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  1. February 2018 Discussion

    Overachiever here. MSP reporting 5.6" of new snow this morning
  2. February 2018 Discussion

    Ripping beautiful fluffy dendrites under a 30db band currently. Love it
  3. February 2018 Discussion

    Interesting past few weather days here and some interesting ones ahead. Monday morning woke up to freezing drizzle which transitioned into sleet and eventually snow, we received just under an inch of snow during the day, and then went back over to freezing mist. Overnight into Tuesday another quick inch of snow fell to create headaches for the commute. Looking ahead a solid 2-4 seems like a good bet tomorrow evening across much of the state. The storm system over the weekend has also caught my attention, sub 1000MB low cutting through Iowa and Wisconsin could bring some double digit totals to a wide swath of the state. I'll be up north in Lutsen this weekend and the conditions look suburb especially with good chances 6"+ snow over the next 4 days.
  4. This is partially why I moved to 45N.
  5. February 8th-11th Overrunning Event

    Came back to southern lake county to visit family this weekend in time for rounds 2 and 3 of this system. Final band really packing a punch, I haven't been outside but estimate another 4"+ since last night and over 12" OTG here. potato quality pic for reference
  6. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    5-6" glacier in areas that receive full sun, the shaded and north facing spots are hanging around 9-10"+. The bottom of the pack is a solid glacier. Wish I had the instruments to do a core sample and figure out moisture content, the 1/22 storm was a lot of qpf.
  7. February 2018 Discussion

    Starting off the month cold at MSP. -4F here at the moment.
  8. January 2018 Discussion

    Picked up 1.9" with the early morning system on 0.12" liquid. Hi-res models were showing around .05" of precip so it was a nice overachieving surprise. Incoming wave with the arctic air looks a tad stronger then models hinted at too, with light snow just beginning at the moment.
  9. January 2018 Discussion

    Currently 1F here which is our morning low. Was hoping to pad the stats with another below zero low
  10. January 2018 Discussion

    Low of 4F here this morning. Still have a solid 4-5" on the ground, with more in the typical north facing shaded spots. Hoping we can add another inch or two of fresh snow to really usher in the cold air for the super bowl crowd this weekend, and show them what a real winter feels like.
  11. January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    Officially ended with 12.4" at MSP. Waking up to the sound of snowblowers!
  12. January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    Definitely a few hours of blizzard or near blizzard conditions here. Airport measured 9.3" as of 6pm and it's been snowing moderately since so they are over 10" at this point. A few locations in the south metro are reporting 12-14" so far. Has been a very fun storm to track and an awesome day of watching the weather outside. Absolutely perfect.
  13. January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    Flight made it into MSP just as the snow is beginning to fly. Looks like the heavier stuff is about to move in from the south.
  14. January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    I am in same boat as you. Hard to get excited after last Feb epic letdown. Very hard to discredit the model consistency though
  15. January 20-22nd Winter Storm

    Can almost guarantee this will be a big dog for MSP since my flight back from NYC is scheduled to land at 8:30am Monday morning.