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  1. There some siren that always goes off randomly, no idea what it is for. It’s the same one they use for Tornado warnings, but I don’t see any of those active. Wonder what it’s for.
  2. Finally some heavy rain, not really any wind though.
  3. 82°, no watch here in this little sliver of NNK. Hopefully at least some regular rain later to get the plants some water.
  4. About 75° or so, quite nice. A lot of fireflies and other creatures outside as it gets darker.
  5. Very strong thunderstorm here. Lights flickering. Hopefully the coffee finishes…
  6. Nice to see RadarScope now has Hi-Res Storm Relative Velocity with the update today.
  7. No accumulation. I even slanted the stick and there’s none. Not even a trace.
  8. It’s gotten windy with these storms approaching the northern neck… Edit: that was a really good storm. I don’t know if a better one will occur at all during the summer. As I was writing this, some lightning just crawled across the sky.
  9. Congratulations! Must have been very hot in those clothes.
  10. That’s an impressive looking storm for here. Hopefully not too much damage.
  11. 10 minutes ago there was nothing on the radar, now there’s a nice red cell to the southwest. Surprising.
  12. It’s been cloudy all day around here. Not sure what that means, but I’m looking forward to at least a little rain.
  13. Ah, I did see that. I missed that storm though, as it went to the south.
  14. Does anyone know what this feature is? I kinda assume it’s just some sort of visual glitch, but not sure.
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