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  1. 0.21” of rain yesterday with backend flurries this morning. Tomorrow we should bag our first 70 of the year.
  2. Lake Nokomis a few blocks from my house is now officially ice free. The median date of ice out is April 4th, so a couple weeks early this year.
  3. Urban lakes are still holding their ice but with 1” of rain coming tomorrow through Wednesday I imagine ice-out will be occurring very soon here.
  4. 0.3” of wet slush this morning. 7am snow depth of 3” should be all but gone by the end of the week.
  5. Just measured 3.5" here with snow about finishing up. Storm ended up a bit further NE then modeled putting down 2-5" across the metro, with double digit amounts across southern Minnesota based on reports. Classic spring wet slop, although the top inch is much drier.
  6. Straight dumping heavy snow here right now. Solid 1.5” down on the far west side of Bloomington. Going to be an impressive spread of totals across the metro area.
  7. 2-3” in the forecast for mby. With the snow falling during the day I have a hard time believing rates will be strong enough to efficiently accumulate.
  8. Springtime brings out all sorts of different weather warnings.
  9. First Tor warning of the year for this area.
  10. 43 at noon, steady light rain with a few heavier bursts this morning. Hate to see the snow vanish but nice to wash all of the crude off the roads.
  11. First lightning flash of the year here. Meanwhile @Brian D and the arrowhead region of Minnesota are in line for 4-8” of snow. Must be spring.
  12. High of 63 today breaks the record of 61 from all the way back in 1879.
  13. 58 and full sun today. Official snowdepth at the airport is T, but out in the suburbs the snow is hanging on at the in-laws backyard.