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  1. Cloud cover and fresh snow. Shouldn’t come as a surprise.
  2. The streak is over. Meanwhile most of the metro still has 6”+ on the ground. Too bad it won’t matter in the record books.
  3. 45 today. The warmest reading of the year for Minneapolis. Snow pack is barely hanging on, plenty of bare ground under trees and south facing. Of course shaded and north facing areas are still 8-12” deep and going nowhere fast.
  4. Up to 43 today. It won’t be long now until the ground makes an appearance in spots.
  5. They are writing news articles about the snow piles in the Twin Cities this year. The city of Bloomington dumps all its snow in a field by my office, I don’t think that will completely melt til mid May. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/minnesota/news/massive-snow-pile-lovingly-named-mt-eden-prairie/
  6. With all this Florida talk I’m excited to say I’m going to Sun Valley Idaho next week for more skiing. This is a banter thread now.
  7. Florida has a time and place, it’s for Disney and the 50+ crowd. Looks like a nice spring paste job coming for the Milwaukee palms.
  8. I’ve got a friend in Venice Beach CA trying to convince me to ski Mammoth with him on the 4th of July. They’ll be open
  9. I’m sure there is some green stuff under the blanket of snow imby just waiting for it’s opportunity.
  10. Snow cover especially the duration of 10”+ depths definitely is what gave Minneapolis the severe winter rating. While it hasn’t been as “mild” here as the rest of the sub, I certainly wouldn’t say we saw our normal share of harsh winter temperatures this year.
  11. I guess I’m in the nonsensical camp because I’ll take wall to wall deep winter from 10/31-4/30 year in and year out. That being said, 40 and sunny felt pretty freaking awesome today. Our final ski trip of the season is planned for Lutsen MN 4/22-23 then it can be spring.
  12. Perfect spring skiing day in the Midwest.
  13. Got down to 7 here again last night. Should have a solid recovery to around 40 today.
  14. High of 27 today. That March sunshine sure feels good. MSP recorded 0.5” of snow today, mostly in the overnight hours bringing the season total to 81.3”
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