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  1. Is there another Rotation just to the southeast of Boiling Spring Lakes? Seems like a line of them is just going. edit: no, I don’t think so, i think a pixel was just a little darker, we’ll see though i guess.
  2. That line was pretty good, very heavy rain. Lightning was okay i guess, I was in the car at the time. Apparently it’s capable of producing waterspouts too, if you’re near the water.
  3. My name is u/road_chewer so maybe you’ve seen me around over there. r/TropicalWeather right? Did you start it?
  4. I love how RadarScope shows you warnings from everywhere so you can watch storms. (Like the tornado Warning in Canaan for example)
  5. The swirl looks really close to being exposed again... the center of it at least.
  6. Or Keith if you just want to be a little different. I think every year needs a keith. Call it Keith of the year.
  7. I can’t tell, but is the 3k NAM giving us any PRE so far in the 18z run?
  8. They also bring us all together on the forum. The only time you’ll see more weenie stickers is a few days before a snowstorm in the mid-atlantic.
  9. And what’s the weird snake-like Thing doing near virginia beach making it’s way north? Looks like an outflow puff(?) that’s making the snake?
  10. I remember when someone said “Give him a name already” Back when it looked better than it does now.