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  1. I would caution taking samples from the range folding, as well as single pixels here or there that have no temporal continuity. It is not very representative of reality.
  2. Only about 50 miles from the epicenter here, but slept right thru it. There was some good shaking here from what I heard though.
  3. Where's that stream? I can't find it.
  4. Can almost certainly say 'no' on this. Those are reserved for much more significant events (i.e. Hurricane Dorian, etc.)
  5. Can see it on several of the traffic cams as well.
  6. Glad to see the southerners are cashing in. We're only sitting at 3.0" here for the season.. normal is 25".
  7. Snow has tapered of here, but the roads conditions are gonna plummet once it starts. This was from about 45 minutes ago as of this post.
  8. Roads caved quickly. Everything is snow plastered. Between 2-3" here. Dropped down to 1/4mi vsby for a while -- Blacksburg, Va
  9. Live look from Virginia Tech's campus.
  10. Quick little video. Good luck to those to my north. video-1578403175.mp4
  11. I'll post something other than a temp ob. -SN and 31 degrees, patchy dusting on the grass so far.
  12. Speaking more for southern VA here... The is a very dense arctic airmass that is moving across the northern parts of the CONUS. This airmass will obviously moderate some, but it will still be very dry and will be hard to scour out once the precipitation begins to fall into it. I've seen some of the best CAD favored areas hang onto below freezing temperatures for an entire duration of an event even with a retreating high. While yes, ZR is self-limiting and the high is transient, these mountain valleys are incredibly hard to "warm" once the low-level cold is locked in with precip falling. The lighter precipitation at the start with temps in the mid-20s is very much a concern. 6-8hrs of that and you have a mess. Like usual, I'd be most concerned about the Blue Ridge and areas just to the east.
  13. Wx station got down to 32 this morning. Last pleasant day before the first upslope/gradient wind event of the season occurs. Will likely be some areas (higher elevations) gusting close to 50mph tomorrow evening.
  14. You were probably about spot on. My home wx station sits at 2,700ft in a slight bowl. Optimal radiation! You're gonna love that first arctic cold front. Winds gusting 40 to 50mph and single digit wind chills with snow squalls.