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  1. I don’t remember very positive things towards our new stations last December, (no one in particular if i remember correctly, just them in general) because none of the models were getting anything right, but the NAM did, and the news stations kept bumping up their totals as the night went on. Afterwards they apologized multiple times, and it was just... I’m sure he loves the NAM. Edit: Already going after them...
  2. I’m kinda excited here in Central VA, even if I probably shouldn’t be...
  3. I’m sure this has been talked about already, but the 6z GEFS has 12ish members that look okay for some of us.
  4. Yay, what a great day tomorrow will be... we get to hear everyone out west talking about how the “Snow Moon” brought them lots of snow.
  5. I don’t know why I visit here to read this everyday. Especially in Richmond. Maybe we’ll pull an April 1915...
  6. That appears to be covered in the map above... if my map knowledge is right.
  7. Wonderful. Just another thing to keep in mind on the day of intensified loneliness.
  8. Tell rule #923 to the rest of this winter, hasn’t worked out well so far.
  9. There was maybe 3-5” of snow on the ground a week before my winter vacation, went up winter vacation, rain and garbage mashed potato snow on the slopes, mid 50s etc, Now it’s this again. It’s me! I’ve probably caused it! Now, if i find out how to control it, we’ll be in for some serious snow!
  10. I’m studying calc a bit on my own before taking it next year. We’ll see how that goes!
  11. I’m genuinely into it, would it be a good topic to study in school and do as a job? I’ve heard it requires a lot of calculus in College... which I’m ready for!
  12. The end of the GFS would be fun... Maybe miss class friday, have a nice beautiful weekend, then have a refill on Sunday. Would probably keep us out for 3ish days around here if VDoT goes quickly like last december. We need a Snowrecho... (Hope that’s a thing) (Wait, that’s just a blizzard)
  13. We will be landing in (Insert Location) shortly, the current temperature is 69°. Americans & Scientists: Ah, very nice. People from Literally everywhere else:
  14. Being from Central VA, should I just pack up and go home? Our Average is about 10.3”, and I am in no way expecting (I never “expect” anything when it comes to weather, maybe a little lie in there) to pass that, and I doubt we even get close to that. I think i’m just too far south to get in on anything, but I know near nothing about this stuff. If I shall “go home” send me postcards of all your fun snow (white or clear) before it melts! Edit: And perhaps it’s too soon to decide... I just want time out of class once this year, it will give me time to learn Calc before I take it next year. (NEEERRRRDDD!)
  15. May somebody please point me in the direction of a place where I may find past snowfall amounts? Each time I’ve searched I’ve only found record amounts, but I want everything...