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  1. The one from the like 9-10th? I’ll take one of those again!
  2. Please, just... whatever makes me comfortable. You know best! Will there be coffee?
  3. While we’re on the topic of threads, just a question: Is discobs just some awesome way of combining the words Discussion and Observations?
  4. Such a long time until something even seems likely. I can’t take even MORE boring stuff. It’s unhealthy! What am I supposed to do while I wait? Track r*in? Even worse, cold r*in?
  5. That Thing at the very end on December would be funny considering it's on basically the same day as last year’s December 8-10th storm. Just to clarify: i know i’m an idiot for talking about things outside of the forecast time. I’m just bored and want some hot dogs.
  6. And said dump truck is full of snow, so the train hits it and snow goes everywhere!
  7. It brings everyone a little closer by forcing them to stay inside.
  8. First, find a big enough microwave. Second, place turkey in microwave safe dish, season to taste. Put 7 sticks of butter in the bottom of the dish. Next, place dish with your turkey into the microwave for 500 minutes, on 25% power. Once time is up, rotate π/6 radians then cook again for 500 minutes. Continue with this until you’ve rotated the turkey a full 2π radians, and then your turkey is complete... Last step, beg your power company to lower the cost of your power bill, as running the microwave for 6000 minutes cannot be cheap. Gravy: Add 1 stick of butter to a bowl, stir in 1 stick of butter with 1 stick of butter.
  9. Good writeup. Maybe we’ll be able to spend turkey day outside and not be cold the whole time.
  10. That would fun! Was there a SSWE last year around this time too? Did it ever have an effect on anything for us, or was it mostly just other places?
  11. No. Get this ground cold sooner than later.