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  1. -17 in the heat island this morning. Suburbs made it down into the -20s. I didn’t look at lows across the state. Regionally Red Wing made it down to -24 which was the coldest spot I found within 40 miles of the metro.
  2. Down to -13 here this morning. We’ll struggle to get above zero today.
  3. 1.3” from Clipper #3 for a 3 day total of 4.4”
  4. Yeah I was hoping to get into the main banding but can’t get too greedy. Depths are back up to 8-9” here, with a stout compact glacier on the bottom.
  5. Not expecting much outta wave #3 imby. Light snow has started.
  6. 2.3” in Minneapolis on 0.11” of precipitation for a ratio of over 20:1. 31” on the season now and snowdepth around 8”.
  7. Snow winding down. Looks like a hair over 2” of very powdery snow. Ratios had to be pushing 20:1 for this event.
  8. Can confirm. 1-2mi vis and parachutes for a couple hours now.
  9. Zero wind tonight leading to a much more beautiful snowfall then last night. Ratios are certainly better since it’s much colder and the dendrites aren’t getting shattered.
  10. Clipper #2 underway here. 1-2” tonight and 1-3” tomorrow night.
  11. Same story here, blew through quick and with wind. I’d guess half an inch of actual accumulation but in some places the sidewalk is bare and other spots have 3”
  12. Clipper #1 started about 10min ago locally. Dust on crust already.
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