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  1. Wow the airport gusted to 54mph. There’s been very little wind imby and I’m only 1.5mi north of the obs site. Good quality 20min soaker. Lawn and garden definitely needed this.
  2. A few cells trying to get together across the western suburbs. Let’s see if I get anything in mby.
  3. It wasn’t even initializing with the ongoing convection last evening across central Minnesota. Head scratcher why the algorithms can’t figure that out.
  4. I get off work, hit the weed pen, pop into this thread and discover how similar we all are. Hrrr was a big fail in Minnesota yesterday fyi.
  5. 88/68/91 in Minny. I thought we were done with this soup but dews decided to stick around another day. Tomorrow looks very pleasant, we shall see..
  6. Plenty of cloud cover but no storms/precipitation made it into the metro core overnight. Wonder if the outflow boundary that swung through killed our storm chances. At least the heat and high dews are done for now. 72/64
  7. Stuff is exploding to my west, looks like a line is trying to get together with the bigger complex to my north. Getting interesting. Edit: Outflow from the storms to my north just blew through. Strong north wind and quickly plunging temps. Always cool to be outside to experience the sudden change in airmass.
  8. I can see distant thunderheads to my north and south. Definitely will be some impacts with the training storms along the I-35 corridor.
  9. 97/72/106 hottest day of the year in Minneapolis. Winds have really started to gust and the temperature jumped 5 degrees in 10 minutes.
  10. 90/73/98 at 11:30am. Clouds have mostly cleared out so it’s off to the races now.
  11. This might save us here, some high clouds streaming in, starting to get that bubbling cumulus look, but yeah I’m soaked already.
  12. 77 was our morning low in Minneapolis. Already at 80/72, gonna be a swampy workday for us both.
  13. 88/72 at 10pm. This is proper heatwave stuff.
  14. 91/70 in Minneapolis. It got very steamy today but the leftover cloudcover from the overnight MCS delayed warming and we underachieved by several degrees on the days high. Western MN has a few locations that topped out in the 100-102 range.
  15. Today will be the first calendar day precipitation event of 1” or greater in Minneapolis since March 31st. That event produced 6” of snow.
  16. The sound of thunder and rain hitting my roof is very welcome this morning. The heavy stuff went south of Minneapolis but we’ll gladly take this rain and hopefully lower temperatures that the slow to depart cloud cover will provide.
  17. Little bit of comedy in the afternoon update.
  18. 93/66 pretty steamy out there this afternoon.
  19. Welcome to the board! I spent a frigid few winter days working outside Southdale in the lifetime fitness parking lot, they are planning on putting a high end apartment building there. Convection debris “saved” us yesterday as we barely topped out at 90 before an outflow boundary knocked us down to the lower 80s. Low of 70 overnight ensures the heat is off to the races today.
  20. I’m a few blocks east of Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. About the driest spot in the metro. Got caught up in a nice downpour driving south on 35W through Blaine earlier this afternoon.
  21. 0.89” so far in July. It’s crispy out there, and the heat is about to get cranked up. Smoke got pretty bad yesterday afternoon, hopefully the southerly flow pushes it out. Cool to see another active twin cities poster.
  22. Yeah my in-laws up in Plymouth will get a good soaking. Had some good outflow gusts but nothing else.
  23. Lots of rumbles out there but it looks like the northern suburbs are the winners while just a few drops in mby and at the airport.
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