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  1. A rainy weekend has become a rainy Monday with some thunder to boot. Seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had a washout day like this. I think we’ve about doubling our precipitation since June 1st the past several days.
  2. It’s been so long I’d forgotten the simple joy of hearing rainfall on the roof. 1.30” overnight
  3. Looks like the rain shield associated with the vort max slid just NW of you. Ouch. Feels like Mother Nature is trolling me, higher probabilities of heavy rain all around but a wedge of 10% right through the metro.
  4. With the days quickly shortening I thought it was time to post an update on where we stand with the 3rd consecutive summer of flash drought in Minneapolis. The epic winter of 22/23 has blunted the YTD impact compared to last year. April 2023: 2.39” (-0.52” Ave 2.91”) May 2023: 1.62” (-2.29” Ave 3.91”) June 2023: 0.93” (-3.65” Ave 4.58”) July 2023: 2.57” (-1.49” Ave 4.05”) August 2023: 2.29” (-2.05” Ave 4.34”) September 2023: (Through 9/20) 0.64” (-1.35” Ave 1.99”) YTD: 17.79” (-7.44” Ave 25.23”)
  5. Models were teasing with a 1-2”+ rainfall event this weekend but they’ve pulled back and it’s looking more like a 0.25-0.50” event. There are a few sandbar islands appearing on the Mississippi in town.
  6. Yeah I absolutely love the 4 very distinct seasons the Midwest enjoys where weather changes every 90 days or so. Bismarck ND and the plains are way more extreme, they can be 100+ for a week and -10 for a week.
  7. Minneapolis ftw! Most days above 90 and most days below 0 in the subforum. Best Climo
  8. Picture perfect weather this weekend. High around 70 and beginning to get that fall “crisp” feel to the air. Was outside with the family from around 9am til 5pm today. Little guy is all tuckered out early today.
  9. Up the shore from @Brian DDefinitely a couple weeks early this year.
  10. Overnight low of 45, coldest temperature in Minneapolis since May 20. Patchy frost outside the UHI
  11. Frost advisories for northern Minnesota. There will be patchy frost outside the metro area tonight as well. Warms up quick late week though.
  12. Counting my lucky stars. A small storm dropped 0.22” imby overnight.
  13. Only mustered 0.06” here over the weekend. That’s also our rainfall total since August 14. Bone dry is an understatement
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