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  1. I would not be surprised if the only decent snow that happens goes way south and misses us giving NC some snow... just because why not. Let’s hope 2021 is a little more friendly. We need some friendly flakes every once in awhile...
  2. We need consecutive days of winter, not the 1-2 then a break, then another maybe half a day, then another day. We need a week full of winter at least...
  3. 18z Parallel GFS has some fun for VA trick or treaters...
  4. Maybe you all will get paid back for the snowstorm that misses you back in December of 2018. And we get even more rain down here.
  5. A radio station near me has changed to Christmas theme... fun...
  6. No... just had 2 weenies for lunch.
  7. I mean... it’s pretty much Richmond, so 6” is something I’ll take no questions asked. Much better then the less than half an inch from last year that was split up between 2 separate events, both of which melted before I could get home. (I think 1 was november 11th-ish? And the other was February 20 I believe)
  8. I had for lunch... and you are what you eat. Nothing will stop me from believing it cannot be worse than last year. There’s no way I’ll only get half an inch or less.
  9. Remember the Shrek intro where there’s a book he’s reading and he rips out the page and says “That’s never going to happen!”
  10. Yeah, makes sense. And it’s an entire 30 or so days in one image. Here in that time, you can go from 80s to single digits three times in that amount of time. AND, as someone said, it’s the CFS.
  11. I loved it down in Richmond... pretty fun. Felt pretty bad for everyone else up north as I watched it happen. The news stations here didn’t expect it to be much at all, but kept increasing the totals all night until we ended at our 10+ or so inches. A special someone harassed the news reports after that for awhile...
  12. Does the color shading mean much on those charts, or do the contours matter more?
  13. I also think a lot of our storms happen on weekends in general. Maybe it’s just some weird bias I have, but I feel like a lot of our storms has been on weekends.
  14. I wasn’t seeing how anyone thought it could be a Modoki... it looked east-based to me. Maybe I need to go back and look at previous years...