoy the celestial event today everyone.
  7. Washout on Sunday. More raindrops falling this morning. Love it.
  8. September 14, 2099 there will be a Solar eclipse with the totality passing right through Minneapolis and Madison. Too bad I’ll be 109 or more likely dead. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_eclipse_of_September_14,_2099
  9. My company doesn’t build them. We just got contracted to do some engineering work.
  10. I’m up in Maple Grove this morning. Borderline snow squall conditions at times. Definitely at least an inch down and still snowing steadily. Backwards winter!
  11. Had some snowflakes mix in with the rain today in rural Nicollet County MN where I was doing a geotechnical investigation for a future solar farm. Metro stayed dry.
  12. Good write up on the early week storm by the NWS and DNR. Revenge of the lost winter indeed. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/climate/journal/lost-winters-revenge-storm-march-23-27.html
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