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  1. Preliminary data suggests that 2021 will be the hottest meteorological summer on record in Minneapolis with an average temperature of 75.6 topping out 75.4 from 1988. At least today was very seasonal and pleasant.
  2. The last 5 days have brought significant drought relief with 3-5” of rain falling over a large area of central and southern Minnesota.
  3. Really hoping you guys get a good soaking rain event to snuff out the fires.
  4. Minnehaha Creek is flowing at 0.29cfs, the mean is 88cfs. Big wildfire started yesterday up north near Isabella MN. Hearing reports that trees up that way are dropping leaves already.
  5. We had 10 days AoA 90 in July at Minneapolis. Full season average is 12
  6. July was 1.7F above average at MSP. 0.87” of precipitation. Half of that on the 6th.
  7. Minnehaha Creek is approaching record low flow values.
  8. Smoke has reduced visibility to 1.75mi at the airport. Tomorrow the air quality is expected to reach the “Very Unhealthy for all groups” (Purple) level. I’ve never seen that before.
  9. This will be the 6th driest June-July on record in Minneapolis. We’ve received under an inch of rain this month. Stressed trees are beginning to drop leaves. Time to pray for rain.
  10. Minneapolis was at or below 5 miles visibility from smoke for 27 hours until conditions slightly improved this evening. We got down to 2 miles visibility yesterday afternoon, the state of Minnesota set a new poor air quality record in St. Cloud yesterday.
  11. Back in my Wellsite Geologist days I worked a few sites right in that area.
  12. Visibility down to 3 miles with heavy smoke in Minneapolis. You can smell it
  13. I was able to see the far western edge of the complex to my NE this evening.
  14. Looks like we will stay dry in the Twin Cities.
  15. Brian, so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences. Leftover clouds from overnight convection kept temps from achieving today. However ahead of the front it’s still 90F with a dew point of 77F at 6:50pm.
  16. Those zebra mussels are good for one thing and that’s water clarity.
  17. Smoke/Haze has been pretty intense here on the ground level the last few days. Can even smell it at times. The silver lining of the heat dome will be pushing it out
  18. Came here to post this. My brother said his neighborhood has significant vehicle and tree damage
  19. Looks like most of the rain will miss south stank the Twin Cities this weekend. Drought conditions will probably worsen for us.
  20. .70 with the multiple waves here yesterday. Still need another 2” of so to make up the deficit.
  21. Briefly touched 90 today. Sub-severe storms are rolling across the far southern metro right now but nary a drop up my way.
  22. Dew point down to 39. Air temp still reached 86 today, 90s resume tomorrow.
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