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  1. Some storms to my south, something to my north, sunny here but feels like a summer day. 6:46PM Edit: Storms North, West, South, hopefully they make it here, but I have my doubts because... They probably aren’t going to make it here.
  2. That’s how they’ve been able to stay around I think. No other creature is able to adapt to that 17 year cycle. Cicadas themselves can’t defend themselves, so they’re just snacks for birds. Probably good snacks too.
  3. No rain here yet, nothing really nearby either. I think that rain earlier today squished any chance of anything for the rest of the day.
  4. Raining here in Tuckahoe. I’m skeptical anything severe happens here later, as others have stated. Pouring now.
  5. Brief thunderstorm here. 57°
  6. I hear thunder in the distance... 72°
  7. A few flakes falling here, not much though.
  8. First thunder of 2021 here as well. Waiting for the rain!
  9. I believe there’s also a semiconductor shortage, that may be part of it? Probably a ton of shortages contribute to it.
  10. It’s looking quite scary in the southeast states. Was a bit surprised to open Radarscope to see those 7 warnings down there. Hopefully nothing terrible happens.
  11. Everyone knows we have like, 12 seasons here.
  12. Has anyone posted this yet? Apologies If so, But I think it’s worth seeing again...
  13. Was 76°F. It really makes me want to hear a rumble of thunder in the distance, and rain to start pouring. But, we still have awhile to go for that I guess.
  14. Heh Heh, glad I don’t have to deal with those. They’re too clumsy flying into people and stuff. I’d freak out!