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  1. Lol every WFO has this product, it has nothing to do with their assessment of how the public handles snowfall. For example, here's NWS Binghamton:
  2. I mean I guess the question is (and this is true of everyone in this thread right now), what exactly are your goalposts? Have you shifted from a potential 20” snowstorm to a moderate 5-10” snowstorm? And where? Or are you arguing that there will be no snow at all? And also…where? What exactly does waiving the white flag mean to you, so that others can actually respond to what you mean? This isn’t to call you or anyone out specifically, but this is kind of the problem with these discussions. It happened last week, too. Models shifted from a major snowstorm and people “threw in the towel” and others said it was ridiculous to throw in the towel but I don’t think anyone had any sense of what other people were arguing for or against, and it makes these threads pretty unreadable during events like this.
  3. Georgia and New Hampshire holding strong too, but side streets are done here.
  4. Looks like the streak is over! DCA with a 5-min obs of 19, giving us a temp of 19/20. Congrats, everyone!
  5. I think there was a discussion in the Banter thread a few days ago, if you scroll back past about 70 memes from 2015 lol
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2022/01/13/winter-storm-east-coast-snow/ CWG’s write up, nothing new or terribly revelatory. My wish for 2022 is that the Post springs for an editor for this specific author. His writing is just *awful* and it drives me crazy that’s he’s become somehow the lead communicator for CWG…
  7. Heh it would be the ultimate DCA-ing to end the streak with an 11:59pm low.
  8. Welp looks like DCA DCA'd it...3:30pm obs was 30. We'll see if that ends up being accurate but unless there's some weird rounding error, looks like we'll record a high of 30 today.
  9. I keep checking the 5-min obs to see when DCA is gonna DCA the afternoon high temp. Been holding steady at 28 (which could be 28 or 29) since about 1, with a dewpoint fluctuating between 1 and 3. As a side note, I don't think I disagree with Judah Cohen on this statement: Radiational cooling at DCA has been tough and getting tougher. Dynamic cooling...you could make the argument that a big issue is that we just haven't had that many opportunities in the last few years, which has helped the sub-30 streak for highs go on as long as it has (while the sub-32 streak wasn't all that far off from "expected"). Anyway, salivation aside for next weekend's potential, it does look like a mighty cold airmass lurking around. Maybe the streak will end?
  10. Looks like the lowest 5-min obs at DCA is 21, which with the weird Fahrenheit to Celsius back to Fahrenheit could also be 22. No teens still, and my guess is that the >=22 streak lives on too…
  11. I am a bit worried about the cloud cover that looks like it's trying to move in--my guess is DCA bottoms out right at 20, breaking the sub-22 streak, but keeping the teens streak alive.
  12. Thanks! I would definitely want to start with lessons (good thoughts on group vs private)--is there any resort around here that is "better" for beginners than the others?
  13. Since skiing seems to be one thing to keep LR panic at bay, and there's a lot of knowledgable folks on here, I wanted to ask--does anyone have any tips/recommendations for adults learning to ski? I've always wanted to learn but am worried that it's something you have to learn as a kid (which in Houston...was not gonna happen). Thanks!
  14. I’d wager Monday night is the best near-term chance for DCA to fall below 20. I’ve noticed (not at all revelatory, I know lol) that DCA and downtown is absolutely awful at radiatonal cooling, but if there’s cold pressing, it usually works out. Looks like Monday night will still have arctic cold pressing, something that’s been in remarkably short supply around here lately. I’m pretty optimistic for Monday night, but if that doesn’t work out, we will probably have to wait until after MLK to break the streak.
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