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  1. Went directly over a lumber yard just east of Centreville.
  2. Glad you all are safe. Hoping the best for your property.
  3. US 280 Doug Baker Blvd on https://algotraffic.com/ in Meadowbrook should almost be in the direct path. (Live traffic cam)
  4. I-65 Valleydale traffic cam showing rapidly rotating base.
  5. Few sleet pellets mixing in with mostly ZR. Near Franconia/Telegraph in Fairfax Co. 28F
  6. I do not know their whole thinking. Their AFD will be out soon. I am off the forecast desk today and only re-posting what those in the office came up with.
  7. I generally use it in the summertime. It's good at picking up terrain induced afternoon thunderstorms, at least around here. And it's usually fairly spot on for initiation times. It also does okay with the finer details of smaller mesoscale components in a snow storm, but 6 hours out lead time, not sure who that benefits.
  8. It drives a sfc LP to Detroit. That, and it's the long range HRRR. It will begin to become useful this time tomorrow.
  9. Check back this afternoon. Something will be hoisted.
  10. I agree. Very dynamic system with an intense band showing along the periphery of this system on other guidance as well. Where does it set up? Dunno yet, but someone will hit the lotto. I didn't post the two frames before these, but it pivots over the 81 corridor down here for several hours.
  11. For the I-81 corridor yes. However, more amped means more warmth. Still think you probably end up with a heavy front-end thump too.
  12. These speak for themselves.. Mauled.