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  1. Low of 59 this morning which is the first sub 60 temperature this July. Managed a high of 79 yesterday so our 80 streak is over. Gave the A/C a break and opened the windows up last night.
  2. Yesterday in Minneapolis our temperature departure was only +3 with low 60 dews. Felt autumnal.
  3. High of 93 and max heat index of 102 here yesterday.
  4. Just woke up to our first severe thunderstorm warning of the year to the unmistakable sound of hail hitting the roof.
  5. Excessive Heat Warning for the metro area counties today. Tropical out there
  6. Decaying MCS over central and northern Minnesota delivering some much needed rains. We've been getting hit with just enough pop up storms the past few days to avoid any drought issues in the metro. Today looks hot
  7. 91 with a dew of 70 back in Minnesota. Made the decision yesterday to drive six hours southeast to Highland Park IL for some lake cooled air and to visit friends. Crazy how much nicer dews in the mid 60s feel. Happy Independence Day everyone!
  8. Interesting. MSP has 5 on the books with numerous 88 and 89s as well.
  9. Dew up to 75 in Minneapolis. Breeze and partly cloudy skies are the only things keeping the heat stroke at bay.
  10. Another half inch of rain overnight with some of the loudest house shaking thunder I’ve experienced in a few years. Probably will lose 30 pounds of sweat working outside in these dews today.
  11. The Mississippi River has been as low as I’ve seen in my 4 years living in Minneapolis. Was hoping to see some of the islands near Fort Snelling really grow this summer. Darn.
  12. Getting some nice wind gusts from the south. Won’t feel this nice outside for a week with the dews in the forecast.
  13. I guess I under represented rainfall totals in my previous post
  14. Best storms of the season imby overnight. Widespread heavy rains across the metro. 2.75” in my neighbors gauge and 4-5” totals from Mankato northeast through the southern metro into Barron county Wisconsin. Should add more through the first half of the day.