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  1. Duluth is currently reporting a temperature of -1F. I think its time for a new sensor. First flakes might be a possibility across Northern Minnesota next week.
  2. And another morning of record lows across the northland.
  3. Low of 37 imby. Squirrels really active. Looks like a widespread freeze outside the UHI.
  4. Low of 43 imby last night and the smoke has returned
  5. Same here. Nice to see blue sky again. Don’t think we have any frost potential but should drop into the upper 30s
  6. Local weather office thinking the same possibility around here as well.
  7. Another morning of an otherworldly sunrise due to the thick smoke. Really hope tonight’s cold front can push it out
  8. I’ll take a cutter pattern all winter. Usually means we cash in or are stuck in nice cold arctic air during a Madison special. Either one is better then a Fargo special which will probably happen from time to time too.
  9. Isn’t there some sort of irrigation/watering system in place? I’m a fan of native wildflowers/grasses instead of turf lawn myself. Save the pollinators.
  10. Low of 37 last night in the city. Many of the 3rd ring suburbs got down below freezing and have frost. Very foggy this morning as well.
  11. Unfortunately we bagged a few 5min obs of 50 degrees which will be our high today before the rain moved in. Currently 47 and dropping.
  12. Here’s the coldest airport obs I can find across Minnesota. Looks like a season ending freeze across the northland. Frost advisories for the Twin Cities and points north tonight. I can’t recall an earlier winter headline that I’ve been under before. I remember being in Iowa with my parents to see general Wesley Clark speak in September 2000 and there being a frost risk not sure the date or what type of advisory was posted. Virginia MN: 29 Cook MN: 28 Bigfork MN: 27 Bemidji MN: 28 Ely MN: 27
  13. Today's high of 52 broke the old record low max of 54 set back in 1929. Record lows of 38F on the 9th and 37F on the 10th might be in play if things work out just right.