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  1. Only 0.16” of rain yesterday. Since June 1st only 27% of average precipitation has accumulated.
  2. It was still 90F with a dew point of 75F in Minneapolis as of 9:50pm. Crazy stuff. 2nd summer in a row here with severe drought. Plants and some trees that aren’t getting supplemental water are showing signs of stress. MCS out in western Minnesota is giving me a little hope this evening.
  3. https://www.weather.gov/wrh/timeseries?site=KORD @Hoosier With the update it now shows to the tenth of a degree if you click on the line graph.
  4. While it is 90 degrees currently at MSP, dews have dropped well below forecast into the upper 40s. Feel nice out compared to 101/68 yesterday.
  5. MSP has been mentioning a flash drought developing in numerous AFDs over the past 10 days. We’ve fallen 0.70” below average year to date and over 2” below average for June.
  6. MSP now up to 101. Old record high was 98. https://twitter.com/NWSTwinCities/status/1538991985003941890?s=20&t=aKsREXcyLjlBXgGnN7n5FQ
  7. MSP tagged 100 on a 5min ob at 3:30pm. First triple digit temperature since 2018
  8. Low of 79 this morning with a steamy dew point of 70.
  9. Does the HRRR have a cold bias in summertime? The 23z run is showing temps in the upper 80s right now, while we sit at 97.
  10. Ouch. We are looking at a few thousand in repairs, but the previous owners didn’t disclose a known issue so we might be getting a new system paid for by them. Staying on topic, high of 97 here today.
  11. Horrible timing for our A/C to decide to start dying a slow death.
  12. My father was a pilot based out of ORD from 1987-2016. He texted me saying this is the longest meter he can remember ever seeing.
  13. Washout of a day, 0.56” of liquid and counting.
  14. May 2018 was a crazy month. Latest ice out ever on the metro lakes. The urban lakes didn’t go ice free until May 2nd/3rd followed by the earliest 100 degree reading on record in Minneapolis a few weeks later.
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