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  1. Steel Grey overcast in downtown Minneapolis. Snow is gonna hold off until tonight now.
  2. 0z 3km NAM only putting out 0.2-0.3” of liquid equivalent for the cities. Really need a juiced storm to make its way here to ease the lingering drought.
  3. Interestingly enough the two biggest storms of the season locally, (12/10 & now 2/21) have had northward shifts inside 24hrs. My 4-8 call is looking pretty solid for the metro, just north of here to Duluth will see double digit totals reign.
  4. With the north trend probably won’t see much more then an inch tomorrow, just thick overcast. Going to really need wave 2 on Tuesday to preform after the beating our snowpack is taking today.
  5. Temps peaked at 45 today. Warmest of the year. Winds have turned NW and sitting at 43. Lots of melting though.
  6. Low of -1 this morning. Temps have been steadily rising ever since. Could push the mid 40s tomorrow before the long duration snows begin. Highest temperature of the year imby is 43.
  7. Winter Storm watching hoisted for Minneapolis. 6-9” we are riding the southern edge of the best totals.
  8. NWS thoughts… Monday-Wednesday...This portion of the forecast will be garner the most attention in the coming days as models have been rather consistent in bringing a prolonged appreciable snowfall to the Upper Midwest. A system still churning in the eastern Pacific will drop southeast along the Rockies Saturday through Sunday. Additional cyclogenesis will take place over WY/CO/KS Sunday night into Monday while enhanced isentropic lift broadly spreads east across the Northern Plains through the Great Lakes. This is likely to have snowfall develop Sunday night into Monday across MN and WI while the system slowly develops and lumbers east into the mid-Mississippi River Valley. This system looks to have two appreciable moisture sources: Pacific moisture being dragged along and in advance of the system and tapping Gulf of Mexico moisture northward towards the Upper Midwest. Given the strong dynamics of the system, its broad swath of moisture, and its slow forward speed within a pivoting H5 trough to enhance lift, there`s many ingredients in place to indicate that a prolonged event (early Monday through Tuesday evening) of accumulating snow is rather likely. There`s still plenty of model solutions out there with varying snowfall accumulations and also where those accumulations will be placed, in addition to that there will be breezy conditions with this system which will exacerbate winter weather impacts. Therefore, it is too early to speculate with high confidence snowfall amounts and impacts. These elements should become clearer over the coming days to give more details into the forecast.
  9. The models have been consistently slamming Minneapolis run after run with a long duration snowfall. Trying not to get my hopes up to much, but at this point 4-8 seems like a reasonable call. Moisture connection to the Pacific and Gulf. Going to be a good weekend of model watching.
  10. Darn if only this squall had gotten it’s act together earlier. Only had a 20min period of snow locally. Already down in the single digits with howling winds.
  11. Just had a wind gust of 60mph at the airport. Numerous gusts of 50+
  12. Snow squall development occurred to our west and we were placed under a WWA, it’s currently puking big fat flakes. Too bad it’ll be short lived because this is SN+
  13. Missed the main band of snow scooting just north of town with the cold front. Models have latched onto the idea of snow squalls/squall line of snow developing late morning/early afternoon just south of us. Might get a brief period of snow but looks like we’ll be in the screw zone. At least early next week looks promising.
  14. Low of -2 in Minneapolis this morning. Much colder outside the urban core.
  15. Made it up to 31 today. Felt great outside with filtered sunshine. Snow depth down to 5” as the mid February Sun is beginning to do its thing.
  16. Minneapolis has logged 22 days with a low below zero this season. The average is 23 according to the NWS and 25 according to meteorologist Paul Douglas who is the Tom Skilling of this region. With the potential for a couple more days later this week it looks like we’ll end up right around average this year.
  17. 6am update shows 1.8” of new snowfall from the clipper bringing our seasonal total up to 36.8” at Minneapolis.
  18. 1.2” of super bowl fluff last night. Temps held steady in the single digits overnight.
  19. 0.4” of overnight fluff. NWS mentioned a slight chance of snow but didn’t anticipate any accumulation. Current air temp of -4
  20. -8 for the overnight low. Couple more cold days ahead. Dense crusty 4” snowpack remains. We could really use something to freshen things up. It’s a block of ice.
  21. Awesome Bo! Rollercoaster 24hrs here. 0.6” of snow yesterday evening then temperatures shot up from 27 to 39 in 2 hours. Bit of drizzle overnight and a morning temp of 36 which quickly fell into the low 20s under snow which was heavy at times but mostly mood flakes for the first half of the day. 9 degrees with winds gusting to 28mph right now.
  22. LOL at people eager for spring in early February. Give me a redux of 2018 when there was a 16” blizzard on April 17th and the lakes around here didn’t lose their ice until the beginning of May.
  23. After a few beautiful days in the mid 30s it’s back to reality today. Sunny and 15, Clipper type system tonight will be a bigger deal NE of the cities but we should still manage an inch or so to freshen things up.
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