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  1. With model trends this season I have to say congrats St. Louis.
  2. Low of -9F and 9” snow-depth. Unfortunately snowpack will take a hit this weekend. Starting to notice the sun angle doing work even on these bitterly cold days.
  3. Ended up with 2.0” imby. Much bigger totals west. Impressive considering this time yesterday the forecast was something like 40% chance of snow showers.
  4. 1” of wet snow down when I went out to shovel under light snow. Heard some dripping as temps did nudge above freezing today but they are falling now. The heavy band didn’t stay over my location as long as it did out west. 3-5” reports in west metro and 6”+ out by Mankato and New Ulm. My 1.6” call might verify after all.
  5. 7-10” totals possible under the WSW for Brown, Sibley and Nicollet counties.
  6. WWA extended north into the metro. 2-4” with localized 6” totals possible. Complete roller coaster forecast evolution last 72hrs
  7. Sleeting pretty good all of the sudden.
  8. Heading up to Eelpout in Walker? Please pick up your trash, they’ve had big issues with people leaving literal tons of garbage out on the ice. I know slush on the lakes was a problem from the deep snowcover we’ve had since November, never developed a thick ice pack, glad to hear it’s gotten better. Looks like we may actually get a nice round of mod/heavy snow just in time for the evening commute.
  9. Sunny and not a cloud in the sky. Might see a passing mood flake or FRDZ later today. This thing vanished like a fart in the wind.
  10. NWS seems pretty bullish on snow potential for southern MN. Mentioned the possibility of thundersnow and a narrow band of warning criteria snow. 1.6” final call imby
  11. 24hrs ago it was -13 IMBY. Going to torch up to 33 today.
  12. Looks like another I-90 special in MN. Maybe we can reel this in somewhat like last weeks storm.
  13. Torched up to 1F this afternoon, already back down to -5F. Areas outside the metro will make a run for -20F tonight.
  14. Minneapolis and St. Paul city schools are open but many suburban schools are closed. Quick check revels in Duluth where it’s presently -21F there are no closings. We are a hardy bunch in Minnesota. Also this type of weather typically happens annually