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  1. Arctic air in full force this afternoon. Full sun and temps in the single digits. Next week the melt is on.
  2. Jokes on me, it’s -15F in Benson MN this morning and we can’t get the diesel drill rig to start.
  3. False, we are having a stellar ski season in central/southern MN. My hill has been 100% open for over a month and hasn’t had to make any snow. Snowmobiles are all over too. I appreciate the dedication to the bit, but you really need to move to Memphis or St. Louis, or Houston.
  4. -8F is all we could muster at the airport. Looking at the suburbs and outer areas they got down to -15 to -20
  5. -6F for the low this morning, coldest low since -12 on December 23rd.
  6. Impressive the difference across the region. I’ll go with a solid A- so far this winter. 60+ days and counting consecutive of snow cover. 15” storm right after New Years. Already surpassed our seasonal average. If we can keep the snow pack to mid March and tack on average snow from here on out this is a slam dunk A grade winter.
  7. After todays snowfall Minneapolis is up to 55.5” on the season. Extended looks cold and dry, but sometimes on the backside of these arctic highs we see WAA snow. Will be a zzzzz period for sure over the next week. No extreme cold just a typical annual Minnesota cold snap.
  8. You work for the Merc? My father was a commodity trader at the CBoT from 83’-15’
  9. Cold front just blasted through. We surged above freezing to 34F from 7:10-8:00 and now the bottom is dropping out. 28 degrees and a stiff NW wind steady at 23 and gusting to 40mph.
  10. 2.2” at the airport. Overachiever here.
  11. Woke up pleasantly surprised by this quick hitting WAA wave, visibilities around a mile and well over an inch of new accumulation. Temps have really warmed up overnight, it was 12 when I went to bed and 29 now. We might clip freezing before the bottom drops out this afternoon.
  12. Temperatures dropped off the ledge when the cloud cover moved off and Minneapolis recorded a low of 1 this morning.
  13. Drove down in Rochester MN for work. Backend of the snow showers are exiting the area. FYI for Chicago peeps, atmosphere is producing snow out of very little cloud cover.
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