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  1. Disc

    Florence Observations

    Already picked up more rain that I was expecting by this time. My weather station back home has reported 1.15" since midnight already.. plus an additional 0.92" from yesterday. So I'm already over 2" for the storm and the main course isn't even here yet.
  2. Disc

    Hurricane Florence

    Gusts already over hurricane force NE of Morehead City. https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KNCDAVIS2&cm_ven=localwx_pwsdash
  3. To some degree, yes. This is something the globals will have a hard time showing, and this is where local knowledge comes into play. With that said, if it does go through SC, the best/strongest dynamics will stay south of Virginia. Still a long ways to go before we can nail down where the heaviest rain will fall-- it will continue to change in the next couple days, but southern Virginia Blue Ridge and into NC has the best chance of the heaviest rain.
  4. Disc

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    The perfect storm. The thing not being shown by the map are the higher bullseyes for favored eastern upslope areas along the Blue Ridge. I am very concerned for this region.
  5. Disc

    Major Hurricane Florence

    Euro is downright scary for my region. The stall would be a continuous SE/E flow over the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge. Worst possible place for the storm to go.
  6. Disc

    Hurricane Florence

    Blacksburg and the UA site in Greensboro will also be conducting 6hr launches.
  7. Disc

    2018 General Tropical Discussion

    The key with the Canadian is the low that it spins up off the FL/GA coast. This allows some weakness and Florence "chases" it inward. The ridge then builds in and completely blocks it from going north. Right now, not putting much stock in it. No other models have that feature showing up. Lots of fun tracking coming. (And long hours)
  8. Disc

    August Discobs Thread

    I can hear constant thunder in the distance here in Rose Hill. Looks like a decent storm moving in.
  9. Disc

    2018 Mid Atlantic Lawn/Garden/Pool Thread

    You lucked out on that. I got into a nest of them years ago and they followed me all the way into the house. (Must've still had some on me) I probably had a half a dozen stings or more.
  10. Tons of lightning and heavy rain near Rose Hill, but not a lot of wind.
  11. Incredible loop. Atmospheric fire hose.
  12. According to the SPC climo page, late May and June has the most hail. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/new/SVRclimo/climo.php?parm=allHail
  13. Disc

    March 24/25 Overrunning Disturbance

    About 9" and some change for a total south of Roanoke this morning. Roanoke Airport only received 1.7" total. I was barely on the edge of the bands last night, but it was really putting it down. Bluefield, WV received 17", bringing their monthly total to 32" for March!