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  1. Glad there are other young people here. Uh... I mean... ehm... whatever. I’m also excited to learn more as education continues. 18 well.
  2. Is NC going to be the place to be? What the heck gfs... and almost every other model out there. I’m going to start doing my calculations on paper. Frick that.
  3. I thought I jokingly said something similar earlier in the year... i apologize for my words and will think about what I’ve done.
  4. The 12z GFS is killing me... weenies in NC are crying tears of joy. 12 ParaGFS though, I’m crying tears of joy. That was awesome. Aaaanyways... probably back to regularly scheduled programming at 18z
  5. It’s been acting really weird. Something, nothing, something, nothing, back to something again. I’m cautiously excited though! Wish I had a zoomed in GEFS member 18 for 6z...
  6. Does anyone have a zoomed in GEFS member 18? I need it for... reasons...
  7. I might be dumb... I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t react to posts, only to notice that I wasn’t signed in.
  8. Back at home. Hope to see some large amounts of snow here this year... hopefully that long range stuff goes in our favor. Maybe that early season 2018 storm cursed us in Central VA...
  9. -1° at Snowshoe. First time seeing negative temperatures in years...
  10. But... didn’t the grinch have heart problems? Even if it grows a few sizes, that doesn’t mean it’s good. Isn’t there a heart issue that leaves black spots on your heart? Didn’t the song mention moldy purple spots on his heart?
  11. Can’t tell if it’s light snow, or coming off the trees here. Somewhere in the ballpark of 3-6° Probably closer to the former.
  12. Morning! Can’t tell how much it snowed up here, doesn’t seem as much as predicted yet... still snowing. 9°
  13. Wow. Now they’re predicting a high of 5°, and a low of -4° for tomorrow up here... I didn’t bring the right clothes for this...
  14. I know! Plummeted so fast. 31 here now. Glad it finally started snowing!