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  1. Beautiful precipitation minima centered right over mby. Enough to keep things healthy and green but no urban flooding.
  2. Hopefully there isn’t much infrastructure damage at my local ski hill. The Cannon River crested today in Welch Minnesota at 14.3’ with the record holding at 15.1’
  3. Another 0.64” in Minneapolis today. Next batch of rain about to move into Bayfield.
  4. 56 with drizzle/fog/mist. Having a lovely lunch on Madeline Island before heading over to Big Bay State Park for a hike.
  5. So far the twin cities have avoided almost all the rain as the training storms setup just south. Sun is even coming out here in Bayfield.
  6. As forecast it’s a gloomy morning in Bayfield WI. Doesn’t take much away from the beauty of this area though. Lake Superior and Madeline Island are peaking through the trees from the back windows of our rental cabin. High of 58 today and tomorrow.
  7. Partly cloudy with temps in the upper 60s currently. We only picked up 0.35” of rain last night, the storms really blew up overhead and dumped a lot more rain just to the east. After dews in the 70s yesterday having them drop into the low 50s is great.
  8. I rented a cabin in Bayfield WI, Thursday-Sunday. Looks like a chilly and wet weekend unfortunately.
  9. Yes, everything just west of the Sawtooth Mtns drains into Superior. Lots of waterfalls and fast moving water up there as the terrain drops 1000’ in only a few miles. I wouldn’t want to be backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail, those bridges wash out all time.
  10. Very hefty rainfall totals in northern Minnesota with a flash flood ongoing. Looks like 4-6” has fallen with more still to come NW of a line from Grand Rapids through Ely.
  11. Rollercoaster weather continues in Minneapolis. It’s 79/70 at 8:30am, temps and dews steadily rose throughout the overnight hours.
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