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  1. Well, I’m going even bolder, and calling that we get nothing frozen. (In hopes that I’m wrong, but you know where we live so…)
  2. Rates have been decent since my last message, and the grass is turning colors now. I’m going to stop posting because it slows down when I do… And I’ve got work to do.
  3. Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be sticking to mulch here. But, i’m looking from quite far away.
  4. Aaaaand…. Back to light again. I guess a dusting at most to be expected?
  5. Some heavier snow now, seems like a small burst though.
  6. Yeah, there’s some flakes falling here too. Might be mixed, cannot tell. Edit: is mixed.
  7. I’d say last year was maybe more memorable from the ice, but they can both be memorable. Maybe less so for RIC. Edit: but, it’s the 19th. There’s still time to make it the bestester.
  8. I saw some of the people from ch12 retweeting some verification scores that had the GFS taking quite a dip recently. So, I’m guessing they have low confidence in the GFS at the moment. Everyone knows DT likes the euro though.
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