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  1. Looks pretty chilly up here the middle of next week. Transient cold however.
  2. Going to be a significant difference in accumulations across the metro
  3. Surprised me too. Annual average is only 30.64” I guess we are just far NW enough to have less GoM influence. International Falls only averages 24.26” annually.
  4. Also to note 2019 is now official the wettest year on record in Minneapolis with 40.81” of precipitation besting 40.32” in 2016.
  5. 8.3” officially at the airport. Storm is winding down here. The bottom inch or two on paved surfaces is very wet. Probably similar to what others in the sub-forum experienced in the storms earlier this month. Pavement temperatures must still be fairly warm because I shoveled over 8” off my wood deck but only 5” off my driveway. Maybe some compaction too.
  6. Crazy, it’s only for this upcoming storm. You’ll cash in this weekend as well I assume. Tomorrow will be a very interesting travel day. I don’t have work but do have a work mandated physical at 7:45am which will be fun. Photos to come.
  7. Flurries in downtown Minneapolis. 3-4 hours ahead of schedule. Guess the dry air was overdone on the models.
  8. Bo, you are making our forecast look like child’s play. Enjoy the fresh snow and stay safe! Nice to be in the local/regional bullseye.
  9. Trending to a solid warning criteria event here. Euro falling in line with the NAM shifting things NW. First major accumulation of the year and falling on the start of holiday travel will certainly cause headaches for many in the twin cities.
  10. Bring it. We are already -5.3” below average for snowfall. Tuesday/Wednesday event trending better up here.
  11. Another miss to the SE so yeah I’d say that’s very viable.